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Karijinbba Jul 2021
Like ugly ducklings to lovely
Swans transformed we are.
I remember thine breath of life blowing in labellum.
Stunt by your hunger for me
In shivers silence stuck
the dagger in heart
mine and thine, beloved.

In vain I sought you I
Roamed the open seas with cowards ****** greedy racist human predators
In sheep's clothings.
Two forces of good and evil hubbered above my cradle

To get here powers of evil
took everything and I lost everyone dear to me
even my honor just to reach thine forces of good
I'd surrender to you if worth anything to you take it all
for treasures in my hands

without fortress if your love
slides like water in hands
I find thee everywhere in famous art even in
crossroad lights
I found thee in sonnet 75
with William Shakespeare.

Thine grace showered me with wisdom and thine thirsting for me became my own longing for thee
decades now my beloved

I search no more for thine love tattooed all over my vessel peacefully rests
No one but us two can see it.

You reign butterfly in heart
few lovers have eyed me
yet quickly eluded me
  they too, like your butterfly,
Go in search of their own.

Yes only yours returned
Adorned with diamonds and rubbies calling me fiancee.

I painted two on my chest
To never be apart
I love thee the most
forever and ever.
By Karijinbba
All Rights Reserved
Sonnet, 75-95- present
True story an ET from another world designed two identical  rubbie and diamond butterflies
Just for me as an engay gement gift .Rdd/BbA
coulorfulSmoke Jan 2021
Fur of bat
toad-like grin
eyes of lazy gold
green in sin

Sitting on the edge of forever
croaking sweet lullabies
a tendril tongue spanning galaxies
devouring worlds like tiny flies

A slothful gluttony so boundless
a privilege to slip down his amphibian throat
let's spend eternity inside him
together churning, wailing, floating in the acid moat
Bolaji Temilola Oct 2020
Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes and now I saw the big surprise
"Cause there was a time
All I did was wish
And now I know it was love

Although it's not the way I hope
Or how I felt,
Somehow it fells lust,
But now we're standing face to face
It's in this world
A crazy place

And when I thought my chance to be loved has passed
You came and save the best of times.
All of the night you sent your words
When depression comes upon me.

I wonder how you know my feeling
Because your words always heal my depression
And build up my hope so high

It's not the way I want it how I felt
Somehow it is love
And now we're standing face to face
Is it in this world, my love, David P Carroll
Because just when I thought my chance has passed
You came and safe the best for the lifetime.
I love you 🌹❤️
Bolaji Temilola Oct 2020

Cocooning away with my
Lover David P Carroll today
Falling in love with him feels so beautiful every day,

It's like climbing a mountain
Once your at the top you truly
See it's beauty between you and me,

Together in love we'll be with the Lord's
Blessings shining upon us
Every day we thank him and
Pray to him for our happiness and joy we share together every night,

So just listen to my heart
Every day it's beating
I love you I could never love Another man darling
As much as I truly love you.
David P Carroll May 2020
My Poem Will Be In The News In Several Asian Countries Tomorrow.

Thank you all very much God bless stay safe
Peace And Love.
Lavender Menace Mar 2020
My bones are hollow, others have bones filled with honey and feather. Im afraid of dying. But I'm not afraid of not living. Thinking is harder than being, for a fool can only be but an artist learns to think. These are all things that she said, spilling syrupy honey in my broken glass head.
She broke that glass. That night when the sky looked like painted on wax and she asked me if I was really there. We had alot of alcohol that night and the ***** felt just not quite right. I wish I drank apple juice instead of whiskey. Inhaled incense instead of ****.
Many things would look different when I looked in the mirror only to see those stiches on glass that only cause more to shatter. Not that the stiches ever really matter.
It's like she's trapped in my head. And she'll scream and dream her doubt. But all she has to do is say let me out and she's free. How hard can that be? At least stop filling up my fragile head with memories of things that happened on a beach at midnight in this dark new moon moonlight. That night those pictures flew away into a sea to never see her or me, that night is over so get out of my head, please. I'm begging you, I'll break it open and let blood and hope spill out if you'd just leave me too, please. Stop yelling things that break my feet and fights we had about things I dont eat and just please leave. I need to get out and fly as far as heaven flys then wait until the sun goodbyes and watch the banks and borders by that midnight dark new moonlight sea. With champagne flutes full on honey, no alcohol because after all I asked her to stay sober.
This slam kinda *****, but give me opinions and criticism if you got any. Anyway lil update, I'm really sick (yes, COVID19) and I might have lots of time to write more. So that's fun my life is declining and everything is getting worse but i can't help but smile anymore, I don't know why I'm so happy lately but let's hope I keep this mentality and don't die! Have a great incubation period guys!! Wish me luck on quarantine! (There is a big difference between incubation and quarantine, stop using that word like you understand what it is)
EP Robles Mar 2020
ONCE is less than MORE    but if you go off
allow something to grab you if you fall
   inside pollen-eye bites when you
   taste blue and smell summer zeros hiding
   a hookah vision ,,__,, defies logic
      bends the Divine Proportion of smAll
   a supra sutra deluxe rule fights cRhyme
      sends the devils running
           higher fly these angels
   so heavy to consider this;
        once is less than more
             is less than
              than zero

salimon pelumi Jan 2020
AUGUST 29----08:50am
          In a mild weary night
    When mortals in final seek solace
        With their earthly deeds upon them tight
        to encounter a burden bound for see

Which apprise with unawares sneaks
        In many vision the world in view
     Then,range who in mystery pick
     May mordant or mellow with few

  Ascending instance as realm poke
  And a shrewd with cognizance attain ray
Which those folly with volition smoke
And in reality realm their mordant hay

               In  a wild scary night;
         When mortals in finals seek solace
         And precious embraced in flight
           By fierce angel subdue case

            And mortals are all nature minded
             Of any trifle or prime revelation
             Destined,as of subdue minded
       Then a dream is a theme of revelation.
Dream is another method of revelation which God choose to tell what is about to happen to a person or someone's people
CarolineSD Jan 2020
It is 2am, the way you reach for me in your sleep
And I can curl into your core and my legs don’t even reach
Your ankles.

It is the way I can’t quite wrap my arms all the way around
Your chest,
But I try anyway,
On my tippy toes with
My face turned up,
Asking you to kiss me

Because three hundred thousand kisses

Is never enough.

It is this love
That does not capture or possess

Or give up.

And in the morning, the way I smile when my phone rings and I
See your name.

It is laughter and silly voices
And when you toss my children end over end on the bed
Until you’re close to dead but
They’re screaming "one more time!"

And the way you can see the magic in their eyes when
The rest of the world
Looks away.  

And the way
I can break

All snot-nosed and crying,
Throwing things down and
You just fold yourself around me

And just like that,

Inside my heart there is

Only love.
Darling you're with me, always around me.
Only love, only love.
Darling I feel you, under my body.
Only love, only love.
Give me shelter, or show me heart
Come on love, come on love.
Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart.

And I'll be yours to keep.
A wind in the shadow, a whale song in the deep.
A wind in the shadow, a whale song in the deep
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