averyn May 18

you love has kept me astray,
it made me lose my sense of direction,
and all of my roads come back to your way.
i thought it was good,
to lose what you have gained for long–
‘til you came with a smile, told me that you have lost my heart
and gained hers in return.

averyn May 8

if this love is a lie--
why does it hurt every time we say goodbye?

averyn May 8

i have tried to kill the love alive,
set a storm into my soul,
and drowned the flowers,
you planted in my lungs.
i knew that it needed water,
but too much would kill it,
and too much would kill the
love that was also too much for me to bear.
but baby, all did the water do,
was drown the flowers you planted,
and i never knew,
that it scatter of what was left,
and it made another.
a garden.
that was made from your flowers.

Zan Balmore Apr 5

My lover sucks the blood of a rose
The thorns push in her, stab
Break off leave open
marks at the stem
Her back makes a decent ashtray
For tapping blunts and butts
My lover bites the throat of a world
Wrapped up in patchouli sheets
Made of daily applied fine mist
In a bottle or jar, still curiosity we
Still haven't seen her home but she's
Seen violent light spearing the thick
Smoke through and then the dreams
That pour out into our living room
Reflected from my lenses from the
Floor face down ass up

averyn Mar 31

how do we erase the pain when in all we do, it is all that we gain?
the people that we love, they don’t love us.
the people that we trust, they don’t trust us.
the things that we keep, it keep on breaking.
the things that we hold, it keep on slipping.
what do we gain after all of these pain?
why do we keep on living in a world that hates us?
why are we prolonging something that is bound to end?
why are we here?
how do we erase everything that is kept inside my head?
why do it keep on ringing?
why do it want us dead?

averyn Feb 20

every passing day, a person mumbles wishes on a dandelion,
breathing away the small petals of what was the dandelion is made of.
they would say their deepest and darkest desires,
and even the lightest and loveliest of them all.
they would secure it tight on their lips,
begging the flower not to tell a soul,
and yet selfishly, demand for it to grant it all.
they didn't even wonder about the poor dandelion,
that has been hearing their wishes
with no one to hear hers in return.
the lone dandelion just keeps on flying with the wind,
wishing that someday, someone would try to hear,
those wishes that she kept within.

Solaces Dec 2016

When I awoke I was sailing among the stars..
No water below no gravity at all..
The ship was made of wood and her sails made of strange golden light..
For the moment I forgot about the Earth..
For the moment I forgot about home..
I was all alone on this ship sailing toward the center of our galaxy..
There was a guitar inside the captains champers..
I took it outside and played to all the passing stars..
I played and I played for light years that seem like seconds..
The stars shined brighter and brighter the longer I played.
That is until reached the center of the galaxy..
It was there I met with all the other ships.
All sailing from home..
To come home..
There were 3 of them..
Each one of them had a different instrument..
We stood there at the center of the galaxy and begin to play for eternity.
We spun the star circle..

Spin the star circle
David P Carroll Nov 2016

She is truly perfect she is truly from above I truly would always call you a little perfect blonde princess no other princess like you shines as bright in life your truly a special looking young woman who's beauty would truly melt into any man's heart your from above and truly I feel in love your warm gentle touch would truly brighten any man's saddened heart o your truly from above.

David P Carroll
Truly From Above
Nishat Firoj Dec 2015

i have taken the idea of you
and i have crumpled it up again,
threw it into the trash can

i have pulled you back out
and i have smoothed you out again,
hung it over the mantel piece

#r #p #d

May countless lights
Show delightful sights:
May there be no threats
Of bloody fights,
No clouds of smoke,  
No smell of sulphur,
No noise of gunfire,
No scenes of ruined homes
And orphans' cries
And parents' heart-rending wails,
No sorrow that dims the light
In anyone's eyes.
May the light of knowledge and wisdom
Illumine the path to happiness:
May the light of joy and love
Sparkle in everyone's eyes
In every humble home.
May our fervent prayer -
Lead mankind from darkness to Light'
"Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya."
May all nations together strive
To pave the way to harmony and peace.
Hyderabad, India

FE,STIVAL OF LIGHTS (Deepaavali) is celebrated all over India on 30 October 2016.  
*A line from the ancient Vedic prayer.(Sanskrit)..."Lead us from darkness to Light".
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