Lost in a whirlwind
Of confusion and agony
I squinted my eyes hard
But I still couldn't see the good
In three years worth of labor.
I looked up, blinked back the waterfall
That threatened my daytime visage
Of courage and strength.
My eyes were full of tears
My vision was blurred and unfocused
A tight ball was locked in my throat
The pain multiplied in my chest.
So I let the tears fall
I welcomed  them
For they were a translation of my pain
My frustration and anger in liquid form
I crawled onto the cold  floor
Curled myself into a ball
Hugged myself, then healed myself.
All the while my tears were falling.

I feel like a lot of people are fighting an internal battle. My advice: Let those tears fall, acknowledge you are hurting, and then deal with that shit.

Soldiers surrender their blood
To the soil from which they were born
Their lifeless faces contemplate
Where their never-ending worlds went wrong

High atop
Where the snowy rooftops
Blend into pure bleached skies
Is where they find

Jorge Diaz Aug 20

Humanity is lost and afraid
As I sit here today
I see our world enraged
Our soldiers are far away
Policeman's are dying and going into their graves
I look up at the stars and I hear a voice within my heart say
Every tongue and every nation has gone astray
Let my children's arise come together and be brave
For in my name (JESUS) there will be change
Many Souls will be saved
What has been will be again,
What has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun.
For evil is no longer on a marathon but on a sprint to outrun what is to come
But those in Christ, Gods sons
Will hear the sound of the trumpet, rapture and be gone

Mane Omsy Aug 18

Running for a shelter in the middle of a battlefield
Bullets screamed through hearts and minds
Fall for the pits, or on the mines trapped
Now the terror will survive, doves fought
Burning the leaves and turning ashes vanish
Awaiting the phoenix burn the way out
Smell the flesh in the flames and bombings
Let the soul rest in peace, let it breathe slowly
Huh? Hell in the direction, dust stuck in eyes
Light headed, hit on the ground, to the death mud
47's spitting golden fire, steal the cold, the soul
Mind the way, dirt mixed with fragments of dreams
Invitations, ring designs, birthday gifts
On the blood mud, the view, slowly faded, blank, then darkness

A slodier's experience.
Anne Webb Jul 29

a bomb landed
and killed millions
and a boy went
to pick up his parents' bodies
and they gave him
a sack filled with ash and dust
and he asked
whether it was
his father
or his mother
and they said
and about 40 other people
I imagined this
as I read the newspaper
sitting in a comfy chair
sipping my hot cup of coffee
ever so slightly disturbed
by this picture of
another world

A H S Jul 14

Trees are like puppets

They are controlled
By the wind

Swaying from side
To side

Some viciously
Others peacefully

The leaves are just
Along for the ride

Attached to the
Branches like limbs

Following the movements
Of its master

They crinkle
And crack

Beneath my feet
Like tiny bones within

In the wind they
Brush past each other

As if in a crowd
Of tourists

All rushing around
To see the sights

When the wind dies

And the master
Has gone

Trees stand perfectly

Like soldiers awaiting
Their next order

Statues they are
Just watching time
Go by

While the squirrel
Scurry up their trunks

Hiding from the scorching heat
Beneath the leaves

The clouds pass
And the sun sets

While the trees
Await another day,
Another puppet show.

Jobira Jul 4

In the name  of greater good,
Many have fallen and
Sacrificed their lives.

Some missions worth more than one life
As some worth not a walk on the shores.
Needless to say, soldiers went to wars
With wits and blind eyes
To walk on fires for
The coming youths can live

Salute to all those men and women
Who are fallen
In the name of greater good.

Their names should never be forgotten
Regardless of their cause to die,
In obeying orders.

I just wrote it

It is the pain in my heart that has saddled onto my chest like a stallion ready to ride into battle.
Except this horse is no more and the reins are rotten and the animal itself is in pain.
It's crying.
What do you do to a beautiful animal when it's in pain?
You put it out of its misery.
Is that what I am to be?
An animal, worked so hard and rugged that the pain is so much that I cannot ride into the war of life that is yet waiting for me to vanquish,
Am I not ready for the medal I am to win for the life I have conquered and it's enemies I had slain?
Am I not ready for the news that my soldiers in battle have lost their way beside me onto a path of their own so that their bravery was no more than the shield I have given them to hide behind?
My stallion, my heart, my pain, my chest, it is rotten.
For the years I have come head first into battle, it does not matter anymore.
For the pain that resides in my chest,
My beautiful stallion, you're done.
Thank you for being the courage I needed, the strength you had offered me,
The love I needed,
And the friend I relied upon when I had none.
My soldiers,
My fleet,
My friends.
They have perished
And so has their captain.

I'm on the verge of losing this battle.

Don't fear,
Oh motherland,
For your sons're here,
Your brave sons in the band.
Let any of the invaders dare over,
Your sons are here on the border,
We will together protect you!

My first poem dedicated to the Indian Army.

My HP Poem #1583
©Atul Kaushal

He didn't say goodbye before he died
Not that I expected him to.
When a man falls over, hit like that,
There's not much they generally do.

I mean, I would've liked a farewell
But what more can you ask
Than to have a friend fight alongside you
And work alongside you at everyday tasks.

We both knew our lives were on the line
But shit, you never think you'll be the one to go
Somehow you always think it will be the next guy
The one you don't know.

So yeah, I guess he's gone now.
I guess I haven't really got much to say for it.
Only that he died while standing
And not too many of us can do that.

He's not a hero to anyone but me
But that's all right...he didn't like those celebrity guys
He did his share, more than was fair
And so...another person dies.

That's how my friend got killed last week
Standing up like any other soldier should
The only thing left to say then
Is that I don't know if I would.

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