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Livia Jul 2017
I died before I met you
Only once prior
I recovered, got better, and made it through
Try to believe me, I know I’m a liar,
But I died once before I met you

I died the day I met you
Because my heart stopped beating
Your attractiveness too true
I was afraid to mumble a greeting
But I already died for you

I died the day after I met you
You wouldn’t get out of my mind
I got distracted – couldn’t make do
For someone like me, you were too kind
I died because I withdrew

I died a month later without you
I couldn’t even fight it
The fear stuck to me like glue
I started breaking bit by bit
I died when I wasn’t supposed to

I died a season later when you
Saw I was too broken to be fixed
I had a strong sense of déjà vu
But I was nevertheless transfixed
My death meant nothing to you

I died before I was friends with you
Your change of mind bemused me
Because you never used to
Listen to my sorry plea
I died when the world was no longer blue

I died two more times all because of you
You made me laugh, you made me cry
Until my world was back to blue
You clipped my wings so I couldn’t fly
My deaths were caused by you

I died a last time because of you
After we were long done
I saw you with another and trouble began to brew
While that’s all I ever was
I died because I wasn’t enough for you
Don't normally write rhymes, not too sure how it turned out.
Livia Sep 2016
I may have been weak before
But let me assure you that I am no longer
Determination has gotten me far
And I'm determined not to let you
Drag me down and belittle me

I'm stronger than you now
The truth is like a ferocious bite
I hope it breaks the skin
You're not as scary as you seemed
Because I've learned I'm scarier

Your authority was hard to challenge
But you were always up for a bet
Pick anything and I'll beat you
This is a game I'm going to win
But you're not prepared to lose

Your face has hollowed with defeat already
But I know you smile when I fail
When I fail at getting along, you break out in a grin
So I wipe it off your face with every little victory
As long as I see your sorrow frown, it is another day won

I'm sorry I've humiliated you
But, then again, you deserved it
I'm sorry I will win our game
But, then again, I'm not
Sorry for you at all

I'm sorry I was too weak for you
But you will find out in the worst of ways
That you have only made me
Don't know what I was doing with this one. Just kind of let things fly with my emotions. Sorry if it doesn't make much sense.
Livia May 2016
Hands interlocked
Focusing on nothing but the music
And the sensation of finally touching again
Grasping each other's hand frequently
I won't let you go,
I love you

"Why did you leave?"
The music blares
I'm left unable to answer because maybe I didn't
My heart stayed with you while I was gone
I didn't want to leave,
I love you

Last hug for an indefinite amount of time
Last time I get to say it
Please don't leave,
I know how it feels
I don't want you to be alone again
Don't leave, I love you,
Sorry. Dedicated to the best friend I could ever ask for - I'm sorry I left.
Livia Mar 2016
People rooting for your opponents
No one cheering your name
Inevitably thinking,
Why couldn't I do that?

Not getting better;
Seemingly coming to a halt
With no improvement to be seen -
This is when most give up

Do not live a life of regret
If you have a dream, follow it
And let nothing stop you
Not even yourself

Do not have a death of regret
Do not think of what you could have done
But all that you have done
And die a happy soul

I know things may seem dreary,
Terrifying as well
Do what your heart tells you
Live a life free of regret
Sorry I haven't posted anything! My school's wifi blocks this site, so I can't. Anyways, a poem for people who don't know what they're going to do, as well as the people who know what they didn't do.
Livia Jan 2016
I have given up
So many things
And looking at photos from my past
Is always bittersweet

Seeing the smiling face
Of the ghost that was once me
And seeing a toothy grin
That I now never share

I look at the others in the photo -
More bright smiles
What are they doing now?
Have they forgotten about me?

I know I will never have an answer
For this poem is of past,
But it also is of family
And even if you leave your family

Your family doesn't leave you
Well, sorry I haven't posted anything. The wifi at my new school blocks the site. Anyways, my next few poems will be following this same story. You keep being you :)
Livia Nov 2015
That quiet girl in the corner?
The one who seems to have no friends?
She is the one who is strongest
Who lives with the most demons
But she isn’t brought down
She has changed, sure,
And although she may be different from others,
She is happy
Even if it seems as if she’s not

That stand-out boy in the center?
The one who everyone loves?
He is the one who is weak
Who is afraid of seeing a wrong
And he is brought down by fear
He may not change
And although he may be “normal”,
He is not happy
Even if it seems as if he is
Hey! Another poem!
Livia Nov 2015
I met the perfect boy;
Level-headed and kind
Humorous and forgiving

I liked to think that we could
Be together one day
But as Father Time relentlessly
Made me and said boy grow older
I saw that my dream
Was only that

I met the perfect boy;
Level-headed and kind
Humorous and forgiving

I met the perfect boy,
But I'm not the perfect girl
I realized after I wrote this that it kind of sounds like "I'm Not That Girl" from Wicked. Oh well.
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