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Stephen Nov 15
I don't know how to write
The words that will end the war,
So the battle rages on,
And the soldiers don't even realize,
They could have been saved,
If only I could think straight.
One hundred years ago
There was silence
We hoped it was forever
Forever is a short time historically
But, it stopped
For a while
And there was peace
For a while

The silence was loud
It was heard around the world
For a while
Soon, the silence faded
But there was silence
For a while

One hundred years ago
The war ended
It was the war to end all others
For a while
One hundred years ago
There was silence
Except for the wind in the poppies
For a while
Remember WWI. Remember it was the war to end all wars. It didn't. May all those who died be thought of this November 11.
Behind a soldier’s mask,
They hide their pain and push away the memories,
Despite the efforts they made,
I could still see it in their eyes clear as day.
Every exhausted frown masked by laughter was seen in the dulled colors of their irises,
Every painful memory and injury pushed away by smiles,
Overly happy gestures was seen in the broken, beat down look their eyes held.
They were battle-trained warriors,
They were strong and loyal heroes who continued to push on even when everything screamed at them to give up.

They were soldiers and pawns in a ruler's game,
Fighting a war ****** upon them without a choice,
Without a chance to get their feet beneath them,
Before the burden was placed on their shoulders.
Yet, in their smiles, they were children.
They were teenagers who'd been forced to mature way too soon,
Who didn't get a chance at a normal childhood

They were the sons and daughters of poor families,
Who were given a life they hadn't asked for yet were forced to accept it.
They were the young men who fought because they'd be killed otherwise.
They were children dressed in battle armour and sent to war,
Before they got the chance to grow up.
They were teenagers who formed facades of false smiles.
And forced laughs because they couldn't change who they were and what that meant.
They were those who played a ruler’s game
Because the fate of their lives was decided centuries before they were brought into the world.

I watched as they smiled and laughed and enjoyed the peace while it lasted.
I watched as they teased each other and told stories and enjoyed the normalcy of it all.
But I knew deep down,
They just want to rest,
To live a life without war,
To be weak and cry out their worries for once,
To not be a solider and enjoy what life should be,
To not hide behind soldier’s mask
I need peace more than I need my next breath
For if I leave this world better than I found it
Then I have done my duty
Giving up my life for freed and liberty
Freeing those in captivity
This is the cry of a soldier
Whose heart is bolder
Sacrificing everything
Feasting on pain while starving for world peace
Feeding the earth,
Feeding the sand,
Feeding the oceans,
Falling from skies,

The soldiers...are left to rot!

Weapons of war
       men of war
                        soldiers at war,


Weapons of war
       men of war
                        soldiers at war,

Relics of war are left to rot!

Feeding the earth,
   -weapons of war!
Bleeding in sands,
         -men of war!
Feeding the oceans,
               -left to rot!

Weapons of war,
           -feed the earth!
Men of war,
           -bleed in sands!
Soldiers of war fall to earth!


<musical break>

Weapons of war
       men of war
                        soldiers at war,


Death metal song lyrics.
veritas Oct 9
Valhalla, land of martyrs, where
brave men come to rest their banners.
Hear the glorious call, beckoning,
for a thousand more await you in the hall of gods.
May you step into the light
with your sword at your side--
the blood on your hands speaks of victories untold
by the lives of mortals,
stories that will be sung
by the blades yet to swing and
warriors soon to be bred.
Rise, do not weep;
ascend, brother,
for the gates hewn by time welcome you.
Come forth in armor no more,
and we shall embrace you as the king
you have proven to be.
Worthy in all manner,
purest of heart, strongest of will,
forged from those beastly fires of heaven;
enter, and your reign shall never perish
under the withering storm of eternity.
Enter, and be remembered for yours, the legacy unforgotten.
*rifles through old scrambling in hardrive* *pulls out two year old stock* ah yes, this one.
Aa Harvey Oct 8
Unwavering hope, in the face a dead hole

All your thoughts are bullet points,
Shooting through our broken hearts;
And all our hearts are bullet proof,
When we are joined in a state of love, you can stay where you are.
You are stationless; we are unmoving and motionless,
In our ardent belief that you are becoming less and less.

Why can you not understand the evil that you are?
We are the innocent passer’s by, running in fear of your gun.
If all we are is soon to be gone and you our last red star,
Then I hope you have a peace of mind, a better life
And a way to cope before you are done and we are only found afar.

We are the innocence of youth, broken in two by people like you
And all you have is already ashes, broken pieces of war on classes.
War on man and woman kind;
War is all that is on your mind.

All we ask is please don't shoot;
Please don't let us end up like you,
With your braindead minds and lack of kind;
You have to hide, from your own cruel conscience.
Never let it be said that you are only subconscious,
Because here you stand in front of me now,
And all I ask is why and how?

Why take a life so easily?
And how are you so different from me?
For all I am is humane and helpless;
All you are is death and worthless.
Who decided to let you go?
What was the price of your worthless soul?
What is it that makes you think you are right?
You have no right to take a life.
So find a place of peace and leave it be.
Just leave; just leave and let us live in peace.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
We are the soldiers
Of iron and led
We are the men
That steal all your bread
We take and we steal
What cares and what feels
We never stop thinking
What’s fake and what’s real
With steel jaws and bronze feet
We bite and we tred
On this barren land.
We rake and devour
Every thing that matters
We put up our flag
We sing and we wept
For a place and a home
Where no one will know
The hate that we’ve grown
We are Death’s assistants
Her breed and Her tool
To wipe the earth clean
Of the things we called cruel
We’ve lost all our names
We’re a thing and a number
For a government and state
That knows not our plunder
We fight and we die
For a hoax and a lie
That appears in the stories
And myths of child
This thing that we seek
It’s not Roman or Greek
It’s a thing that most search for
It’s called calmness and peace.
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