Ma Cherie Aug 2017

I am looking for the one
who likes
my curves
and my sharp edges
because he'll help
to soothe and smooth
any thoughts of imperfections

I have worked here long an hard
though rarely do I spoil
myself a weary bard,
as in earth I daily toil
I seek the one who sees me -
who's heart forever loyal
a mosaic made by tiny shards,
diamonesque an royal,
releasing us of all that's marred,
to paint our love in oil,

on a canvas perfect rare within
in spite -our perceived flaws,
to paint us in our poetry
an leave us feeling awed
as I will feel
as he does too
an grateful if by God

gently just to love an live
while not to mind a scar
an when I see my light in him
it is to view myself-
as star
all time and space
now just erased
my star seed
my sweet heart

he will illuminate my very being
in refracted love we'll shine
the light will be our seeing
from love that we divine
our touch will be so freeing
an every one sublime
an he will feel the same within,
his hand
inside of mine
walking in our peace and love,
until the end of time
hearts to live in poetry
in synchronistic rhyme

of our bodies here
our souls
now eternally
... entwine. ❤

Ma Cherie © 2017

About finding that soulmate still lol ugh just random felt blocked sorta lately. Love you all -ma
Ma Cherie Jul 2017

Life seems so uncertain
my love a distant dream
nothing feels quite solid
or as real as it should seem

I want to be depressed
to hide from hurt and pain
but when beneath a storm
one cannot avoid the rain
and every lesson good an bad
is never taught in vain

I just keep on going
I pray for sunny skies
instead of all these clouds
who hide it
in disguise

I will just be patient
and wait upon a sign
for my sweet love to come to me
for our two stars - align

I wait beneath a summer sky
under a beautiful new moon
for true love to find me finally,
to play me a sweet tune

as I
am listening
most intendedly for the music

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk..tiresome sometimes the long investments gone bad ;/ ugh but I'm OK...
I think lol
Ma Cherie Jul 2017

I know your voice
so true
it haunts me in the night
I see
as you see too
as we have the SAME
"eye" sight

I remember your touch so warm
even tho I've never felt it
I'm certain that if I touched you
my heart?
yes you would melt it

I wish that I could smell you
your sacred sweet and mine
I wish that I could touch you
and feel my heart-divine

our magical transcendence
is written in the stars
and instantly immediate
erasing all the scars

you will know me
well love
you've longed for my soul too
set up some g.p.s. babe
to find the "one" for you

eons an eons I have waited
I am screaming out your name
except I do not know it
and that is such a shame

just remember who I am now
close your eyes to see
find me with your heart love
to seal our destiny

hurry I am waiting
for you to come -arrive
I wonder every day here
how without you I'll survive
by boat or air just fly now
or get in your car an drive

my time
I will have to bide
but I will never tire
as you are all the fuel
I need to light my fire
you and I the phoenix
of two soulmates in desire.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Yup still waiting for my souls mate lol love you all hope this makes sense
Ma Cherie Jul 2017

if I could fly to heaven
just to see you from above
I would watch you closely
and fall deeply
with you in love

to watch you in your daily
to see your secret smile
to watch you as you work
and just sit with you awhile

I would study your sweet eyes
and the creases on your face
the way you move your arms
ah yes,
to imagine that embrace

I'd close my eyes- inhale
just to know your sacred smell
I would whisper gently baby
an put on you
a lovely spell

I'd remember every sadness
through collusion and confusion
I would know your every gladness
every thought and grand illusion,

I would find it all endearing
as you captivate my heart
I would shoot an arrow
a hopeful loving dart

to let you know I am the one
that seeks out your true love
look to the stars tonight
to your heaven
up above

make a wish
just wish me there
I beg you see my star
I know you hear my voice
I do,
even if  from way afar

every thing aligns as it should
until the day I see you again
the love I've waited for my whole life my lover and my friend

I will wait beneath my Summer Moon
I wait for you
I  wait for thee
I will wait until I am no more
for your love
to set me finally free.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Yup just thinking about finding my soul's counterpart again sigh sweet dreams everyone love you ❤
Ma Cherie Jul 2017

I want to know
your tenderness
intelligent and so very sweet
I will love you heart and soul
I will,
to love you
such a beautiful new treat,

I want to run my hands
through your lovely lovely hair
and let you slow caress me
do things I'd never ever dare

like to kiss with no abandon
and love with out the worry
love you slow and sweet...oh,
an never will I hurry

I will hear you
I will listen
I will be your lovely one
I will be your shiny moon,
I will
and you my lovely shining sun

all the things we ever wanted
an relief when days are done

I've waited now forever
to find you is my goal
I have no other purpose
you are the half
that makes me whole
you are the other part
to my old and weary soul

please I beg you look above
to see my star tonight
I hope you see me now I do,
as I shine on you a light.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk...dreaming... Sigh
Ma Cherie Jul 2017

I don't really want to leave
but it seems as if I must
my life is so uncertain here
an there is little I can trust

I only really know
that this is not for me
it seems I must pursue
my loving destiny,

I have heard you always
I hope you know me too
the one who frees me baby
already I love you

without knowing you in person
I love you this I know
I only need to find you
to let this flower grow.

Ma Cherie ©2017

no notes...sigh gnight sweet dreams poets
Ma Cherie Jul 2017

I know not of your hands
I know not of your name,
I know not of your face
but I have
known you
you are my soul's warm embrace

I have felt you
in their mindless empty touch
closer closer every time
an I need you
very very much,

I have yearned for the freeing
of your loving fingertips
the sanctuary of the warmest arms
and those perfect perfect lips
we can dance in my moon
as we move
bringing both us back,
as time just slips an slips,
before here
I knew you
back there

Ma Cherie © 2017

Still looking for my other half somewhere ; ) love you all
Rebecca Cerrone May 2017

If you want to find me,
You know I am easily found.
Watching sunsets,
Sitting at the hideaway,
With the ocean breeze.
Under turquoise skies,
Exploring Lanikai,
Kaena on North Side.
Out here by the sea,
And in forests,
Running along wild things,
Along mountain edges,
Roaming free.

briannah rae Apr 2017

such an unfathomable concept.
what lingers in
the blackness remains
a mystery.
yet beautiful.
it’s like
so many secrets
hiding in the
and anxiety
hidden from
because out of sight
out of mind,
if somebody cares
all that’s needed
is a candle
to brighten,
all of those secrets,
now exposed,
to anybody
who just bothers
to look.
although darkness
seems like
an ever-expanding
it’s easy
to figure out
if YOU just try.
such an unfathomable concept,
and yet i think
i know it better
than anybody.

Delta Swingline Mar 2017

All the cliché Hollywood movies keep reminding me that love doesn't come by that easily. And it's a hard truth for me to accept.

And all through elementary I've always been the crush-er, the person crushing on the good looking person over there!

I've never been the person crushed on. But that aside, I've been filled up with all this love for you. I'm not sure if it's real or not.

You see, I've seen fake love so much that I've convinced myself that this love is also fake...

I won't tell you, "I love you" because I don't want to lie to you. But how can I still feel like I'm not lying? I still feel guilty.

I've never been "in love".

I've loved, and been loved in return, but is this--


I know you're out there, but I'm impatient. But I am willing to wait for love... if it really is real..

I'm sorry for lying.

So where are you?
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