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Maia May 17
You think it doesn’t matter
Maybe I should just shut up and mind my own business
Leave your eyes to stare daggers
And your slippery tongue to burn castles

I’m not apologizing
For fighting back  
As you cut apart and dissect
Life into *** and breast,
Measuring beauty on a scale you’ve created out of blood
And buying worth out of bone you pulled from our spines.

How much do we have to give
For our voices to be heard,
Cause you best believe
We’ll give it all we got

No more standing in the corner
Watching sisters fall on their knees
Crying in front bathroom mirrors
Whispering promises you can’t keep.
No. Tonight we are standing
With her.

And your better know that this time
When we scream,
The world will echo back.
Anya Oct 2018
Why do I feel
Like many of the people
Who are successful
Snakes is way more
Negative a word than
I’d like to use

Many of my friends fit
The description I’m about to give
And I like to think
I sometimes

When I say snakes
I’m referring to those
Who will advocate
Even when their obstacle
Is a person
To get what they want

They’re the person
Who plays two sports every day
In the spring
To keep up with their fall sport

They use their free period
For another class
Just because they
Want to take
The class

They stalk
The teacher
When they don’t
Get something
Or they read external
Related to the subject

They can be annoying

Can have ulterior motives
Inquiring about grades
To secretly


Clench a fist
In frustration

My dad says,
I don’t have that
Burning desire yet

I’m not a snake quite yet

From what I’ve

To really have success
Has to
Ma Cherie Jun 2018
I want to say thank you now
for every poet here
who dares to use their voice
in prose
to face their deepest inner fear

that we alone are not enough when that is just a bald faced lie
cuz we were born just perfectly the truth
and we will be more so when
eventually we die
we just forget this incoveinent truth
clipped our wings to stop our fly
embedded in deep messages
and told to us as wicked lie
and when I think about this now
it really makes me shrug & sigh
and every now and then ya know
it overwhelms
and then my spirit has enough to  cry

deeper sigh....

I believe,

we hear a voice of broken generations
we hear deep within our mind
and that voice it could be one or many
and man that thing can be so ******* mean unkind
but we can unlearn deprogram change
and what you think inside we'll find?


Ma Cherie © June 2018
I just want to say this is for Jesse a,dear young man who died this year in a very tragic way I'm very sad that he's gone missing so much and my family will miss him so much but the thing I've learned is that we must advocate for change for the future. So sorry I've been so long away hopefully I'll be able to stop by and stay a while and I just like to also say thank you for every kind word you have ever shared with me. I am finally feeling some real change and inner peace.  love you xo Ma.
Dolly Balou May 2018
Wild flowers in her soul, she refuses to trim them or let them show.
Moonlight seeping from her pores she holds the ability of being able to light up the darkest of nights.
She shines her light on all other gardens as an attempt to teach them the way to self-blossom.
Although not always successful with this transfer of energy she sometimes finds herself on the dark side of the moon; of herself.
To the darkness there is also depth, and without this depth she would be unable to share her strength through her glow.
This depth consists of all the weeds she has had to grow through and amongst, all the while encouraging them too to blossom.
This moon continues to shine, even when she herself is feeling blue, for what is the night without her?
among the countless thugs
   that teased and taunted myself as a boy
who exhibited blatant characteristics
   of being painfully shy and coy
attempting to remain like a statue as a decoy
which tactic nada successful employ

but only incensed and beckoned
   like tasty morsel chronic unpleasant bait
to be pitted with words
   always feeling like an outcast
   (of poker flats) without a date
populating school memories
   of loathsomeness and hate

serving as token punching bag
   nearly the duration every year
of public school, which vicious name calling
   assaults upon me psyche did wear
away negligible self confidence,

   or internal rage that found instinct to veer
away from approaching fist,
   which knuckle sandwich from tier
of hooligans gave no surcease

   to knock this then introvert
   on his head or scrawny rear
a lonely lad bereft of any buddy
   to stand close as bona a fide genuine peer,

nothing but dark shadow
   casting silhouette
   per edge of night always near
one brazen dude named Lloyd Lavinsky

   hovered ever near
especially during recess
   at Audubon Elementary School
   he did chase and lear
encouraging mob fiends

   to join in an additionally mock and jeer
which unprintable epithets,
   I can still faintly hear
in tandem with that native animal fear

that found this then
   socially withdrawn second grader a targeted deer
caught in cross hairs of boys
   who seemed like giants
   and fierce some as a bear
clawing at a scared little boy
   plus hurtful words thru the air

which cruel barbs hurled lent convenience
   for me who stood stock still or crouched down
on ground intimating passivity
   and inferiority brought grimace and frown

to those who mimicked flaws,
   aside from being shriveled flower on lawn
included nasal twang
   from submucous cleft palate
   defect that did spawn

speech impediment and obvious magnet
   for brutal beast
to relish, savor and feast
hoping to bring me to tears at the least

knowing this human docile scared dog
   would not fight back
fearing he might get beat
   to a ****** pulp for justifiably flack

even my late mother also told me
   to give brats a “what for”
   with two ****** pack
that triceratops nasty gang

   bulging biceps they did pack
who to this very day I bristle to smack
with an ole mighty whack
as if strength within transferred
   to computer Goliath body guard
   manufactured by Univac.

alth­ough just a infinitesimal dot
moxie this mortal doth got
in the cosmic skein since big bang hot
test event since white bread -

   gives m t calories a lot
soak up syrup from chicken soup
   from sterling gold chamber ***
strongly suggested by a tweeting scott.
i am fireflies
i carry luminous light
shine in dark places
i am a travel guide for
the ones who have lost their way
Shaylie Pryer Jan 2017
Advocate for the world around us,
We are the only things left,
to hear our voices heard,
but the throats of our souls left parched.
I can only sit back and bask in privilege,
while i'm encased in invisible shackles,
and the person to my right, chained to me as well but just blissfully unaware.

We are together in mind
a connection, but it is lost because there is no Wifi.
We are together physically
a presence, that is unseen because the daily zombie grind pushes on.
We are together spiritually,
a thread, that is closed because we don't see a human.

And as the veil stays while we sip our Starbucks latte,
could you imagine if the curtain fell?
The pain rushes forward, and a suffering of another is felt.
The world we have lived in isn't what we are living for,
but designed for us, and it hides the suffering in a department store.

The theatrics is over now,
It's time to close up the play, remove the backdrops and settings,
see each others life in a new way.
Pulling back the curtain to see more is a hard thing to grasp,
because you're pushed from your comfort zone,
to see who we truly are.
I have not written in over 5 months, this is the first piece. I may not have fully overcome my writers block, but I have created a small step forward.

I hope you like it.
I hear  your  words,  dear friend.
I hear your  pain
The  need for imancipaton.
I know that you are tired
im sorry
I wish  i could be there  to help you.
I wish i could be right by your side
Being the shoulder  you need to lean on.
I wish i could be whatever you need me to be
So i will be.
In any and every way i can

You are worth it to me
You are so much to me that i genuinely worry about you.
Im tired too.
Im tired of being forgotten.
Im tired of my thoughts being forbidden.
Believe  me,
i know
But trust me, I'm  here with you
for when you need me
And when you dont

I will stand with you because you would for me.
Please remember i am with  you.
This poem is for you.
Dont forget im here.
I always will be.
Hold on.
We're  in this together.
Though different situations,
Enough  is the same
For me to
**for you
Nick Moser Apr 2016
I'm the poster child for self hatred.

My calendar's constantly booked with things like "Sit and Hate Myself" and "Live Tweet How Terrible My Life Is."

I'm an advocate for not having enough self confidence.

I'm a member of the Missed Opportunity Club.

And next week I'm the keynote speaker at the "Nothing is Going Right in My Life and it Never Will" Conference.

And the worst part about all of this is:

I have all these accolades and you still won't notice me.......
Idk something sad about my life maybe..
This is for people who are "overweight"
Got up today,
made myself some breakfast.
Got in the shower
Looked at my body,
Saw what everyone else sees.
My belly is too big,
I tell myself
"I'm ****"
I cry a little inside.
I put on my shirt
saw the XL on the tag.
I went to school,
watched people look at me.
Its not fair you know.
I am unable to exercise,
my asthma has almost taken my life from doing so
I wish people would see
my pants size represents my heart,
not your superiority.
If I wear a size 27,
my heart is 27,
and you where a size two.........
I wish people would look at my eyes,
not at my waist,
and look at who I am,
not what I  look like.
I am a great person,
I do not like being called fat.
Awesome ,
is who I am
I am not fat,
I am human.
Respect me.
Despite what you think,
I can kiss
I can love
I can feel
I am a person,
who has desires.
I am not fat,
I am a person.
No one is overweight.
That is not what maters.
People need to open their mind
before their mouth.
So many magazines exploit people,
society being the same.
People judge others
by what they look like.
That is so ******.
Love the person for who they are
and NOT by what they look like
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