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Ma Cherie Jun 2018
I want to say thank you now
for every poet here
who dares to use their voice
in prose
to face their deepest inner fear

that we alone are not enough when that is just a bald faced lie
cuz we were born just perfectly the truth
and we will be more so when
eventually we die
we just forget this incoveinent truth
clipped our wings to stop our fly
embedded in deep messages
and told to us as wicked lie
and when I think about this now
it really makes me shrug & sigh
and every now and then ya know
it overwhelms
and then my spirit has enough to  cry

deeper sigh....

I believe,

we hear a voice of broken generations
we hear deep within our mind
and that voice it could be one or many
and man that thing can be so ******* mean unkind
but we can unlearn deprogram change
and what you think inside we'll find?


Ma Cherie © June 2018
I just want to say this is for Jesse a,dear young man who died this year in a very tragic way I'm very sad that he's gone missing so much and my family will miss him so much but the thing I've learned is that we must advocate for change for the future. So sorry I've been so long away hopefully I'll be able to stop by and stay a while and I just like to also say thank you for every kind word you have ever shared with me. I am finally feeling some real change and inner peace.  love you xo Ma.

— The End —