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I can only learn one word at a time,
for an equation,
one character at a time.
Alexa Genesis Jun 13
decision makes action decide what fate we will belong
behavior makes people judge who we are
reason makes us decide what choice we have
personality is who we are
Since all computers can work out any math,
then my problems of math thinking
are simply that I have a lack of
ANDs, ORs, or NOTs
in my brain connection.
210 college credits...
5 years of understanding physics concepts...
and 9 months of math problems...
makes me still freshman.
I just like to keep an inch of coffee in my mug.
Quantum holography (see Edger Mitchell): energy = information.
My understanding is three chapters behind in my hind brain, and three chapters ahead in my forebrain.
So much for linear thinking.
s1mpl3po3t Apr 1
She sits there by the window
Her coffee keeps her warm,
With her books and study papers
Sheltered from the storm.

Dressed in winter colors
Sweatshirt dark and denim jeans,
Comfort found in simple threads
Where complexity convenes.

Steam rising from her coffee cup
Casts a shadow on the glass,
It shades the pure reflection
Of such a pretty lass.

She sits there by the window
Gazing out beyond the storm,
Her coffee cup is empty now
Her body finally warm.
I found how infrequently some points or lines could align with a hyperplane.
It sounds way harder than it was, probably because I used to not know the succession of steps to learn about R^n and the hyperplane.
They are easy to grasp but it used to not be as easy as 1,2,3.
But it really is a simple plane in n-1 dimensions of R^n.
Yet when I first encountered the word some years ago, it was quite mesmerizing.
I think math will always be mesmerizing except if I've encountered it in pedagogy.
With this understanding, I know that all math is stepwise succession within its branch.
But somehow this leaves things undone, probably because I can't cheat true and tried pedagogy.
That's what I really want to do.
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