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Jun 2018 · 1.2k
Ma Cherie Jun 2018
I want to say thank you now
for every poet here
who dares to use their voice
in prose
to face their deepest inner fear

that we alone are not enough when that is just a bald faced lie
cuz we were born just perfectly the truth
and we will be more so when
eventually we die
we just forget this incoveinent truth
clipped our wings to stop our fly
embedded in deep messages
and told to us as wicked lie
and when I think about this now
it really makes me shrug & sigh
and every now and then ya know
it overwhelms
and then my spirit has enough to  cry

deeper sigh....

I believe,

we hear a voice of broken generations
we hear deep within our mind
and that voice it could be one or many
and man that thing can be so ******* mean unkind
but we can unlearn deprogram change
and what you think inside we'll find?


Ma Cherie © June 2018
I just want to say this is for Jesse a,dear young man who died this year in a very tragic way I'm very sad that he's gone missing so much and my family will miss him so much but the thing I've learned is that we must advocate for change for the future. So sorry I've been so long away hopefully I'll be able to stop by and stay a while and I just like to also say thank you for every kind word you have ever shared with me. I am finally feeling some real change and inner peace.  love you xo Ma.
Sep 2017 · 1.2k
sorry I'm away
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
I'm sorry I'm away
my minds been in  knot
untie me muse
before I think I die!
I need to write again
in lyrical content
it chokes me up
I think I'll even cry!

Ma Cherie © 2017
Seriously can't think too much going on? ;/
Sep 2017 · 1.2k
love can be so fleeting
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
Love can be so fleeting
like the brightly shining sun
to leave you feeling sorely burned sometimes
or relieved when days are finally done
times to leave you feeling empty or leave you feeling perfect- full
sometimes love is high so grand
sometimes there is a quiet lull
sometimes it's awful easy true
other times
it's like a stupid an
stubborn bull

either way
- we always seek it
elusive like a distant dream
we chase it an ever wander on
to seek a perfect shining gleem,
like the rays of the sweet
warm sunshine
to finally bask in the
lovely glowing beam

that's what love is I think.
Copyright Ma Cherie 2017 still having trouble but trying anyway to write that is having trouble with the system here
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
crickets & cicadas
chirp the silence
as good morning
tries to peek
from skies of grey
then all of a sudden
it goes quiet

as if they have
just nothing
left to say
as a breeze comes through
the curtain
an the trees an leaves
softly begin to
dance an sway
clapping for their sweet sunshine
for her love has been so long away
they wish to burn in chlorophyll
soo they need for her to stay
Ma Cherie
still having computer trouble here tried everything i know this is crazy couldn't finish this  ;/
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
it's hard to predict
the course of coming
wide or narrow
I ponder the future path
as waters
will always find a way
my father said,
if she's angry in her wrath,

see the ones
that had never
breached their banks
that swell up
surging ***** water
fast within,
just a few brief minutes
it comes
in such
high waters again,

all is flooded quickly

everything in sight,
then just...
all is just
gone without a fight,

yes including,
my dear old parents
sweet abode

in the terrible flood
of that ***** Irene

an if anyone had been there
that day at their home
they likely would have died
it's like nothing I have ever
really seen,

an today, as
the worst storm
in the history
of what we know
is bearing down
on our lovely crying planet?

so I ask- what do you think
you can do
when the fire comes raging,
will you put it out or fan it?

I think,
to myself
I am seeing
many new animals
especially the birds,
rare ones,
insects and plants,
an some look just quite absurd
it is exciting but scary
but seriously different weather
i say why are you not wary?
if you don't believe
in climate change
or global warming

well God please help us all.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Sep 2017 · 703
the day bows down willingly
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
the day bows down
to the darkness
an your love
well ties it up neatly,
now so naked here in our starkness
to love me so lovely and sweetly,

in a slow sweet soft kiss
now a lovely lit night time dance
seductive in such
gradated beauty
as rhythms quake quietly,
inside of the possible
new fresh idea
inside the sweet bud of romance,

bright blue and pure white clouds billow me yonder
in a wanting
an just longing you- trance,
oh to kiss me now jaunting
neath my starry night sky
in soft an
yummy warm tangerine pink too
as we talk here it's haunting,
in the rarest of possible lifetime
our chance
an we've but only one,

we are locked together
until the shining bright sun,
an eternally grateful
feasting on
the lovely sorbetto like skin
all from just the one
long lost an beguiling me-
no an it just can't be a sin,
to taste life
as we wish to again,

because I knew in that moment
yes I knew of your magic
because I felt it down deep way inside
so I just let you then wield it
my heart you have healed it
an now I have no use for my pride

come find me an love me
there's no place I'd rather be
or anywhere I'd
wish to go to away an hide

but beneath the sweet weight
of your beautiful beautiful
anciently aging
 holy wisdom and grace
in the caressing of skin
an the retracing of face
we're returned to our to bliss
in a state of pure grace
so very lovely and perfect
an beyond all time an space,
I submit to the lovely
new us
now taking fine shape
an from the tip of my toe
to the top of my nape
all over right now
I will
allow you to drape,
your love on me baby,
in here
where we can always escape,
inside each other,

as I lay beneath
your **** an sacred
alabaster bones
where I now know
any fear
an I know for certain,
I've finally
come all the way home.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk... listening to tunes and wishing on love .. as usual;Love you all❤
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
dancing orbs upon the water
glistening in late summer sun
such beautiful but sad reminders
that now it's not the time for fun
as summer birds now bid farewell too
an days of long are nearly done

I look above to ancient skyways
to a gathering of fall and fate
coming quick in eerie dark blue
wishing cold had come in late
heavy rains have kept it wet here
oh crying green in heavy weight,

sing mystic breezes
call Natosi
ancient healing- God of sun
"everything is coming to you
yes you are a chosen one-
your heart of gold was given rarely
from thread of gold
that heart was spun"

thanks so much dear Apistotoke
an grandmother
my mother fate
thank you for the strongest heartbeat
fast like deer - I know not hate
one day to see you once in real form
behind the lovely heaven's gate

I fold my hands in ancient patience
for I know now
that I must wait

loving and enjoying
my life to the fullest
degree until I do
until my last an dying breath
has happened
until my soul must bid its sweet adieu
because everything in death is
then reborn again anew

an this I know
within that big beating heart
you say is made
of threaded gold.

Ma Cherie ©2017
For my ...idk dead ones miss them  ;/ love you all ❤ like I love the fall x-Ma
Sep 2017 · 1.3k
find the poet- inner bard
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
why do some
see only black
while others,
only white?

is what I guess
as they know not
of their light

but if they'd look
down deep within
they'd find
their needed sight

in an endless well of self
- too see
reflections of the truth
wisdoms inner peace is free
from years an distant youth,
uncovering your principles
the key

from a loving inner sleuth,

find the poet
-inner bard
find your "self"-
a lovely muse
giving you the lessons rare
that only you alone must use
all you'll ever need to know
in endless inside clues
to so carefully assess the past
to find the road for you should choose
in the pain is always victory
as no one will ever really lose

the poignant powerful messages
reflected in the blues

an the happy memories also
those are my favorite hues
the ones that bring me home again
just like Judy Garland's shoes

I click them now
now just three times
an close my eyes to see
a reflection of my home inside
in every single memory.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk if its done? lol ; ) happy long weekend!
Sep 2017 · 466
love can be complicated
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
love can be
in a good
or bad way
it can change
in a second
just by the words
that you say
and turn quick
on a dime
and turn bright skies
dark grey,  
even in day
its amazing
when love
when it goes
far away,
an the heart
is not something
with which you
should play,

an so,
like a double
edged sword
it can cut like
a blade
in the flash
of a moment
is down your
heart laid
from the
true sacrifices
an the debt
that you paid
to heavy
to bear it
what the
and luxate
in pieces
now splayed
the light dear
as it slowly
can fade
all false hope
from the hands
that you prayed
wondering why
the heart-
how it strayed?
an regardless of cost
your love you'll
not trade
all you
is the love
that you made
an the person
you love so
is just hidden in shade
unattractive they look,
in an envious jade,
but your still at their side
in sweet comfort an aid
to shelter in all storms
when they feel so afraid
only to find out
it is but masquerade
perhaps some
crazy ideas
that you hadn't obeyed
now just wasting
your time
on a journey delayed
an really not funny
is this type of charade
leaving all
of your nerves
an well everything
just seeping
through all
yes in all to pervade
as false rumors swirl
an how you are portrayed
then finally a flash
dead like grenade,
now only to bury
that thing with a *****

but just before-
you do,
you stare-
into the dark
of that abyss
why oh my
mercurial fate
why'd you give me
such a kiss?
all I really wanted
was a chance
at true love bliss?
you  **** it all to hell

an then you fixate
on all the broken promises
pieces of requiem
left in the wake
of that explosion
living amidst the wreckage
like the movie called  inception
to die within a dream?

oh the dear carnage,
you lie awaiting your death too,

wondering what
in the beautiful world
you knew,
could have went
so tragically
tragically wrong?

Ma Cherie © 2017
This is pretty much about the past and how you can give everything to somebody and not realize it's toxic and then once it is talk to you still have difficulty getting out of it. Also the after-effects of how past relationships if you can't see the beauty in the pain can affect the picture and how you interact relate with new love. Trauma can heal tho with open mind and acceptance. this one person might not actuallyhave been that bad but he said I didn't obey? Well oy vey say what? Lol this is a lot about not holding onto the past - i think anyway. This is one of my say it in a rhyme series I haven't done one in a while. Love you all. ; ) Ma
Aug 2017 · 570
to paint us in our poetry
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
I am looking for the one
who likes
my curves
and my sharp edges
because he'll help
to soothe and smooth
any thoughts of imperfections

I have worked here long an hard
though rarely do I spoil
myself a weary bard,
as in earth I daily toil
I seek the one who sees me -
who's heart forever loyal
a mosaic made by tiny shards,
diamonesque an royal,
releasing us of all that's marred,
to paint our love in oil,

on a canvas perfect rare within
in spite -our perceived flaws,
to paint us in our poetry
an leave us feeling awed
as I will feel
as he does too
an grateful if by God

gently just to love an live
while not to mind a scar
an when I see my light in him
it is to view myself-
as star
all time and space
now just erased
my star seed
my sweet heart

he will illuminate my very being
in refracted love we'll shine
the light will be our seeing
from love that we divine
our touch will be so freeing
an every one sublime
an he will feel the same within,
his hand
inside of mine
walking in our peace and love,
until the end of time
hearts to live in poetry
in synchronistic rhyme

of our bodies here
our souls
now eternally
... entwine. ❤

Ma Cherie © 2017
About finding that soulmate still lol ugh just random felt blocked sorta lately. Love you all -ma
Aug 2017 · 406
poetry in slow motion
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
please kiss my nice full lips
an touch my soul down deep
run your hands down my hips
as we erotically will reap

the sweet endless benefits
of making our love
and creating combining
while our love is divining,
from the stars up above

an we slowly
become like sweet sweet
poetry in slow motion
as we give into the dark night
an our lover's sweetest potion

grateful for the hand we now hold
until the last an dying day of our old
in times of our warm
an our real bitter cold
until all the words said
an every story's been told,

to have you forever
and eternally
we are entwined
our poetry in slow motion
is your heart in mine.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Still wishing...ahhh nice thoughts anyway love you all ; )
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
your love was just like
the soft summer rain
warm wet and slippery
so elusive to my touch
but you quenched me so
when you finally came
and I wanted you so much

until you left me
in the desert
dying in the heat
an for a moment
I thought
his water can't be beat

until I learned
to draw from
my own well that is.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Just reflection on a bad relationship not a bad person. I realized we do not need one another it is about mutual love, support, companionship, helping one another with lifes desires, finding the one who will light the fires an not leave you burning in them alone  lol idk but I never thought I would transcend certain feelings like need- but I have. ❤ I have been so blocked or something busy busy with summer here too
Love you all
Aug 2017 · 511
Love it is not so logical
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
love is not so logical
no no
it is not
otherwise you'd never
wish to touch it
a fire burning hot

with the only hope
of touching
for even a moment
the beauty
that lies in the light within

Ma Cherie © 2017
Listening to tunes. ; )
Aug 2017 · 1.0k
oh sweet Daphne
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
oh the overcasting
dreary weather
the sun just looks sooooo
oh damb you my sweet sweet sunshine
why'd ya hafta go away?

oh the sky
looking suspicious
ominous is my
dark and sunless sky
now tenebrous an so dull
as I often wonder why
as I find a sweet moment
in the a lull,
an clouds above are full,
so then you know that I
I must anticipate the cry,
....oh sigh...

we -
just plodding along
the clouds now form
in a flowing heavy floor
I hear stomping godly feet
an then the slamming of a door
boy it sure looks now so moody
an it's hard to just ignore

oh I say baby
it is like a leaden sky load
a heavy mess of pain in dear heaps
raining here now
on my dear sweet sweet abode
that man how he weeps an he weeps
he waters my garden now too
everywhere his loving
just seeps and it seeps
as his joy and his pain
it just reaps and it reaps,

oh back through the earth
an then back to the sea
as he pines after her
yes his sweetest Daphne,
oh his wonderful love
oh where you might be?

an but to be the God
of all that
sweet poetry
medicine and
I just don't know why he must cry
I guess it must be that **** night
because then he must wait again- ignite
looking for his lover Daphne
that she'll be in his sight
then making sweet love again
all will be alright

so as he burdens my deary sky
tho I shall not be depressed
I might hafta go an ask him why
is he is feelin so distressed
when to be the God of what I say everything
I'd say that man is blessed
but perhaps he don't remember
a memory repressed?

oh an it's a-comin dark again
in shadows falling quick
reluctantly he goes behind
but feeling low an thick
he needs so much to shine on
it's left him feeling sick

he needs your sweet waters deep,
to cry your nector
must be
he only wants to worship you lover
the way he is worshipped too,
you see,

he is a-cryin my sky
becuz my dear he's just
on your sweet sweet love again.

Ma Cherie @ 2017
I haven't done this in a while but I added some things and maybe too much not sure? Idk could be about passion? I wrote about Apollo idk its dreary here an this is what came out huh. Anyhoo he lusted after Daphne- apparently idk if they ever had *** tho lol. Love you all ❤❤❤
Aug 2017 · 584
as winds are a changin
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
I walk out to the garden
in the morning again
ahhh how I feel winter's bone

while yes it is August
an it's hotter an hell
but I hear that cold wind
just a-moan
an just a tinge of bittersweetness
in how fast time has flown
and why is it I
that must always now
an why is it my
leaf that's always windblown?

but I know
no use just to wonder
I must just embrace the unknown

and yes as my aging bones
they ache too
an I feel the pangs
of missing
the sunshine an warm,

as the winds are a-changin
an the coldness now hangs
those crystalized skies
to soon form

but sigh that's alright
for Autumn comes first
in beauty to see
here unrivaled

our winter is harsh
tho poetically so,
it's the way of my life
my survival

through perilous times
conditions too much
I have now have learned to be stoic

an my father was too
to rarely complain
an I thought my dad was heroic

he worked long and hard
conditions or not,
at least in of what I remember

an his favorite of times
well it was the fall
starting here early September,

the pies and the pumpkins
the laughter and leaves
in smells and in sights to delight
the colorous splendor
awaiting the drift
covering the mountains in white

so bring on the winds
and the beautiful leaves
as everything dead becomes new
in everything seen
and in seasons to pass,
as I am reminded of you

I say a most sincere
and grateful thank you for my life.

Ma Cherie © 2017
To my dead ones especially my Father ❤ love you all..was just thinkin in the garden again and trying to prepare myself for another winter here lol. Sigh ; )
Just busy ugh lol
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
in worn out
dogmatic truths
to others and our "self"
- we lie
but wouldn't it be
much better still,
to see with each
an every loving "eye"?

Ma Cherie© 2017
Idk lol ; ) just ramblings sorry I've been away life is hectic
Aug 2017 · 1.1k
I wish to remember
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
I wish to remember
the beautiful touch
of every sweet face
to which I have ever made love

and not the bed
in which we
simply found ourselves lying in.

Cherie Nolan © 2017
Idk what I'm scribbling about sometimes lol but this is about the past and what we choose to remember or see at the time hence the lying lying thing with double meaning. Actually not necessarily about *** either. Trying different things with poetry maybe X-Ma
Aug 2017 · 458
go dream a dream...
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
cast your fears
upon the blueness
an give no weight
to worry deep
find a place
of dear contentment
an let your mind
drift fast asleep

go dream a dream
of new tomorrow's
possible -
is ANY thing
so dream a dream
an make a wish now
to send upon angelic wing

ask above the needed answers
cast your worry to the sky
ask it boomerang
right back here
to answer in
your fervent cry

your folded hands
in desperation
I pray you find
some peace tonight
as you seek
in divine answers
you will have
your needed sight
an then your feet
will finally rest then,
no longer you
afraid of night

you are ready
to go
and LIVE  now
the dream in it's
life giving light.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Aren't we living the "dream"? I am not religious as many of you know but I do connect with the divine. I know I am living the dream every day! You can always change your dreams.  this is just ramblings. love you poets ❤❤❤
Aug 2017 · 452
you are just a spirit
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
you are just a spirit
in a human fleshy form
and go be different
from the idealistic norm

now go look upon reflection
you - ( yes you )
an gaze upon your light
go and add another bulb inside
to help you find your "sight"
let it never get extinguished
well you must put up a fight
especially in darkness
in the deepest darkest night

sigh ; )

it's my personal dear musing
oh my advice
through poetry
as poetry is my healing
an in our healing -
we are free,

an it doesn't always go well
to be the light I shine
tho if I have no courage
I shall not bask in mine

they say that every sickness
is a homesick for your glow
so you must go deep within you,
then you must
go an so

just ever let it show.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Personal reflection and advice ; )
Aug 2017 · 475
I saw a lovely frog today
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
I saw a lovely frog today
a hopping in my garden
he stopped a sec -
to quickly say hello

I said hello to Mr frog
how do you do you do
how do you do,
my lil' hopping fellow?

he said I'm fine
no point to whine
this life is good
so why not be just mellow?

I said good point
just like the sun
in happy summer yellow

we both just sighed
a tad misty eyed,
so grateful for the lovely warmth
becuz in the light we are freed
and as we looked up- agreed
it is what we all need,

that it is always best
to just allow

Ma Cherie © 2017
Lol ; ) love you poets
Aug 2017 · 554
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
rhyming perfect
sounding meter
in sacred pounding
rhythms- true
circadian beating
of my soul intwined with you

this is the sound
of the harmony
of two hearts
who love divine

it is the loving
ardent cadence
of two hearts
now keeping time.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Aug 2017 · 824
Fly me off
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
Fly me off
into the beautiful moon
then we will kiss beneath
the incandescent stars
show me how much
for me you will swoon
to ease the painful hateful scars

oh rub my **** hips ahhh
let's be careless
and be set free
oh please taste in my soft lips
and taste yourself
right there within the sight of me.

Ma Cherie © 2017
What? Honestly wishing...for this.
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
do you hear me now,
my beautiful beating heart?

I have sought
so erroneous before
so please-
tell me how we start?

oh sweet
transcendent love
my nameless
hear me sky above
because to find you is my duty,

you are the fibre of my life
the reason I am here
the stitching through the strife
I so want to hold you near

oh my pulse
how it now quickens
at the thought of your sweet touch
an how every breath I take
I am loving you so much

you are the meaning
in my death
an so the reason for my birth
you are the draw
of every breath
and in what my life is finally worth

I couldn't see you before now
I was lost
within the dark
but you are the light within
the light,
I so need your lovely spark

you are my inner poet- bard
my poet laureate
an as we get ourselves in touch
we shall know our glory yet

you are the incentive to the stars
why I look above -my sky
where I circle
in hopes to hear your cry

an I will love you always
until the day I die,

you are the heart that matches mine
an the calm within the storm,
in the center of the "eye"
where together we'll transform

into divine potential
that we were always meant to be
an thankful forevermore
for this gift of being set so free.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Huh?! I love it about finding your love within and externally. I'm still looking externally but I am a free spirit- finally realized this lol  the one we seek is internal love ;which equals self love and also love for all things and people? Hmmmm lol Reading philosophy this morn
Love you all x - Ma © 2017
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I want to love you slowly
and to have you love me too
slowly despacito
an as I dance
you get the clue

you watch me as I dance
an like a spell
I will vex you
hoping you feel me too
as I'm wanting to now *** you

as our temperatures arise
with a look of purest want
as you reach up eager thighs
it's my skin babe now you taunt,

as my hips are slowly swaying
an the music slowly playing,
as we move to the beat
of our hearts in a tandem
we can't take this rising heat

so we take a quick retreat

but slowly slowly
as you kiss me
you want me more an more
as you try to ever bliss me
an haunt me
now forever to explore,
as you love me
then jaunt me
this could never seem a chore

yes girl move yourself around,
you whisper slowly into my ear
tell me baby how you feel
so when you're not right here
I can imagine you so real

this is passion like I need
a lover just like this
we are hungry in our deed,
burning flames of true love bliss

as you breath in my sweet fire
and we caress our sweet sweet souls
as we ignite in pure desire
and are returned
to embered coals

I am so very grateful to burn
with you each an every night
an until we can return
an our sparks again ignite,
as our bodies daily yearn
then off we'll take our flight,

into the shining
of the brilliant
and gorgeous morning sun.

Ma Cherie © 2017 just imagining,  with my perfect someone someday! I love this song Despacito **** **** stuff!!! Thoughts?
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I have a dream of a garden
I have this dream of a place
where everything planted is growing
and inside is where I find grace

an in this garden
is everything
that I've ever wanted to grow,
every lovely seed that I've held
that I take the time now to sew

where I will cook and take care of
the people and things to me dear
where only sweet love
can reside there
and we'll never know any fear
where arms are open and loving
to wipe away sadness and tears,

where this love is only protection
safety amidst all the trial
where contentment
is how we can feel there
and rest our sweet souls for awhile

and then at night we'll retire
amidst the garden we've planted
and make and grow love everlasting
thankful our wish was just granted.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk lol I have a garden... yes, but this garden!?! I can dream....❤❤❤ love you x - Ma
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
aw so,
you think you want to love me?
an you think that ya can?
because it's a hell of a thing yeah,
this crazy new plan,

but OK,
let's go,

will you love me- my crazy
my chubby- my lazy?
when I am an orchid
or when I'm a daisy?

when I am annoying
an I'm acting a pain?
will you love me my whacky
as I try to stay sane?

becuz' I'm like the moon
an lovely or not
well I wax an I wane

sigh yes,
even then I will stay true

good, cuz,
mostly I'm peaceful
tranquil and playful
I'm busy with life too
yeah I want me a day full

of loving someone,
who looks JUST like the stars
all shiny an sacred
who'll whipe away scars,

each day I'm a changin'
an each day I will try
right now- yeah evolvin'
I'm not wonderin' on why,

why this or that happens
an why it can't change?

when did he stop to lovin'?
when did we go estranged?

I'll not switch this or that now
I'll  not have rearranged,

I'm not waitin' on nothin'
but I do hope for it all
someone to love me
an to catch if I fall

I just want now to breathe in,
I'm not lookin' for love
instead I'm here waitin'
on the sweet heavens above

to  change my heart -
or his heart
whoever he is
until then I can but sigh now
for I still know true bliss

in simple living pleasures
and the joy of simple things
like barbequed warm sunshine,
an a church bell that still rings
and how I can finally sing now
an man how I LOVE to just sings!

how memories they do tweak us
an how memories they do alter,

as reality it too changes
as the memories they too falter

especially when I am,
I am alone at the alter.

where I'm a prayin' for peace
an a hopin' for rain
to release me the past
any unending pain
to finally let go
of the things felt in vain
whew geesh,

for even those things
they change with the time
an just like this poem
and in every new rhyme

so you think you can love me?
and you'll love me sublime?

I do.

I do
love you

I love you boo,
yes yes its true!

hey what can I say
this feeling is so new,
phew, I'm relieved,
it was a conversation
we needed to have
so ..then
let's come together
X-citing possibilities
this new love is,
very exciting
quite different
well it feeelzzz just amazing,
to be over the moon in love,
freeing and wonderful,
that MOST special feeling,
you wait like-
4-eva for?

well that feeling,
I know it today,
an I hear it's even called-

"self-love" ❤

I am looking in the mirror,

yes I do ~ I do love you
Ma Cherie!

Ma Cherie © 2017
Inspired? Ma Cherie means my darling my dear my love. Yup I am self loving right now lol waiting on nothing - hoping for everything- was inspired by a friend who has been very insightful. Love you all ❤
Jul 2017 · 518
I wait beneath a summer sky
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
Life seems so uncertain
my love a distant dream
nothing feels quite solid
or as real as it should seem

I want to be depressed
to hide from hurt and pain
but when beneath a storm
one cannot avoid the rain
and every lesson good an bad
is never taught in vain

I just keep on going
I pray for sunny skies
instead of all these clouds
who hide it
in disguise

I will just be patient
and wait upon a sign
for my sweet love to come to me
for our two stars - align

I wait beneath a summer sky
under a beautiful new moon
for true love to find me finally,
to play me a sweet tune

as I
am listening
most intendedly for the music

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk..tiresome sometimes the long investments gone bad ;/ ugh but I'm OK...
I think lol
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I know your voice
so true
it haunts me in the night
I see
as you see too
as we have the SAME
"eye" sight

I remember your touch so warm
even tho I've never felt it
I'm certain that if I touched you
my heart?
yes you would melt it

I wish that I could smell you
your sacred sweet and mine
I wish that I could touch you
and feel my heart-divine

our magical transcendence
is written in the stars
and instantly immediate
erasing all the scars

you will know me
well love
you've longed for my soul too
set up some g.p.s. babe
to find the "one" for you

eons an eons I have waited
I am screaming out your name
except I do not know it
and that is such a shame

just remember who I am now
close your eyes to see
find me with your heart love
to seal our destiny

hurry I am waiting
for you to come -arrive
I wonder every day here
how without you I'll survive
by boat or air just fly now
or get in your car an drive

my time
I will have to bide
but I will never tire
as you are all the fuel
I need to light my fire
you and I the phoenix
of two soulmates in desire.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Yup still waiting for my souls mate lol love you all hope this makes sense
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
would you like to take a walk
through my gardens now with me?
with the loveliest of flower
and the tiniest of pea?

well come along my darling
now come along it's free,
an let's go to the gardens
to see what we can see

I planted here some garlic
from the garlic bulbs I had
an the bok choy
well it bolted
and I lost it
that's too bad
but still
it had some flowers
so really not so sad,

smile now, ; )

see the tomatoes look so happy
lots to can, to cook an share
the cucumbers are plenty
see those guys are everywhere,

those here are purple eggplant
with soft delicate new flowers,
an the weather has been perfect
just so hot with scattered showers

the chocolate mint like poetry
WiLd and prolific
dead head all the marigolds
an boy they grow terrific,

in lovely burning oranges
and yellows
you can eat,
marigolds - nasturtiums
are really such a treat
and eating from my garden
well really can't be beat,

the kale is getting big,
and my peppers hot an mild
the pumpkins taking over
like an ivy envy wild

cosmos and green beans
were started from a seed,
radishes are too,
I snuck 'em in between,

basil and cilantro
rosemary and sage,
I could go on and on
and write another page

but really you should visit
and come to see it now
but thanks for reading this
though vicarious somehow

I'm still happy for to share
my life
and love today
I hope you know I care
an are soon
here on your way
even in grey skies
for the growing I will pray,

and I will be here waiting
tending gardens
come what may.

Ma Cherie © 2017
For my little nuggie Jesse ❤❤❤ love you all! Muah x -Ma
Jul 2017 · 830
if I could fly to heaven
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
if I could fly to heaven
just to see you from above
I would watch you closely
and fall deeply
with you in love

to watch you in your daily
to see your secret smile
to watch you as you work
and just sit with you awhile

I would study your sweet eyes
and the creases on your face
the way you move your arms
ah yes,
to imagine that embrace

I'd close my eyes- inhale
just to know your sacred smell
I would whisper gently baby
an put on you
a lovely spell

I'd remember every sadness
through collusion and confusion
I would know your every gladness
every thought and grand illusion,

I would find it all endearing
as you captivate my heart
I would shoot an arrow
a hopeful loving dart

to let you know I am the one
that seeks out your true love
look to the stars tonight
to your heaven
up above

make a wish
just wish me there
I beg you see my star
I know you hear my voice
I do,
even if  from way afar

every thing aligns as it should
until the day I see you again
the love I've waited for my whole life my lover and my friend

I will wait beneath my Summer Moon
I wait for you
I  wait for thee
I will wait until I am no more
for your love
to set me finally free.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Yup just thinking about finding my soul's counterpart again sigh sweet dreams everyone love you ❤
Jul 2017 · 1.3k
I want to know you
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I want to know
your tenderness
intelligent and so very sweet
I will love you heart and soul
I will,
to love you
such a beautiful new treat,

I want to run my hands
through your lovely lovely hair
and let you slow caress me
do things I'd never ever dare

like to kiss with no abandon
and love with out the worry
love you slow and sweet...oh,
an never will I hurry

I will hear you
I will listen
I will be your lovely one
I will be your shiny moon,
I will
and you my lovely shining sun

all the things we ever wanted
an relief when days are done

I've waited now forever
to find you is my goal
I have no other purpose
you are the half
that makes me whole
you are the other part
to my old and weary soul

please I beg you look above
to see my star tonight
I hope you see me now I do,
as I shine on you a light.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk...dreaming... Sigh
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
take me on a journey there
and tell me what you see
I see trees of falling bark around
and shores of golden sea

I will take you on a journey here
through the hills of my Vermont
where the crystal waters
run so clear
and my ancestors still haunt

I see mountains tall and proud shimmering in a blue
I see fields of rolling shade
and some sleeping kangaroo

I see moths- the rarest kinds
and these birds of many feather
I see mountains verdant green
and this gorgeous summer weather

I fly with noisy lorikeet
and swim in coral reef
and walk 'twixt ancient eucalypt
to view the sandy beach

I land with Peregrine Falcon
and I soar with red tail hawk
I drift in summer breezes here
and with the animals
I talk

I walk through shady leafy glens
and I tread the reddened Earth
while I listen as the lybirds sing
to state my futile worth

I dream of sweet tomorrow's near
in the clouds of purest white
I hike in ferny glens here too
and fly a homemade kite

I stand beneath the winter here
in the clearest skies above
and I trace the stars my future now
in hopes I find true love

I stand in brilliant honey rays
in days of solstice long
I sing to love ~ oh far away
that he too hear my song

and hear I do,
a song from you
that skipped across the stars
your day-
my night,
we must take flight
beyond the Sun,
the moon and stars

out to the Milky Way
I'll come along with you
our maiden flight
in love and light
to find a love that's true

David Hewitt & Ma Cherie
© July 2017
Hi y'all! Decided to collaborate again- David started the first verse a bit ago- life getting in both our way- I finally finished it tho. This is about two poets two dreamers - different worlds different realities different galaxies even? Both looking for their souls counterpart Always nice to write with David so sweet thoughtful, talented, kind, etc etc lol. Hope you all find something to love about it.  And anyone I've let down on doing a collaboration please let me know and I will try! I get scattered sometimes lol love you all- Muah x - Ma Cherie and David
Jul 2017 · 518
I have heard you always
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I don't really want to leave
but it seems as if I must
my life is so uncertain here
an there is little I can trust

I only really know
that this is not for me
it seems I must pursue
my loving destiny,

I have heard you always
I hope you know me too
the one who frees me baby
already I love you

without knowing you in person
I love you this I know
I only need to find you
to let this flower grow.

Ma Cherie ©2017
no notes...sigh gnight sweet dreams poets
Jul 2017 · 537
desperately seeking soul
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I know not of your hands
I know not of your name,
I know not of your face
but I have
known you
you are my soul's warm embrace

I have felt you
in their mindless empty touch
closer closer every time
an I need you
very very much,

I have yearned for the freeing
of your loving fingertips
the sanctuary of the warmest arms
and those perfect perfect lips
we can dance in my moon
as we move
bringing both us back,
as time just slips an slips,
before here
I knew you
back there

Ma Cherie © 2017
Still looking for my other half somewhere ; ) love you all
Jul 2017 · 986
my dancers in skies
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
the gift of Aurora
is coming
I know,

sometime real soon
so I hear

my dancers in skies
a brilliant light show
an as I will await
you'll appear

I will see you transforming
before my brown eyes
in skies of my mystical lights

oh how long you know
how long I have waited
in all of these endless
dark nights,

to see you as spirit
as I'll be once more
well this is a beautiful thing

the drum I can hear it
a heavenly door
an the angelic songs
that you sing

and I will not fear it
the heavenly shore
and the most loving joy
it will bring

for when I die
I know
I will
in fields of wheat
an lavender
with you.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Memories of my dead ones....can be overwhelming sometimes but I'm OK tho an Aurora is coming so I am excited. ; ) love you all
Jul 2017 · 384
amidst the trials 10W
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
amidst the trials there is
beauty in the wisdom gained

Ma Cherie © 2017
Yup ; )
Jul 2017 · 420
I want to love someone
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I want to love someone
an to have them love me,
the way that I love poetry
in the way that I see
the world,
and the way that I love myself

in the way I love others

the way in which,

I see,

and know,

and love,


Ma Cherie © 2017
Is it possible? Ugh
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I want to find my mate
my very best of friend
not just a guy I date
an in him I will depend

oh to love me all the day
an more so in the night
an when he touch an kiss me
is both our pure delight

well make love an have silliness
an laugh our way about
we will trust each other truly
an never have a doubt,

the sun will rise with me
an set there in his arms
when I see his crows feet
I'll melt easy in his charms

the day will last forever
the night- E-ternity
I will love him always
an he'll be loving me

no other in our eyes
love only for our one
I will be his lovely moon
he will be my shiny sun

I want to find him yes
I want my baby near
I want to touch him now
an call him darlin dear

I'll be true in a million kind of ways
I'll be true forever through our days

if you bring your warm and sunny rays

I will wait in the silver moonlight for you dear
come to me tonight.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
your jealousy comes
in an envy green
an your cowardess
shown in yellow

your anger comes
in a
shade of red
an uninvited
is that fellow

an well,
your sadness comes
in a shade of blue
that overwhelms your eyes

though only that
so lovely hue
I say-
looks better
in the skies,

black is what I see
when depression
is with you

an I wish that guy
would NEVER
come around

grey it is the void
when you're
melancholy blue,
an a pin drop
is the ONLY
single sound

sometimes I see ViOleTz
then indigo blue
am I,

I see my reflection
in your very
lovely soul,

an oh every now an then
I see a periwinkle too
peeking through
a curiously small hole

well I love that
shade of blue
it's a favorite
don't you know
the same one
yes you
also have it too,

an you should
really let it show
becuz my baby
don't you know
my love it is just
always color true,

so I wonder
yes I wonder
in this rainbow now of you,

what color then is your love?

Ma Cherie© 2017
Ugh make sense? My life's a mess per usual this is just reflection idk lol! ❤❤❤
Jul 2017 · 864
on the bed of my dreams
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I wish
for the sanctuary
of the arms I can hide in

where we both exsist there
an we no not of our pride in

this is the place where
only our love reside in

as I am imagining this
on the bed of my dreams,
you become
my new reality.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk where it comes from sometimes night sweet poets ; )just dreaming I guess LOL
Jul 2017 · 530
give me your heart ❤
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
give me your heart
etched in a stone
of bethel gray granite
you perfectly hone

carving so intricate
amazing to see
show me a love
an how good it can be

Ma Cherie © 2017
Please? Lol idk just wishing on something idk what love you guys
Jul 2017 · 481
my sun is here to greet
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
the morning dew
upon a blade
of grass beneath my feet
it slips between
as I walk on
my sun is here to greet

to greet me this early hour
as he receives the day
warming up the summer air
he sends me on my way

to tend to the lovely plants
an talk to all the flowers
to toil away the time,

an say hello to busy ants
to sing in summer showers
to write another rhyme,

"go" says my Natosi
"go an live some poetry
in the garden today"

Ma Cherie © 2017
Gratitude ; )
Jul 2017 · 603
Of places off afar
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I see you there
between the trees
a glowing orb
in view

in silver green
entrancing me
with disappearing blue

effulgent sheen
you are the key
illuminating hue

you duck behind the spruce
an peak out from your spot
the day is waving by

a game of duck duck goose
it's cooler an less hot
amazing is the sky,

I see you have some countries
up there
lovely Mr.Moon
I'd like to come an visit you
I'd like to come real soon

but sigh
I'm just dreaming
of places off afar
the places I can't be tonight
by boat or air or car

but I still dream of seeing you one day.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk just dreamin I guess love you all
Jul 2017 · 510
Thank you
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
It's the Fourth
of July
independence day,
I take this time
a chance to say-

a BIG thank you
to those
who have
in the name
of our freedom.

Ma Cherie © 2017
It's all I can manage without crying thank you Dad.
Jul 2017 · 441
growing pains
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
as I reach out
for the glimmering light
it slips, in-
between nooks and cranny's
in every crevice
a ***** in my armor
Humpty Dumpty could relate,
fissures in my soul
just...CrACKing open,
releasing the past,
through painful rifts
seeping into veiny rivers,

until I am consumed-
by the beauty
of my own death
an rebirth
I burst,
from my chrysalis

stuck eternal
forever it seems
I will
continue to metamorphosize

an such are the pains of growing.

Ma Cherie© 2017
Jul 2017 · 754
Love scribbles
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I wish to touch your face
it's true
though more
to touch your soul,

I wish to see the inner you,
it is my only goal.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Just thinkin ;)
Jul 2017 · 374
Life it surely gives
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
cool rain and quiet calm
overcome my mind
peaceful and serene at last
something hard to find

amidst the choas an confusion
life it surely gives
back to me in many ways
in every day I live

I just have to remember to count
my many blessings
an have gratitude
regardless of my circumstances.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk mindfulness
Jul 2017 · 529
I wish to kiss the sunlight
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I wish to kiss the sunlight
in someone else's lips,
I wish to feel that warmpth
in their loving fingertips.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk lol! ; ) just thinking
Ma Cherie Jun 2017
do you wonder who I am
by the words that I now write?

do you wonder how I look
an if my hair is steaked in white?

do you think I ride a broom
do you think I'm just a witch?
or I have some kind of powers
an I can charm a wooden switch?

well ...
I guess,
I can -

douse for water
an I've seen nightmares come true
I've seen the sky turn black once
an in a multi colored hue

well my Aurora Borealis
my mystic native lights,
an in the spirit of the animal,
yes amazing are the sights,

I don't know if I am special
tho my grandmother said I was
all I know is who I am inside,
please don't say that I am weird
or acting
kinda crazy
otherwise I'll only wish to hide,

I see so many things
that others just do not
and I am at a loss for as to why

but if I am just so strange
that you worry about my mind
perhaps you are not seeing
with your "eye"?

Ma Cherie © 2017
Humor? Eh lol idk just about judgemental people who don't understand native American beliefs ; )
Ma Cherie Jun 2017
"If enlightenment
is what you wish to attain
you must give away happy
an replace it with pain"

Ma Cherie © 2017
It is true- but still. Ugh Buddhist studies just reflection
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