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nick armbrister Jul 2023
There are those who are always humble
And those are arrogant and full of ****
Who work in the call centres
They are agents or bosses
Each has their own agenda
Either good or bad ever indifferent
Which one are you
Who do you aspire to be?

An honest rep or scoundrel
Brian didn't care for money
He cared for success
For success had a sweet taste
Brian knew what was what
And what he had to do
He was one of the quiet ones
Simply doing his job
Are you like this?
Francie Lynch Mar 2022
I should've written Thanks across a blue sky,
Where the winds would carry my message
Around the world.
But I didn't even try.

I should've banged my pots and pans,
Put a sign out on my lawn,
Or at least on a forward facing window.
But I didn't, and I'm wrong.

I could've, with minimal exertion,
Clicked Like or Love
On one of the millions of gratitude posts
Praising them... Them,
The essential and not so essential workers
On our northern, southern, eastern and western Fronts.
But I didn't, and it haunts.

I will now say,
Thank You
To all those who expressed Thank You
To all those who have kept us healthy, safe and secure:

(With regards to International Workers’ Day)

Who said workers are only workers?

They are a gift of heaven

They come for social good;

But return with lots of deterrence

You may treat them like engines

But always remember

There is also a worker

Somewhere within you

Who is keen to protect the dignity

Of these outdoor workers.

Workers are not only workers…

Above all, they are humans

Just like you and me.
Workers are not only workers
Dark n Beautiful Sep 2020
Sharks is not only in the river,
"Sometimes a shark can attack a human out of fear.
If for some reason that shark believed that"
a human is a threat then it might attack him."

As human being, we struggle with all sorts of emotions
So we plots against each, in ways more than other
unfortunately, those plot usually backfire,

For good can overpower evil in most cases
Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good:
So you should know, the poet said to herself.

This past Tuesday, a secret was reveal to me
That a coworker was plotting against me,
But, the one she told, warned me,
That a shark was not only in the river,

Who God bless No man shall curse…
This individual, somehow, the ones
In the lab coats, favor her to do the
Odd and ends, it reminds me of
The slave masters informers,
To report back to him, and they shall be awarded
I listen to the one she told,
And took it in stride
Shall I planned a revenge,
Of do what I usually do most
And let the cookies crumbles?

Today, is a new day, a day to write a poem
About slavery tactic, and how the minds of the weak
Of slave ancestor survivor, can creep back in time
and space into the body of this co-worker:

A slave to fear…however,
a poets like I to reckon with.
I foresee a slap in her face,
But a bullet to her heart,
She is not the smartest!
only the master *******
Ces Jul 2020
Mundane concerns stifle
the soul that hungers for the infinite
Practicality subverts the mind
as it questions and wrestles with
this existential enigma...

Bound by the curse of productivity
and the insatiable drive for accumulation
Libidinal, perverse thoughts
drive the working man

to this, to that...

he is a puppet pulled by invisible strings:
the corporate, bureaucratic masters
calling the shots
laughing control freaks...
the world is theirs for the taking
and the worker-slave raises his hands
a sense of triumph
as the crumbs fall down

We live in a Kafkaesque era
merrily languishing
in this willful dementia.
Jay M May 2020
They lie in deep slumbers
Under the covers
Safe and sound
Dreaming of things far beyond the ground

Waking up in the morning
Getting dressed and ready for work
Just for that little paycheck, listen to the warning
Brew and drink the coffee, let it give a little perk

Get on the uniform
Drive off to work
Park and run in
Join in the swarm
Of phone calls and shuffling papers
Or loud machines and swift feet
All dreaming of the same thing;

Something better
Something that pays more
To live a better life
To give their husbands, wives,
And children all better lives

To be greater than this
To do better than their current hand
Earn themselves something better
For themselves
Or their families
To just enter some kind of bliss

Take a stand, give them a hand
As they reach from the ground
Building their way up to the clouds
To be where they dream to be
In the sky - in their dream sky.

- Jay M
May 29th, 2020
The purpose of this poem is to display the hard workers, starting out so small and working a job for a small paycheck, dreaming of earning more for a better life (whether it be for themselves, or their families).

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece- dream big, and reach for the stars! Not even the sky is the limit!
We are not heroes.
We are just people,
trying to survive.
You and I,
are not equals.
You work from home
while I...
I work to ensure
that I get to keep mine.
They call us essential,
because we provide
all the food and the things
that help keep you alive.
But I am resentful
that I don't get to decide,
What is more worthy,
my labor or life?
So don't call me a hero.
I am simply doing
what has to be done.
Don't call me a hero,
unless you plan to treat
and pay me like one.
Poetic T Apr 2020
I'm a silently panicked individual,
on the outside  I'm calmer than
    the ocean on a windless tide.

But underneath I'm like a riptide of
             I wonder different scenarios.

What if's,
                when will I,
              why the hell are they
                                    not 6 feet away.

In my view, a cotton cloth isn't going
to stop anything, if a **** can get through,
                boxers, and Demin trousers.

How's a thin cloth going to stop it,
              P.s the rest of your face neck
hair is open for business.

Its absorbed, every breath, touch
cough, that travels much, much
further than you think.

With your vinyl gloves that spread more
than you realise..
             But what ever makes
                          you comfortable.. that's ok!!!

                             But don't touch anything
I want to pick up with your filthy hands.
Id rather trust unwashed digits to those
blue, white, finger puppets of falsehood.

I read the news, so many who help us,
          those in need thank goodness I'm
not one, not yet..
But they help the poorly,
                            the dying..
  I hate that word
             of family unable morn you,
             to smile and wish you good journey.

You, we, them just die without a smile.
               a We Love You.
No they just gasp looking for comfort,
      but all they see is others gasping for
           just another day...

Chris Slade Mar 2020
There’s an early morning toker on the beach.
Can’t go home. His dysfunctional family’s out of reach.
The puzzle’s finished, he’s just a left over piece that doesn’t fit.

He’s a jigsaw piece without a place to go.  A conundrum
for social services, nice charity workers, who fail to know
how a seeming misfit’s mind works and what makes him tick.

He can’t engage with team leaders, “stupid bleeders”. They make him sick.
He’s due back at six… got to be clean - no blow, no skunk, no beer.
He’ll blow numbers and he knows it and it’s clear

They won’t let him sleep in his own bed tomorrow night…
He’s persona non-grata ‘cos every time he’s out he skins up… It’s *****!
He hates the rehab in the hostel, but can’t cope on the outside.

Catch 22 at 20 it’s a cul de sac…Everything he does is wrong… It’s all utter cack
He says he’ll top himself… people can’t see the real him, says he’s not off the track.
He just needs love, warmth, support, reassurance, guidance, a family, a job… He don’t wanna go back.

Another day… cold and driving rain. There’s an early morning toker on the beach…again!
Actually he’s been there all night - his family’s out of reach. He’s still, not moving. His pupils have no shine.
“Alright mate… are you OK?” Oh **** - He’s sheet white, still not moving… Dial 999.
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