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Michael A Duff Apr 2020
I lay here and think to myself

the most beautiful words have been written forgotten and learned again

Whispered through time to embrace the moment for a thing that is not a thing; love
"But if you take me then we shall need eachother,  to me, you will be unique in all the world, and to you, I will be unique in all the world  -the little prince
someone gave me car
saying ,"you can drive far
and seeing new facts"

i thanked and said," mercy
the driving car is as the herat's woman inddeed
you might see it is easy to read

finally, you found her hard to know
i prefer to go wide, as i had gained
lost my hearts times, for some reasons i tried

to explain and show how it was tied
my heart to the failure down without reason to be explained
my friend was so lame

he brought my pervious lover into it
and argued me to go for a moment
when i saw her in it
i drove it without any late
the herat always keeps love into it. The man's proud tries to cancel it
the fact is the love still control our minds
JJ Inda Nov 2018
As night quiets the songs,
silence awakes the mindful.
through old wounds;
now silly scars of course,
but how they bled once!
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
amidst the trials there is
beauty in the wisdom gained

Ma Cherie © 2017
Yup ; )
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Looking into details of each and everything and all that happened in life,
one thing is for sure,
experience gained since prior paves a way for better expertise,
if the desire is for the same with regards to better future.
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Reconciliation in life happens when thoughts are in place and intentions are clear
Expectations are raised to higher level when success is gained from the efforts made since prior.
Strange are the ways of life,
strange seems life,
but then that’s life and life continues with the same,
reconciliation and expectations
Last but not least, life is all about hits and misses.
Àŧùl Dec 2016
I can now remember,
The night spent together,
When we had lost virginity,
But had gained a lot of quality,
Our friendship had bettered itself,
It so seemed like the doing of an elf,
Strengthened with the cement of love,
Kindled with that tenderness of a dove,
But now this memory is not at all useful,
And now this heart is just very resentful,
A lot changed & is entirely irreversible.
HP Poem #1317
©Atul Kaushal
I have seem to lost connection with simple emotions
Which re-configures ******* devotions
Feelings that are best expressed
like the ***** of a rose
A small single sting
Just an "ouch" I suppose
But I know the pain is there
And it's almost unbearable
My cosmic mind begins to breakdown
It's **** near irreparable
I've lost the ability to whimper
I've gained the ability to cry
All these unblemished feelings
Make my tear ducts run dry
My sentiment has grown stronger
There's no simplicity in my heart
My emotional responses were a blank canvas
They have matured into art
When I am most unhappy
My face begins to drown
When I am at the peak of elation
My aura glows all around
I've lost the ability to become angry
I've gained vehemence in its prime
Inflammable emotions
Build in such time
When my stomach begins to rumble
I am no longer hungry yet starving
The electric vibrations you give me
Get engraved inside my soul like a tree bark carving
When I love, I love hard
Nothing in-complex about it
If you cannot take my deep emotions
You and I are not the puzzle piece I saw so fit
Although I have lost connection with simple emotions
I have gained connection with  the real ones inside
Feeling such things shouldn't be subtle
Our eccentric emotions are nothing to hide
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