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Anya Sep 30
A rather melancholic scent
Enters its way
Into my nostrils
Loads of them
Straight from the printer
The ruffling
The shuffling
They studying
Lyn-Purcell Sep 24
I'm now in week 2
Learned about Instagram
Curious but bored
Hard to believe that I'm in week 2 already.
Today went fast but I was slightly bored tbh.
Personally speaking, I'm no fan of Instagram. I don't think I'll use it...
Just not for me. I don't really like taking pics and sharing them...
Anyway, got alot of work to do!
Be back soon, folks!
Lyn ***
Nichole Sep 19
I kept staring at the ceiling
Keep on thinking what is this feeling
So heavy and it pulls me down
but can't show them my frown.

At  night I cried
but in daylight you see me smile
but inside i already died
that all of my actions was just a lie.

I kept on asking
if i give up what would it be?
i kept thinking
should i live or die and flee.

A light shines
but a little bit fading
the fire was out of lightning
fall out of darkness scared and so frightening.

Grab his hand
in his arms you will land
Is he your savior?
or another person who will slap you your failure?
hi guys? it's been a long time im trying to make a story poem but  looks like i cant
Lyn-Purcell Sep 18
Found a second home
Time now frozen in a click
Anxieties die
Day 2 of my course was so EPPPIIIICC!!!
How I feel so empowered right now!
Tired as all ****, but empowered!
I left home with a smile, came back with a grin!
Thanks so much everyone! I won't be able to read through comments and messages till
Friday and the weekend! Thats when I'll reply back and update the Masked Bard series!
Everytime I come home, I'm thrilled and exhausted!
Sending hugs and love guys!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Sep 17
Excitement bubbles
Knowledge and confidence gained
First day went so well
First day of my course went really well!
It definitely eased most of my nerves for the day...
I'm looking forward to tomorrow! ^^
Now, to get something to eat!
Lyn ***
Gods1son Sep 3
You must go to school
If I don't,
does it make me a fool
If I do,
does it make me a knowledge pool
I think school is like a tool
It's a waste if not put to use.
What's the point if we don't apply the knowledge from school
James Khan Aug 29
Understanding meter and syllables is the key to successfully writing rhyme. This ongoing blog summarises the classical poetry meters used in rhyming form and gives examples as well as a breakdown of how they are structured:

Lyn-Purcell Aug 22
Before my journey
to King Paul's Palace Gala
I received a note

Being curious
I opened it and I gasp
and I fall in shock

My voice has been heard
Now I'll have a new conquest
But first, a small test

One I'm sure I'll pass
Then my studies will begin
Another conquest
***, I'M SO PUMPED!!!! ^-^
This course will be for ten weeks but I'll get so much out of it!
Interview's gonna be on the 3rd September but man, I was so stoked to hear that they are taking me on! It'll force me to tackle a series of challenges , to learn more about myself, and to conquer some of my fears.
Fingers crossed!
Lyn ***
floriculturist Aug 2017
from the study of a cytherean lover:

astronomy traced by fingertips stained,
with tobacco and space dust;
antique tapers, parchment paper,
leather bound journals soaked in mahogany –
and he left me with the cosmos.

an eclipse – hushed loving between celestial bodies –
a cigar pressed ardently ‘twixt his lips;
he blew halos around the moon –
told me how each night it’d be sent away,
was but only a promise to be back soon.

“the old astronomer to his pupil”;
a jovian lullaby, the old telescope hums,
constellations cloaked in notes of night;
tell me of the love icarus had for the sun,
venus blushes at the sight.

a solar system romance –
the stars sighed in unison.

this piece is an adaptation of pride ed's "stars in the study," featuring the final line of michael faudet's "stars."
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