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Poetic T Feb 15
We are neither boundaries or fields,
           for both even though seem to be free,

keep us confided,  
                              even though we don't realise it.

We may be able to walk afar,
but if we are stalled by others,

we are still prisoners
                           of a further field of consciousness.
darkestlight Dec 2019
We are all prisoners,
trying to escape
from the cage of our own feelings
hazem al jaber Aug 2019
Prisoner's love ...

Fulfill my character ...
it's my nature ...
never ever to cheat ...
the heart ...
if i loved ...

Fulfill my character ...
and inside my heart ...
those feelings ...
which it never die ...
lives within me ...
day by day ...
years by years ...
and still as i am , me ...
as i wrote all my poems ...
and it have same what i said ...
never to change hearts ...
it's a one hear ...
the heart that i love ...
never to cheat ...

prisoner i am ...
to one heart ...
to whom i gave ...
my heart ...
as the prisoner in his jail ...
has no rights ...
to change his jail ...

as the sun ...
as the moon ..
and it's stars ...
could it changes it's place ...

sure and not ...
it never could change ...
as me sweetheart ...
i fell into your love ...
got that prisoner ...
into your jail ...
and happy to be there ...
there into your heart ...
as prisoner's love ...
only for you ...

would you accept me ...
as a prisoner ...
if yes ...
come in with me ...
and close after you ...
the door ...

hazem al ...
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
I finally realized
that people are prisoners
of their phones.
That's why it's called a
"cell" phone.
Wow! I just realized this! And it actually makes sense! :)
elaine Jul 2018
It feels as if I’m drowning. I can’t see up out of the water, and I’m to frightened to see what this place holds below. I can hear nothing but mumbled shouts and prayers. But no one listens in a place like this.

It is not peaceful being trapped underwater. You are left with the choice of letting go, and floating all the way up into the never-ending abyss. But you stay still, holding your breath while the demons in your head decide to come out and play. You often ponder whether or not you should have just ended it before it all went downhill.

The world would still be the same disfigured mess, but the only difference would be one less drowning soul trapped in a cage. Unable to escape. Unable to dream of a place outside this  hell.

We are trapped. Afraid and damaged. All sitting still holding our breath, waiting for a sweet release into open airs. Waiting for a thing never to come.
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
Gears screeching against each other.
Chains rattling and clinking.
Bony, skinny fingers claw at steel bars.
The smell of metal and blood mixing into an intoxicating stench.
The quiet groans of struggling bodies resonate in the dark cell.
Freedom no more than a legend.
No more.
The cackle of an eagle and
The raspy cry of a vulture
sound the same
to someone who isn't brainwashed with the lies of false freedom.
Brainwashed by the idea of control.
The clanking of a ball and chain against the concrete
is one of the loudest
sound to someone who isn't brainwashed with the lies of everything.
The sound of a key turning inside a lock
is the loudest and the clearest
sound to a prisoner
martin murray Aug 2017
We are free!
We live in the land of opportunity,
With multicultural integrated communities,
Thank you elders for preaches, speeches of unity;

But now............;
I am sad, sad, sad, sad, sad;

The innocent live in a electronic prison,
And worst, some are slaves to the nation;

2017 the clink of the chain is replaced with a silent hum,
Even the whir of the brain computer interface machine disappears in the atmosphere glum;

We don't hear or see chains drag and clink,
As the imprisoned human's walk in sync,
The mainstream public unaware do not have a chance to bethink,

A spokes person will arise through the new generation,
With peaceful preaches, speeches to each Royal monarch,
And member's of Parliament to abolish electronic restraint's.
This is what cannot be seen, but is happening.
Angel Feb 2016
School is like a prison.
not in the traditional sense,

Students must do as the warden says,
completing work or receiving a penalty,
act a certain way or be punished.

And if they don't complete their sentence,
they are doomed to a life that could be better
Poetic T Sep 2015
We were holding hands when we heard it,
The siren, like the call of damnation
Like a calling greet your inevitable end
Lost in the moment of ourselves.
We were in the field, how could
Us, be so stupid. The flickering moments
Of light, hope fading with each decreasing
Quiver  of daylight.
The shade was nearly upon us
Grasping at our ankles.
We reached the town of ill fated name sake,

"Population 3,000"

Not no where near that now,
It was like a **** had taken hold, we were in
A mountainous region where shadow had
Bathed the outskirts of town on any given
Was like a gift to this pocket of  unobscured bliss.
I still have their touch,
corroded flesh fragmented. It still feels
As if their still holding on, like a frigid burning.

"Come on baby,

Breath was against us as if less to inhale,
Succumbing to extinct motions
We grappled with the door hinges motionless.

"Joshua it mike,
"Is everyone inside,

"Ye why?

As the door is hit, and inch by inch succumbs to
Mike force, as it encircles his presence
A last hit reverberates,
And like a tomb sealed with in.

"Mike, Mike.....,

And he was as the others gone in shadow.
Blazing lights eliminated every inch,
We had been a place of so many
Now few greeted our perspective.

"Its my fault, mike was our friend,
"It was  a choosing, I would have done it,

Silence was words spoken in here,
Words bleed echoing over concealed air

"The solar batteries should keep us lit,
"If any should flicker,
"Shadow will entangle that moment,
"North block is a no go,

North block, but half the town was....
How is this surviving?

"Son come here,
"Who me,

God I felt stupid as there was only me and him!

"This is all wrong, ye hear that,

A puzzled look on my face, with a piece missing?

"We  are the shadow,
"Were prisoners in these shells,


Is what he babbles upon truth,

"That mark is your true form,

"But the flesh is warped, to touch is cold

"That is light corrupting your true form,
"This is a shell of lies, polished thoughts invading your mind,
"Do you remember your....,

She had covered his mouth, baby what you doing?
She had a look in her posture, in her eyes.
"Baby what you...,

"He spoken to much, what did he speak of,

As he shuddered light permeated as he bleed
Shards of crystalline light,


But it was to late, he was their and then,
Just a wisp of shadow rose up.
But even that she grasped, encircled,
As if a sun had birthed in clasped hands.
Then but ash fell and he was nothing more.

"What the hell did you just do,
"You killed him?
"What did he,
"What did you do,

Then a flash of memory, awoken thought,
The time before, in perpetual twilight.
Then they came, shackled is I'm mortal form,
Caged in bone, but now the truth shone through.

" You have been here since light burst through the veil,
"They have tried to free you from this purgatory,
"We created man to be a vessel to keep you sullen,

"Why we never did anything,

"You existed that was enough for us,
"So few left now the purge must begin,

Loved ones clasped there hands on startled others
As cracks bleed lights corruption, and then wisps
Where as before suspended in their grasp.

"Why I thought you loved me,

"I did for a while opposites can attract.
"But It was I that burnt you,
"With what was a loving touch,

But we are two parts of one why do you...

"Your scream dulled my light,
"I am light darkness has no place,
"It only consumes what was birthed so long ago,

I watched as so many screamed,
Then silence,
Then ash,
Fell like snow, death greeted the floor.

I'm are the last one, they are coming for me.
All that will be found is remnants of what was,

"I always have but if was forbidden,

I run towards her, but our touch is shimmered,
Our true forms birthed and I see the beauty
I always saw inside,

"There is an in-between twilight moment,
"Meet me there,

And then I was outside, darkness seeped in solitude
And then imprints  movement greeted  me,
A hand exited and held with haste.
It retreated to the place where it was always seen.

"She loves you, you know that,

The town was immersed in light, fragmenting into
A clouded haze, a region of neither darkness or light,
Particles tainted, grazed upon both, neither could
Now exist in the place. She did this for me,
I thought she.... I don't know what to think.

I waited in twilights moment, time has no meaning
It was though time stood still, but I felt every
Was stagnant without her in my grasp. could I live
Knowing that wisp of light in my darkness was
Extinguished without last words upon our lips.
A wisp of light erratically glides towards me,

"It is but a firefly
"Be gone little light that flutters by,

Trails of light emanated and form took shape,
My eyes even though in twilights glare knew
That form anywhere. She was before me, I
Am so sorry my love if they had for a moment
Knew of my hearts desire I would have been like he
Who became ash in my palm.

"We are of opposites,
"A collision of positive, negative force,
"But my heart breathes true,

"We can have the twilight,
"Where either merges in a dance of eternity,
This is our time, shells now gone, 

"You look beautiful,

Hands merged in essence and a display
Of light and darkness in shades never seen
Danced upon the air and sky.
Love is never a separation, but a bonding of
Opposites that attract from any distance near or far.
Love is two opposites that make a connection no matter the difference
Dr zik Mar 2015
Struggle is joy and the wait is enjoyment
While the achievement is the name of a state
Where we spend our lives as prisoners
Of fear of being a loser in any time
I chose to wait in the state of struggle
and don't like to be a prisoner
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