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Cole Jackson Apr 2020
I am everywhere but I am nowhere
Searching for somewhere I am accepted
People think I don't notice but I do see their stares
If I could find that place I would not have to feel rejected
Cant find where I fit in
Kimberly Feb 2019
Do me a favor
Can you come find me
The way the sea finds the shore
In ways I found
The hues of blues in the sky
Have no reflections on the ground
Or in certain times
I find peace in slivers of light
Filtering through windows at midnight
Will you seek me out
Even as I hide in layers
Under my own smiles
Do me a favor
Will you come running
Even as I run away
I’ll be extending my arms
I’ll be running backwards
Looking at you
I’ll tell you to stop chasing
But do me a favor
Don’t listen
The greatest love story
Is when I started asking favors
When I started writing letters
Addressed to me
Tint Sep 2018
Find me
I am buried in the ruins
Beneath this never ending break
Lost is the courage to be better
Lost is the hope to feel

Find me, I am here
Look back to words you've said
The Lady I have loved
The Gentleman who held my hands
They are gone, slept in a dream

Find me, Little one
For I could have learned the art of love
The passion to care and laugh
I would have taken walks with you
I promise to make you smile

Find me, I am lost
I am here and I am lost
I break the trust and  lie
Find me in the ruins
Set me free, I'm gone.
Haylin Jun 2018
If you want to find me,
You know I am easily found.
Watching sunsets,
Sitting at the hideaway,
With the ocean breeze.
Under turquoise skies,
Exploring Lanikai,
Kaena on North Side.
Out here by the sea,
And in forests,
Running along wild things,
Along mountain edges,
Roaming free.
A fools tale

They say we are born in pairs. Destined to be loved , destined to spend it with a significant other.
I've seen lovers find each other in the darkest of moments while I found myself alone. I've seen families come together in devastating ruins in a war stricken country but seen mine close their doors on me.
The books of God says we are made in pairs , the bible , the Quran , the Torah all speak of a love conceived in heaven but all I've found is hook ups sent from hell. They say love is pure and kind , I say ******* love is nothing but the door to torture and pain while falling is the key , the key I've so willingly turned many times. They say it's all about time , when the time is right ,when it's meant to be it will be , maybe when I'm dead and gone I'll be brought back as a rose, loved by some hated by others , can't be touched only plucked and given as a sign of love then left to dry away and die because that's all love has ever been to me a dying rose. I've heard them all say they love me , they gave me the same look and then walk away from me. So much for the love at first sight fairy tale *******, all the books , all the songs and movies have it " no one like you baby". Promise after promise I watched them break it but now you what makes you different ? What makes you the one to fix the broken parts and heal the scars that's been carved into my soul by the hot white burning lies it's been fed by the corrupted love it's been given ? nothing , he will come along and smile and then I'll be forgotten because that's all I've ever been the temporary guy , the one before the one. Left to fall and land on my own , the plane takes off but I fly solo. I see no point in putting effort into you or into this because in the end the three letter word will be said and a sappy story of " it's me not you" will be given with false pitiful eyes. Time after time , my faith never wavered but today I have none , none in you or your words, " I like you, your different" I am but you're not. All that's different is the way you'll end up leaving. Call me bitter but I see you here holding hands and looking at each other the way some of us would love to be looked at but all I can say is that blind lovers look at each more lovingly then I have. I envy you , I envy the fact you can wake up tomorrow and be gone and that would affect people , I envy the fact you can sleep tonight knowing that he or she next to you loves you , I envy the fact when I wake up tomorrow all that will be different is a time and day. Be patient they say she will come, yeah she will come but then she will go just as quick. No point in trying , no point in hoping or seeing myself with her in an hour from now let alone tomorrow because sadly my life and your life isn't the same because come tomorrow I'll seek meaning when all you have to do is wake up to one, I'll long for a home that won't ever exist with someone that doesn't exist and you'll wake up closer to it or in it ,only you know the blessings you have. This sounds like some sappy broken hearted fools tale of longing for a lover. It's a sappy broken hearted fools deepest thoughts and broken words of how he'd love to have a person be his person , trust him , love him , be with him and stand by him but like his name suggests his a broken hearted fool who believes in a fairytale that only exists in the world of an electronic box throwing him crafted pictures taken from a page a script written to give him false hope or ink on a page his crafted to be closer to his made up fairytale that he so longs for. And as for you , you aren't here and do you know why ? Because you are the same , you feed me lies give me hope and then ****** it all way , you do what she did ,you make me smile , make me feel , make me want to live again and feel as if I have a meaning ,as if I mean something to you ,if this time perhaps it's real and your words aren't as hollow as my soul. But letting you in will end in the same result ,letting my guard down will be an invitation to new Scars a self inflicted torture but maybe I love the pain , maybe the solitude and sorrow coupled with the torture of an absent lover covered by an illusion of one day sharing a warm home with her had gotten me addicted to the sharp pain of pleasure that tortures my being every time I see lovers love each other. You aren't here to hear this because in the end I am to you what today is to you , just another . My words are your food but the taste buds on your tongue will crave another for that's all I am and will ever be is a phase , a phase never to be loved or wanted.
Ma Cherie Aug 2017
I am looking for the one
who likes
my curves
and my sharp edges
because he'll help
to soothe and smooth
any thoughts of imperfections

I have worked here long an hard
though rarely do I spoil
myself a weary bard,
as in earth I daily toil
I seek the one who sees me -
who's heart forever loyal
a mosaic made by tiny shards,
diamonesque an royal,
releasing us of all that's marred,
to paint our love in oil,

on a canvas perfect rare within
in spite -our perceived flaws,
to paint us in our poetry
an leave us feeling awed
as I will feel
as he does too
an grateful if by God

gently just to love an live
while not to mind a scar
an when I see my light in him
it is to view myself-
as star
all time and space
now just erased
my star seed
my sweet heart

he will illuminate my very being
in refracted love we'll shine
the light will be our seeing
from love that we divine
our touch will be so freeing
an every one sublime
an he will feel the same within,
his hand
inside of mine
walking in our peace and love,
until the end of time
hearts to live in poetry
in synchronistic rhyme

of our bodies here
our souls
now eternally
... entwine. ❤

Ma Cherie © 2017
About finding that soulmate still lol ugh just random felt blocked sorta lately. Love you all -ma
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
Life seems so uncertain
my love a distant dream
nothing feels quite solid
or as real as it should seem

I want to be depressed
to hide from hurt and pain
but when beneath a storm
one cannot avoid the rain
and every lesson good an bad
is never taught in vain

I just keep on going
I pray for sunny skies
instead of all these clouds
who hide it
in disguise

I will just be patient
and wait upon a sign
for my sweet love to come to me
for our two stars - align

I wait beneath a summer sky
under a beautiful new moon
for true love to find me finally,
to play me a sweet tune

as I
am listening
most intendedly for the music

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk..tiresome sometimes the long investments gone bad ;/ ugh but I'm OK...
I think lol
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
I know your voice
so true
it haunts me in the night
I see
as you see too
as we have the SAME
"eye" sight

I remember your touch so warm
even tho I've never felt it
I'm certain that if I touched you
my heart?
yes you would melt it

I wish that I could smell you
your sacred sweet and mine
I wish that I could touch you
and feel my heart-divine

our magical transcendence
is written in the stars
and instantly immediate
erasing all the scars

you will know me
well love
you've longed for my soul too
set up some g.p.s. babe
to find the "one" for you

eons an eons I have waited
I am screaming out your name
except I do not know it
and that is such a shame

just remember who I am now
close your eyes to see
find me with your heart love
to seal our destiny

hurry I am waiting
for you to come -arrive
I wonder every day here
how without you I'll survive
by boat or air just fly now
or get in your car an drive

my time
I will have to bide
but I will never tire
as you are all the fuel
I need to light my fire
you and I the phoenix
of two soulmates in desire.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Yup still waiting for my souls mate lol love you all hope this makes sense
Ma Cherie Jul 2017
if I could fly to heaven
just to see you from above
I would watch you closely
and fall deeply
with you in love

to watch you in your daily
to see your secret smile
to watch you as you work
and just sit with you awhile

I would study your sweet eyes
and the creases on your face
the way you move your arms
ah yes,
to imagine that embrace

I'd close my eyes- inhale
just to know your sacred smell
I would whisper gently baby
an put on you
a lovely spell

I'd remember every sadness
through collusion and confusion
I would know your every gladness
every thought and grand illusion,

I would find it all endearing
as you captivate my heart
I would shoot an arrow
a hopeful loving dart

to let you know I am the one
that seeks out your true love
look to the stars tonight
to your heaven
up above

make a wish
just wish me there
I beg you see my star
I know you hear my voice
I do,
even if  from way afar

every thing aligns as it should
until the day I see you again
the love I've waited for my whole life my lover and my friend

I will wait beneath my Summer Moon
I wait for you
I  wait for thee
I will wait until I am no more
for your love
to set me finally free.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Yup just thinking about finding my soul's counterpart again sigh sweet dreams everyone love you ❤
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