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There was a short fight
in the middle school playground
between Wilton
(whose jacket I held)
and some big kid
named Saxon
(two kids held his coat).

What it was about
I don't know,
but Wilton squared up
to Saxon and Saxon stood
like a barn door,

A crowd of kids
gathered chanting:
fight, fight, fight.

I watched as they began
to wrestle each other,
but Saxon being stronger,
pushed Wilton to the ground.

I helped him up saying,
Box don't wrestle.

He threw a couple
of punches which hit
the big kid's arm;
Saxon threw a wide punch
which caught Wilton
on the chest
and he went down.

I helped him up saying,
Move in close
and gut him.

He moved in close,
weaving past Saxon's
pathetic defences,
and drove his right
into the big kid's gut,
and Saxon winced
and just as he was about
to retaliate, two prefects
came and hauled both kids
off to the head master,
after we handed them
their coats.

The girls in the playground
never came to watch the fight:
they played skip-rope
or hop-scotch.

The boys dispersed
back to their games,
and I walked with Jupp
taking about the rumble,
but I couldn't understand
what he said half the time
because of his mumble.
Kids in London in 1958
Time helps us grow,
Which lets us know,
About everything good and bad,
Making us feel happy, sad or mad.

Time can allow us to for see,
Where, what and who we want to be.
Time beings about loss,
But heals ours wounds after our falls.

Time finds us kinds of friends,
It determines their stay until our ends.
Time forgives and forgets our sins,
Giving us a chance to eventually have our wins.

Everything is in due time,
Once written in a knowledgeable rhyme.
Time passing is not determined only by the clock's chime,
But by how we use it in our prime.
Please tell me your thoughts
BoogzThePoet Jan 5
Patience is just a padded positions of parallel pandemonium.
Are you paranoid? Or pacing through an appalled parity of the pre-script prerogative.
At this time, the prosecutor pronounced a plea for your partner after you followed protocol.
After provoking your protege to pull the pistol.
Prolonging the purseument to a plausible place.
Persevering a personal pioneer.  
You beat them all, huh?
Against every phenomenon.
You picked through pleasant park for the play to pilot off.
I can see you becoming more pleased now.
Pleased with the plan to plus one while poetry just isn't enough.
This letter P can fill the void.
It's a letter with possibility.
Politician. President. Principle. Prince. Promise. Professor. Producer. Professional. Provider.
but i can promise you,
***** rules them all.
Surely, there is a purpose for all this psych.
Primarily prevailing the precious power of those positions.
Keep the Peace. Acknowledge the positivity peeling from your parents.
Personal growth comes from the perspective of experience, personality endures from your inner peace keeper. Find the peace. pain free. paradise is within.
Steven J Kelly Jan 2018
There once was a woman called Ange
She was diagnosed with the Mange
She began to whinge cos it was round her *****
That was the end of old Ange
© COPYRIGHT Kellywood Productions 2012-17 All Rights Reserved.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Panic when pin-pointing.
Pathetic when trying.
Painful pleasure.
Passively flipping the page.

Packing the past.
Passed out from the last.
Painting it fast.
Put the panther back.

Probably paraphrasing this.
Preparing the premises.
Perfect in any position.
Please be consistent.

psychosis ponders osmosis

how smart are you really

i really like your face
from what we can see
you have beautiful cheek bones
i want to watch
to me

i want you to let me
sleep next to you
to me

take off all your clothes
let me read you naked
just let me stare
you are

you are so stunningly beautiful
you have taken my heart's breath away
please please please

who started
Ksjpari Dec 2017
Jaimin sir, a kind man, with smile cute,
Prepared for supporting me in lawsuit
Is ready to fight against any odd acute;
Managing school and university with astute.
In the premises everyone does salute!
Revered for his perseverance which dilute
All miseries, anxieties and commute
Joyfully with him in leisure to compute
Your mistakes and victories that overshoot.
All liked him for his ability to refute.
Grumped man speaks cool like flute
Under omnipresence, one who does hoot
Ruins his own impression and does salute;
Unacceptable people do get execute
Surely; teachers like me are with parachute
Inspired by him to remove Prafulla persecute,
Remove such drastic elements for institute.
I wrote this poem *** Acrostic in Pari Style to show my respect and love towards Shr. Jaimin Rajyaguru, who was my previous school’s trustee. I had always got assurance and acceptance from him. I left that school not because I had any problem with him. This man was a gem and a true inspirer. He always helped me by all sorts and means. So this is a thanks giving Monorhyme in Pari Style for him.
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I see you there
between the trees
a glowing orb
in view

in silver green
entrancing me
with disappearing blue

effulgent sheen
you are the key
illuminating hue

you duck behind the spruce
an peak out from your spot
the day is waving by

a game of duck duck goose
it's cooler an less hot
amazing is the sky,

I see you have some countries
up there
lovely Mr.Moon
I'd like to come an visit you
I'd like to come real soon

but sigh
I'm just dreaming
of places off afar
the places I can't be tonight
by boat or air or car

but I still dream of seeing you one day.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk just dreamin I guess love you all
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