Delta Swingline Mar 21

All the cliché Hollywood movies keep reminding me that love doesn't come by that easily. And it's a hard truth for me to accept.

And all through elementary I've always been the crush-er, the person crushing on the good looking person over there!

I've never been the person crushed on. But that aside, I've been filled up with all this love for you. I'm not sure if it's real or not.

You see, I've seen fake love so much that I've convinced myself that this love is also fake...

I won't tell you, "I love you" because I don't want to lie to you. But how can I still feel like I'm not lying? I still feel guilty.

I've never been "in love".

I've loved, and been loved in return, but is this--


I know you're out there, but I'm impatient. But I am willing to wait for love... if it really is real..

I'm sorry for lying.

So where are you?
Delta Swingline Mar 21


They're empty first of all.
And anything or anyone that appears to be there, isn't actually there, you-- are dreaming. Don't believe me?

Let's play a game, it's called, "Where's Waldo?" With you as "Waldo".
Yes, that's right, you-- have to find yourself in this sea of walls, floors and people you do not know.

These people, with stoic faces, walk the same halls, looking for the same thing. They do not care that you are here, and you don't care that they are here.

Just get to the end of the hallway, but don't go into the light, you are not here to die -- you can't. You have to find yourself before you do. But there are some people who die before finding themselves in the "Where's Waldo?" page.

They're dead!

Out of this maze of halls you find yourself in.

But you...

You are determined. You will not leave without finding yourself, do not allow yourself to give up!


At the end of the hall! It's you!

You found yourself! You win the search! Now go!

Run! Get to them, yourself is waiting for you at the end of this hall.

RUN! Run as fast as your legs can carry you! Because you do not have time to think, so RUN!

They need you to save them! They're calling out to you, screaming for help, for You.

Get to them, grab their hand, save them!

...And just as you barely make contact with their hand and lock eyes with a body with the same eyes and face as you...

They begin to fade, to disappear!! WAIT!  NO!

Come Back!!

You were so close to saving them!

You wake up.

It was all just a dream.

You were dreaming right? You know you were dreaming!

You get up. Open the door... exit the room...

And you walk down a hallway...

I wish I could help myself... or save myself.
Antonia Apr 2016

The world here and there
Crowded crowded crowded…
Accidentally if we see
Still we may be separated
Accidentally if you’re aware
Will you find a way to me?

WistfulHope Dec 2014

Have you seen me?

They took my face
Off the the missing posters,
Because no one
Would want the reward,
If they saw my face.

The description
They removed too,
Because how can you
Define a girl
Who's nothing but bruised?

I have been missing -- gone,
For far, far too long.

Not worth it.
I don't think anyone will ever find me.
- - -
Andrew... Meet me in the dark?
Mayas Nov 2014

As the sea is uncontrollable
My soul is untamable
As the moon maintains the sea
One can make me whole
But who could that be?

The sea may roar
My emotions may erupt
The moon calms the waves
Of my life's storm
Who can withstand me?

As deep as the sea
Is my heart and my love
As the moon complements the sea
I need someone to calm me
Who can rival me?

The sea is so dark
As is my soul
The moon shines it's light
Can someone truly love me
And make me whole?

I need a companionship
Like the moon and the sea
Equal and complete
Come find me
If you dare
I'm lost at sea.


I've been a little lost lately...
Glad to finally be back and able to put it into words.

— The End —