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Gabriel Jun 2021
It was 3 years ago
The very first moment my heart
felt home
Your eyes were like waves
and with every glance
my heart started to love your waters
Your walk was like rhum
I got drunk with every step you take
and that made me had the courage
To say
That the liquor wasn't strong enough to tell you I love you
If you were here, I'd sing to you
You're on the other side, as the skyline splits in two
I'm miles away from seeing you
But I can see the stars from America
I wondered, do you see them too?
So open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
Into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
But both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home
All of the stars( ed sheeran)
Arcassin B Sep 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

this is so lovely and this is so weird with Nature's intention for humans
to fear,
I never had problems with anyone here,
They came up so ignorant , but will cry
the people are sluggish and drowning in sorrows,
there are no handouts ,from me you can't borrow,
you speak ill of my name then I won't hesitate
to let these motor hands go, leave you
slump though.
If I didn't know better , I would say these
are the worse days.
Did enough harm and now to me you can
not phase.
Tired of not using my brain to get out of this life.
I'm pretty chill today got nothing to do on the side.
Annie Jun 2018
Lying down in just a T-shirt
I can only hear myself breathe
In and out
In and out

Why did you always shout?

I swear I'm trying my best
It's been months since I've shed a tear
But tonight, I dry my eyes
Close my eyes
Sick of all your lies

These four walls witness my sobs
I don't want to keep it in anymore
I'm breaking down
Torn down
There's only silence, no sound

My mind goes numb when they say your name
My heart pounds, I can't breathe
Flying away,
I'm flying away
I can't feel my body –as I lay

Here you are, still won't admit your mistakes
My God! My hope fractures
No gravity
There's no gravity
I'm hanging in between —you and me
Alec Astaire Feb 2018
And for the night,
I smiled as I sipped the drips
from my sorrows' tourniquet.
But, if only it were easier in the morn
To wrestle with the darkness-
Or perhaps the light..
At least my darkness isn’t conveniently pocket-sized
Naman Nov 2017
Silhouette in the bright light, there's a crisp shadow
Under the moon and shapeless stars i
Am plucking the heartstrings with deception on the face
But the wind suspected me somehow,
of following her beauty
I woke again from the seldom dream of hers .....
Ellie Geneve Oct 2017
My mother
loves remembering dates

She counts how old I am
in days and tells me
that she loves me

In moments like this
regression feels like
the only way out

As a new child is born
an older sibling
will start wetting the bed again
Trying... hoping.. to go back

He left me
On February 17th

When people ask
how many years its been
I'd like to answer them in seconds

I write February 17th on November
I don't do it on purpose

I really...
don't think
I've lived
A second without you
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I want to love you slowly
and to have you love me too
slowly despacito
an as I dance
you get the clue

you watch me as I dance
an like a spell
I will vex you
hoping you feel me too
as I'm wanting to now *** you

as our temperatures arise
with a look of purest want
as you reach up eager thighs
it's my skin babe now you taunt,

as my hips are slowly swaying
an the music slowly playing,
as we move to the beat
of our hearts in a tandem
we can't take this rising heat

so we take a quick retreat

but slowly slowly
as you kiss me
you want me more an more
as you try to ever bliss me
an haunt me
now forever to explore,
as you love me
then jaunt me
this could never seem a chore

yes girl move yourself around,
you whisper slowly into my ear
tell me baby how you feel
so when you're not right here
I can imagine you so real

this is passion like I need
a lover just like this
we are hungry in our deed,
burning flames of true love bliss

as you breath in my sweet fire
and we caress our sweet sweet souls
as we ignite in pure desire
and are returned
to embered coals

I am so very grateful to burn
with you each an every night
an until we can return
an our sparks again ignite,
as our bodies daily yearn
then off we'll take our flight,

into the shining
of the brilliant
and gorgeous morning sun.

Ma Cherie © 2017 just imagining,  with my perfect someone someday! I love this song Despacito **** **** stuff!!! Thoughts?
Atta May 2017
i tried to forget you
your smile
whenever we talked about our favorite bands or songs or movies
i remember everything
i remember you sang my favorite song
i liked it
i loved it
eventhough your voice was bad

your presence
whenever i felt lonely and sad
by you in my side
i felt everything
sad but happy
cold and warm
did you hug me that day?
no, you didn't
because my parents were there
you were afraid of my daddy

your smell
chocolate mixed with lone wolf
sometime sweat you got from your field
the field of freedom you said
bouncing running launghing
wonder what you were thinking when you were in that field
me? or just some random thoughts?
bet it was nothing but others

the distance
i was moved out that day
i left you alone
i didn't want to be the one who leave
but i didn't want to be left by too
i miss you
i miss you
i'm sorry for everything
i'm sorry
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