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Nylee Jun 2020
Every time I open my eyes
I know I am letting someone down
I am not enough for me
I cannot even think of you now.

I always hope for the best
I don't see it coming out now
then I pray it not to be the worst
and rhythm just takes me down.

Regretting the words I have said
regretting speaking them now
it is always the pride
never liking to be so down.

I could have started it now
I could have ended it then
but I am sitting on the ground
I don't want to get up
Resting while I can.
SA Szumloz May 2020
Life in front of a TV screen
Isn't a good place to be
Blowing up like a balloon,
Your life slips away too soon
With eyes glazing over
And days growing somber
What are you living for?
Reality shows? ****?
There's no wake-up call
In that screen in the wall
Telling you to get up
And start living.
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
it doesn't matter how many times
you win or lose, my friend.
So take my hand and I'll help you rise again
I lay on the ground ****** and bruised.
Momentarily dazed and confused.
Looking up at my opponent, that which we call Life.
Standing over me, filled with heartache and strife.
Trying to hold me down, foot upon my chest.
Taunting me to stand again, to manifest.
To reassess my situation, the choices that have to lead to this moment.
I lay battered and broken, silently moaning things left unspoken, wistfully hoping for another opportunity.
The possibility to show my determination and ability to overcome such adversity.
My opponent steps away smiling, encouraging me to get to my feet.
Yelling that my time is not over; telling me I have much to complete.
I look up to see Hope in my corner, that which fills me with light.
To stand again determined and continue to fight.
Knowing good and well I will fall again in this brawl.
That I will have to crawl, struggle, and give it my all.
For this opponent, Life, he ain't easy.
Though he smiles, he is crazy, quite unfair, at times ******.
I must remember the things I am fighting for.
Love, friendship, happiness, the things I adore.
Hindsight is 20/20, regret is meaningless, time cannot be reversed.
I look forward, smile back and yell ,"I am right here. do your worst!"
My best regarding always getting up and attacking life
Anna Apr 2019
When the days are long and the nights are restless,
we seek for a way to forget.
We bathe in our sorrows.
We rip ourselves to shreds.
We bleed to feel, because not feeling hurts more then the pain of blades.
When life ***** us over we struggle to climb back up,
and when we get up. Life laughs and kicks us down again.

Whats the point.
We feel nothing.
We are in an endless cycle.
Whats the point.
Madeleine Mar 2019
You only lose
When you don't get back up
And continue to cruise
DAF Feb 2019
sometimes it takes a while to dive back in and swim
when every steps felt like a mile it easy to fall to shins and cringe
but past calendars do nothing save take attention off the walls
had to learn that life keeps running even when you fall
Desire Feb 2019
"Get up and go!"
Abby Jan 2019
I believe that we can do something incredible
We just have got to put our minds to it
We are capable of being the generation that changes life as we know it
For good, or for worse
But I do strongly believe it will be for good
It is time we took a stand for what we believe in
Our voices will never be acknowledged unless we make them so
So go out to the middle of a park and scream until your voice gives out
It is time we start in uprising
It is time we grabbed our fate and said
"No, you'll listen to me now. Not the other way around."
We are capable of great things it's time we do them
It is time we need to make our voices heard and not let people choke us out.
floW Jan 2019
Get the **** up.

You lay on the ground, self pitying, wondering why you are so helpless and weak.

Get The **** up.

You want to be worth something. You want to feel strong. You want for someone to truly believe you’re good enough.

Get The **** up.

But you’re not. You cannot be. You wish you could be different. In a different body, a different soul, a different life. But you’re you.

Get The **** Up.

Why the **** can’t I just be good enough. Why the **** do I always feel like I’m too weak, there’s someone better, I’m not deserving. Why won’t I stop self pitying.

GET THE **** UP.

I want someone to beat me. I want someone to give me a black eye, kick me while I’m down. Maybe then I’ll feel strong.
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