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while they all were busy,
in praising her beauty,
falling for her looks,
admiring her eyes,
proclaiming those rosy cheeks,
he found her,
collecting the bits of herself,
that were tossed by you,
he found her behind the woods of guise,
offered her hand,
and pulled her out,
out of that fake world,
and that has made all the difference
nish Nov 2018
absence makes the heart grow fonder
but what does it do to the rest of you?

watery eyes, framed by damp lashes

tear stained cheeks, mouth turned down
but only at the tips

arms, wrapped around your body

thoughts, drifting between past and present

fingers, mindlessly tracing the same patterns
you used to draw on me

but its okay
my heart is fonder.
Brazilian Portuguese: is a deep emotional state
of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing
for an absent something or someone that one loves.
faeri Aug 2018
You make my brain do crazy things.
You make my heart do crazy things.

I look  at you and just can't look away...
until you catch me and I don't know what to do.

It's difficult for me to control what I feel,
but I know I must be quite fond of you to feel this way.
usagi Jul 2018
You must have kissed me a million times before , I thought to myself
but today you kissed me and it was as if  our lips did not recognize each other,
and I couldn't even recall the last time you had kissed me.
as I moved my lips and swirled my tongue,
I realized our love was no longer young
and we had grown apart without saying a word
lonewolf17 Jun 2018
To describe her would be like looking at a waterfall.

From afar, she captures your attention
and up close you feel the mist
known as her presence embrace you.

Without a doubt, she is a beauty
and her voice gushes warmth and intensity.

However, when you get closer,
She is soothing like a water stream
and once inside,
playfulness arises.
Inside the water I am,
can’t breathe,
it’s like I swam in the most cavernous cascade ever.

I am drenched with fear as I go under the fall,
but as I further explore I am blocked by this stonewall.
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
I want to slip into the spots of the moon
that you look at so fondly
on the nights that you are about to break.
aphotic blue Nov 2017
our time had differences,
but we still have time to confess
our feelings that is full of oppressed
but you still love me, I guess?

it's evening in our's, morning in your's
dinner in our's, breakfast in your's
different countries but similar emotions
we're a couple but surrounded with oceans

you're far but still i can feel you beside me
the way you touches my skin in my own fantasy
the way you caresses my cheeks like we're in reality
i'm dreaming just because i love you baby

but i want to wake up in this kind of dream
this is kinda unhappy in this type of theme
i want you now to be my girl officially
please answer me 'yes' maybe?

if you're not yet ready to answer my query
i will court you everyday just to prove you my loyalty
i am dignified to make you euphoric
i love you, please answer me real quick...

if your expecting a lot of efforts from me
i'm sorry but i can only offer you my heart baby
I love you so much baby
like a blue moon, that will be an infinity

lastly, you must be confused why the poem is entitled blue moon
it means there's a forever existing in our's soon.
Eve Oct 2017
i pray to god that the memories of me
stick in your mind like honey on a spoon
i hope my laughter haunts you
like the ghost in your apartment
i hope my name burns in the back of your throat
like all the liquor you'll drown yourself in
in memory of me

i know you feel so lost without me
but god, i've never felt so free
idk just tryna look at my recent break up on a more positive note
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
I walk out to the garden
in the morning again
ahhh how I feel winter's bone

while yes it is August
an it's hotter an ****
but I hear that cold wind
just a-moan
an just a tinge of bittersweetness
in how fast time has flown
and why is it I
that must always now
an why is it my
leaf that's always windblown?

but I know
no use just to wonder
I must just embrace the unknown

and yes as my aging bones
they ache too
an I feel the pangs
of missing
the sunshine an warm,

as the winds are a-changin
an the coldness now hangs
those crystalized skies
to soon form

but sigh that's alright
for Autumn comes first
in beauty to see
here unrivaled

our winter is harsh
tho poetically so,
it's the way of my life
my survival

through perilous times
conditions too much
I have now have learned to be stoic

an my father was too
to rarely complain
an I thought my dad was heroic

he worked long and hard
conditions or not,
at least in of what I remember

an his favorite of times
well it was the fall
starting here early September,

the pies and the pumpkins
the laughter and leaves
in smells and in sights to delight
the colorous splendor
awaiting the drift
covering the mountains in white

so bring on the winds
and the beautiful leaves
as everything dead becomes new
in everything seen
and in seasons to pass,
as I am reminded of you

I say a most sincere
and grateful thank you for my life.

Ma Cherie © 2017
To my dead ones especially my Father ❤ love you all..was just thinkin in the garden again and trying to prepare myself for another winter here lol. Sigh ; )
Just busy ugh lol
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