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Jul 2017 · 2.7k
9 Lives
Livia Jul 2017
I died before I met you
Only once prior
I recovered, got better, and made it through
Try to believe me, I know I’m a liar,
But I died once before I met you

I died the day I met you
Because my heart stopped beating
Your attractiveness too true
I was afraid to mumble a greeting
But I already died for you

I died the day after I met you
You wouldn’t get out of my mind
I got distracted – couldn’t make do
For someone like me, you were too kind
I died because I withdrew

I died a month later without you
I couldn’t even fight it
The fear stuck to me like glue
I started breaking bit by bit
I died when I wasn’t supposed to

I died a season later when you
Saw I was too broken to be fixed
I had a strong sense of déjà vu
But I was nevertheless transfixed
My death meant nothing to you

I died before I was friends with you
Your change of mind bemused me
Because you never used to
Listen to my sorry plea
I died when the world was no longer blue

I died two more times all because of you
You made me laugh, you made me cry
Until my world was back to blue
You clipped my wings so I couldn’t fly
My deaths were caused by you

I died a last time because of you
After we were long done
I saw you with another and trouble began to brew
While that’s all I ever was
I died because I wasn’t enough for you
Don't normally write rhymes, not too sure how it turned out.
Livia May 2016
Hands interlocked
Focusing on nothing but the music
And the sensation of finally touching again
Grasping each other's hand frequently
I won't let you go,
I love you

"Why did you leave?"
The music blares
I'm left unable to answer because maybe I didn't
My heart stayed with you while I was gone
I didn't want to leave,
I love you

Last hug for an indefinite amount of time
Last time I get to say it
Please don't leave,
I know how it feels
I don't want you to be alone again
Don't leave, I love you,
Sorry. Dedicated to the best friend I could ever ask for - I'm sorry I left.
Mar 2016 · 496
A Life of Regret
Livia Mar 2016
People rooting for your opponents
No one cheering your name
Inevitably thinking,
Why couldn't I do that?

Not getting better;
Seemingly coming to a halt
With no improvement to be seen -
This is when most give up

Do not live a life of regret
If you have a dream, follow it
And let nothing stop you
Not even yourself

Do not have a death of regret
Do not think of what you could have done
But all that you have done
And die a happy soul

I know things may seem dreary,
Terrifying as well
Do what your heart tells you
Live a life free of regret
Sorry I haven't posted anything! My school's wifi blocks this site, so I can't. Anyways, a poem for people who don't know what they're going to do, as well as the people who know what they didn't do.
Jan 2016 · 690
Photos Of My Past Family
Livia Jan 2016
I have given up
So many things
And looking at photos from my past
Is always bittersweet

Seeing the smiling face
Of the ghost that was once me
And seeing a toothy grin
That I now never share

I look at the others in the photo -
More bright smiles
What are they doing now?
Have they forgotten about me?

I know I will never have an answer
For this poem is of past,
But it also is of family
And even if you leave your family

Your family doesn't leave you
Well, sorry I haven't posted anything. The wifi at my new school blocks the site. Anyways, my next few poems will be following this same story. You keep being you :)
Nov 2015 · 536
The People Behind
Livia Nov 2015
That quiet girl in the corner?
The one who seems to have no friends?
She is the one who is strongest
Who lives with the most demons
But she isn’t brought down
She has changed, sure,
And although she may be different from others,
She is happy
Even if it seems as if she’s not

That stand-out boy in the center?
The one who everyone loves?
He is the one who is weak
Who is afraid of seeing a wrong
And he is brought down by fear
He may not change
And although he may be “normal”,
He is not happy
Even if it seems as if he is
Hey! Another poem!
Nov 2015 · 741
The Perfect Boy
Livia Nov 2015
I met the perfect boy;
Level-headed and kind
Humorous and forgiving

I liked to think that we could
Be together one day
But as Father Time relentlessly
Made me and said boy grow older
I saw that my dream
Was only that

I met the perfect boy;
Level-headed and kind
Humorous and forgiving

I met the perfect boy,
But I'm not the perfect girl
I realized after I wrote this that it kind of sounds like "I'm Not That Girl" from Wicked. Oh well.
Nov 2015 · 418
Next Time
Livia Nov 2015
“Write down a specific goal for next time,”* they keep saying,
And every time I sit there with the same emotionless expression
Thinking, "I'm not even gonna be there. What's the point?"
I have goals, sure. Don't get hurt, don't let yourself get hurt, and don't die,
But for "next time"?
Is there going to be a another time when I feel as comfortable as this?
Another day to talk and joke with my friends?
One more chance to have one more class?
The answer is no.
There might not be a next time.
Based off of school.
Please check out my other poems!
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
I Hope You Smile
Livia Nov 2015
I won't be able to live without you
Without your understanding
And without your company

You are beautiful in your own way
Lighting the room up with your presence
And your never-ending, beautiful grin

I know that my worst days
Will be some of your best
And for some reason, I'm happy

I hope you find happiness
I hope you are loved
But most of all, I hope you smile

                                          Because your smile takes my breath away
To everyone.
Oct 2015 · 285
Will You Be There?
Livia Oct 2015
Strong enough to stand up
Brave enough to speak out
Smart enough to understand
Will not let injustice win
I will not let you cry
I will always be there
You be there for me?
Will you save a person's hope?
Or would you let it shatter and
Well.... sorry guys.
Oct 2015 · 683
And I Got Up
Livia Oct 2015
Through trials, tribulation and
Never ending doubt and hesitation
There is a voice of determination,
Whispering in your ear, keep going
And you did

Fighting against all odds
Knowing death may come
But there is a bit of happiness
Knowing that they were doing the right thing
They sacrificed, but made it

I brushed off the nervousness
And put on a strong expression
Hope lost in my eyes,
But not in my soul
And I got up.
For someone feeling sad :).
Oct 2015 · 978
Please Don't
Livia Oct 2015
Apparently I was yelling in my sleep.
What I was yelling about I didn't know.
I pretend to not have any fears,
But I am the most scared person I know
Snakes, darkness, not being good enough...
I've dreamt about those before.

Over the summer I gained a new fear;
Not just psychically, but mentally as well.
Falling into a pit of self-pity and depression...
Feeling everything as my body and mind shatters.
Being aware as my life gets destroyed.

Nightmares I can deal with,
But the haunting feeling of this one hasn't left me.
No one was there to hear
My petrified screams as the ground disappeared
I couldn't be saved... no one saw me fall and I knew this.
But I still cried out the scream that woke me...

*"Please don't! Don't let me fall! Please!"
Welp, true story. Depressing but whatever.
Sep 2015 · 319
"Not" In Love
Livia Sep 2015
I refuse to fall in love.
And even though I fall
Into a beautiful trance whenever I gaze
Into his alluring eyes,
I will not fall in love.
Even though I can talk to him
For hours on end
Without ever getting bored,
I cannot be in love.
His dark hair
His handsome smile
His jovial laugh
The way he makes me feel complete....
I still refuse to admit that I do indeed love him.
For someone truly special to me....
Aug 2015 · 667
Angels and Devils
Livia Aug 2015
Upon the clouds the figures stood
Clad in milky white, airy robes
They were both in jovial moods and nothing
Could make them downhearted
Staring into each other’s eyes, all problems in the world seemed to fade
But that was their job; they were angels after all
They were supposed to make things easier on the living
To make it as good as they had it
Or so they thought.
The two lovers had been unaware
Of two gleaming red eyes glaring at them
And the tip of a scarlet trident pointing at them
More specifically, the woman angel
With a wicked grin, the Devil struck
With a bolt of lightning shooting out of the trident,
The angel woman dropped, her magnificent white wings covering her
She fell threw the clouds before her partner could react
Becoming a fallen angel.
Tears spilled out of her ex-lover’s eyes
But the Devil’s smile got wider
She strutted out of her hiding place
And stood next to the grieving angel
He took one look at her, and he knew she was the murderer
Two scarlet horns on the top of her head, and her matching red trident
Her fair skin was adorned in a wine-colored dress
His anger overpowering him, he grabbed the trident the woman held so dear
And impaled her in the back.
He dropped the trident on the cloud and walked away feeling accomplished
But as he was almost to the Gates, the trident reappeared in his hand
Terrified, he tentatively reached a hand to his head
Where it came across two pointed lumps.
He looked down at his previously white clothes; they had become blood-red
A new devil was born.
I wrote this poem when I was a little bit younger...... man was I dark.....
Jul 2015 · 2.2k
Livia Jul 2015
Cannot be perfect
I will keep on trying but
I will not achieve
First haiku on Hello Poetry!
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
Teddy Bears
Livia Jul 2015
I have noticed
That the strongest people
Have teddy bears
To comfort them at night
Or to be a never-ending friend
They are the one thing
That has seen
The strongest person cry
Although they may look tough
Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on
So the little worn-out animal
Sitting peacefully on the bed
Is the keeper of secrets
And the giver of comfort
But also just a simple yet wonderful
Teddy bear
I got this idea while I was at camp when I looked at my own teddy bear, then to the one other person who had one.
Jun 2015 · 2.0k
Moving On
Livia Jun 2015
Get up
And go
Move far, far away
Into your future
Let no one put out your
Burning fire
Move away from your childhood
And settle into adulthood
While your longtime friends like I
Still have the souls of children
I don't care if you forget me
As long as I know you've moved somewhere
Sorry it's so short >.<. Let this poem be about anything you want. An ex, graduation, friends, etc.
Jun 2015 · 927
Love Is
Livia Jun 2015
                                  Is when you never give up
                                 On each other, no matter how bad
                                 Things get. Love
                                 False words and fake promises. Not a
                                 Relationship built on lies.
                                 But times that you spend that couldn't be more

                                Love should be unconditional.
                                Never changing and never ending.
                                If so, love is infinity. Lasting forever and

Just another weird late-night poem about love..........
Jun 2015 · 10.6k
Livia Jun 2015
Into the dark
No more pressures, no more worries
Free of expectations
Judgement is gone

I can't disappear
No matter where I go
Something's following me
With sinister red-yellow eyes
Snickering at the sight of the tight iron handcuffs.

Not allowed to disappear
Those handcuffs hold me still
I can't be liberated
Because no one can save me
From the evil force that


A little poem about my social anxiety and partial glossophobia.
May 2015 · 885
To Change the World
Livia May 2015
I want to change the world
Not by standing up and speaking
Not by having excessive valor
But by changing people's ideas
Changing the minds of even the most stubborn people
By simply using beautiful, flowing words
In long or short
Old and new
Original and reused
Weird poem. Has no reason to be here.
May 2015 · 2.2k
My Best Friend
Livia May 2015
My best friend is not here nor there
But she is still with me
Only in my heart
With me forever

My best friend never complains or laughs
Because there is no longer
A voice to put
In a blurred image of her face

Breaking up with my best friend was not like
Breaking up with a lover
You can't just say
"We're done"

Breaking up with my best friend
Was like an ice piece drifting away
Slowly and with the inevitable ending
Of never seeing it again

I no longer have a living best friend
Because I am loyal
I will stay close to my best friend
Unlike my best friend did to me
To Lyd. I will never forget you, even if you've already forgotten about me.
May 2015 · 1.1k
On Thin Ice (Literally)
Livia May 2015
You see a fire burning over there
You see a good time
You hear their singing
And you here their laughter

Unfortunately, you're stuck
Between your own home
And the vast lake;
The one covered in ice

You run down to the shore
And put a foot on it
To see if the ice
Will hold you

Before seeing enough
You put both feet on
And start running across
When suddenly -

You hear a small crack
You know it's goodbye
You see them still singing a jovial tune
And you know you won't again
A weird dark poem I wrote at 5 in the morning.....
May 2015 · 642
My Soul
Livia May 2015
What is my soul?
An indiscernible force?
Or is it just nonexistent?

I love the snow - maybe that is my soul
But then again, maybe not
For I am not as cold as a mid-winter blizzard

Maybe water is my soul
I am naive and I can easily elude
But water is not my soul - my emotions are as hard as rock

Maybe a rock!
Ah yes, a rock! A rock is my soul!
But, then again, I have some feelings (I hope)

After many moons of thinking,
I may have come to a conclusion
Of what my soul really is

My soul is fire
My spirit burns bright
My determination never-ending

I have my soul
But what is yours?
Please tell me, before my flame goes.
A weird idea that I had. Now that I read it again, I realize that it got pretty dark at the end.
Apr 2015 · 3.3k
My Secret Fear
Livia Apr 2015
I have a little secret
That's not ***** nor scandalous
It's just a little shadow
That follows me everywhere I go

I do not get afraid,
But I do have a fear.
It is like an annoying person...
That you want to hit in the face with a brick

I push it down and crumple it up
But it keeps coming back to me.

Now, as you may have noticed,
I have not said one thing about what my fear is
But you have to remember
That it is my secret fear

And secret secrets are no fun
Unless you tell
No one.
Haha! Suspense! I MIGHT write a poem about what the fear actually is, but I don't know.
Livia Apr 2015
Something disgusting; avoid at all costs.
You do not want to smell it when it’s rotten.

A curvy red, green, or yellow fruit, sitting and waiting for someone
To take a bite out of its perfection.

An over-priced computer or phone
That was just made to break.

Still attached to the top branch of a tree
Waiting to be picked, but that time never comes.

An apple a day keeps the doctors away?
An apple keeps anyone away if you throw hard enough.
Just a fun free-poem
Apr 2015 · 6.6k
Iron Heart
Livia Apr 2015
My heart is iron
It feels no emotion.
No amount of sadness or happiness can effect it.

It wasn't always this way
It used to be fabric, flimsy and unstable
Always letting those annoying emotions hurt.
I was nothing more than a baby

But I changed after those words
My heart turned to ice, hard and cold but crackable
And I wouldn't settle for crackable
So then it changed to iron.

My heart is iron
And I am proud
But the iron is only a cover
For a beautiful diamond
A poem slightly about bullying. It is also a true story.
I am dedicating this poem to those who have faced bad things in their life and are still living the best they can without giving up. I am thanking them for still being kind, even without showing emotion.
Apr 2015 · 13.3k
Livia Apr 2015
Intelligence is not how many pointless math things that you understand
But rather the ability to understand the people around you
Intelligence is not how many words you can spell
But being able to choose the right ones in times of need
Intelligence is not how many stupid history passages you read
But reading things that matter and have meanings; like poems
Intelligence is not leaving to be with the conformists
But being smart enough to rebel against them
Intelligence isn't going to school for years just to throw your life away
Intelligence is being able to live your life how you want to
To T. in my class, who thinks she is the best.
Apr 2015 · 5.6k
Livia Apr 2015
I have a hiraeth
To be back
At the place nestled in mountains
Covered in snow
Illuminated by the bright sunlight

I have a hiraeth
To be where
The people listen
And sing around campfires
The flames crackling in the cold air

I have a hiraeth
But it will always be one
I could never fully reach
The wondrous, incredible

I have a hiraeth
To be back home
Where the air is always fresh
And the nights always starry
Where there are no worries

Where I am meant to be
A poem about Whistler, BC, Canada.
Apr 2015 · 651
Too Young For Good
Livia Apr 2015
They say I'm too young

Too young to chase after my dreams
Too young to try and make a difference
Too young to be a leader

They say, "leave it for the adults", but I am one in my mind

Too young to help
Too young to try and do good
Too young to be brave

But no matter what they say,

I am never too young to dream
For the dreamers!
Livia Apr 2015
I looked over, and by chance
I saw you
You came to visit our school for the day
Because you were thinking about moving there
I thought you were pretty attractive
But I knew you would never think that of me
I started being nice to you, because of the kindness in my heart
Like when you smiled at me, I smiled back
And even when you couldn't find the restrooms, I showed you
When J came up to say "hi", I introduced you
Little did we know that we would become best friends
Let a year go by, and I'm in sixth grade with J
You were in seventh, but we still had class
You told stories of how you came to this world, and saw J
A little poor boy on the side of the river, his eyes a light blue
You said you adopted J, then went out for more exploring
About a month later, you said, is when you saw me
A little imp, lost and confused, with gleaming grey eyes
You said that's how we became family
J and I, brother and sister,
While you were the father holding us together
But you knew that wasn't true
You knew that it was really I who was the glue between us
Holding together the girl who acted like a boy,
The kind and gentle Californian-looking boy,
And yourself, the obnoxious but sweet new kid
But we were inseparable, no  matter the differences
Skip another year ahead, when J and I were in seventh
And you were in eighth, the last year of the school
We tried to make it work
But alas, we were doomed to shatter
I was a girl
J a boy and you a boy
It would never last forever
We were still friends, but no longer "the trio of classmates"
No longer best friends
And as you graduated, I could hardly keep my tears from flowing
J squeezed my arm, too sad to have sanity
Before you left the building,
You engulfed us in one last group hug
Before walking into the future
Leaving J and I behind, forever
The year after, it didn't feel the same
There was always a hole in my heart,
Yelling because I had lost a part of me
I had lost one of my best friends
To W. I will never forget you, and I hope you do well in life. Maybe we will meet again.
Apr 2015 · 385
Livia Apr 2015
Can’t feel my hands
Or feet
Or anything

I don’t know if I’m stepping or not
My skin is as white as the snow
My body is shaking unwillingly

The cold wore off long ago
Just to be replaced by numbness
I feel as if my heart is freezing

Can’t walk anymore
Falling to my knees (if they are even there)
And I start to freeze more

Suddenly, warmth came
I wasn’t trapped in a frozen cage
The cold got lost;

But I lost something more
Just another poem about the cold. What a happy start to spring!
Apr 2015 · 2.4k
Livia Apr 2015
I think I may be
Because I love
The darkness

The relaxing nothingness,
Eigengrau flooding my eyes
Releasing me from the world
For a little while

I used to be scared
Of what lurked inside,
But I accepted the dark
As part of me

The dark is good
Just look at the night sky, dark as well
It is mysterious and glorious
And maybe it does have danger

But if you learn to accept
You will find the dark comforting as well
And you may join me in the group of
Nyctophilics; the people who live in the eigengrau
A random poem about darkness
Nyctophilia: finding comfort and relaxation in the dark
Eigengrau: the color black that you see. Pronounced i-jen-grouh
Apr 2015 · 312
Not in the Plan
Livia Apr 2015
It was never
Part of the plan
To fall
For you

I would have never
That you would steal
My heart

It was never
Part of the plan
To embrace
Your love

I would have never
Ever thought
That your teasing would make
Me love you more

It was never
Part of the plan
But sometimes change
Is good.
Never part of the plan to write this poem, either. It was very spontaneous.
Mar 2015 · 331
I Need My Love
Livia Mar 2015
Please come
I need you
You've been ignoring me

Sure, my life is going well
And I'm on the track to the stars
But I need you

I've been broken
I am scared
I don't want to leave my home

But what is home?
Without you, I don't have one
I feel an emptiness wherever I go without you

I know I kept on denying
But now I wish I didn't
My dear love; come save me from myself
Dedicated to the first person I have been in love with, who will never love me back.
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Life's a Mountain
Livia Mar 2015
Life is a mountain
Not a beach
Not some easy walk
Not a party, either

It has things
That you need to overcome
Rocks, crevasses
And you may even need to climb a cliff

But you can't give up hope
Because then you will never feel
What it's like getting to the peak
For all the people about to lose hope.
Jan 2015 · 2.8k
Livia Jan 2015
I don't know what to do
Can't run
Can't hide
Can't get my life to balance
The darkness overtaking me

I don't know what to do when there's
No one there to help
No one there to wipe my tears
No one there to allay my fears
When the demons inside overcome me

The darkness is almost to my soul
I need help
I need love
I need someone there
But nothing is working

The demons are here to stay
Jan 2015 · 15.4k
Livia Jan 2015
Skin is just a

Age is just a

Girls are just

Religious people are just

Oh why do we discriminate?
Why won't we let these people come in?

Is it because we are afraid?
Or are we just bad people?

Everyone and everything
Is on one planet

Be happy you're alive
And let everyone in
No discrimination!
Livia Jan 2015
I walk away from the people farther and farther day after day
I run away from the things that will **** me
I sprint away from the cages that the people are holding
I walk many days no food no water
I run most days on and on
I sprint when I am in a desert but I will keep going

With ropes tied around my face and sweating all day
I know it will be worth something when I get to the end
Food water and a home all waiting for me at the end
I know many people want me I just can’t find them
Even when there is no shelter from storms I walk
Because I know I will get there soon I keep going

Some nights I wonder what I was thinking of
Runing away from all I ever knew
Waiting all day for the night to come
But dreding the night when it comes
Sleeping only once every three days
Hoping I willl make it there I keep going
No more animal abuse!
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
Different People
Livia Jan 2015
No one is how they seem

The most cheerful may be the saddest
The loneliest may be the friendliest
They just don't want anyone to go through what they are

The prettiest may be insecure
The most popular might be overwhelmed
The most athletic may be the weakest

We will never know
We can't go into their heads
But next time you tell someone:

They look depressed
They will die alone
No one understands them
They're fat
They are too flustered
They're not strong

Remember the different people that they may be
To the bullies
Jan 2015 · 228
To Be Loved
Livia Jan 2015
All I want is to be loved
His hands burning like fire on my hips
Looking into his eyes and seeing only love

No hate
No prejudice

Love that will continue to burn
Throughout the years
Throughout the tears

Just me
Just him

Locked in a world of our own
The sun gleaming on the fresh snow
Covering the mountains with illusive diamonds

The beauty
The pain

An unrealistic fantasy
But hopefully, one day
I will know what it's like

To be loved
Forever and always

— The End —