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Kyle Howard Sep 2016
You are my sun
You are my moon
You fill my world
With brightness, beauty and splendor
You give meaning to my existence
Proving that in these endless cosmos
I am not alone
May our heavenly bodies dance
Among the stars
Will you always stay close
And I will forever hold on
To: CC
Kyle Howard Sep 2015
Do I deceive myself
To believe, that
There is more to life
Than past, present and future?
That, intertwined
In the fabric of existence
There are threads
Of a deeper purpose,
Threads that bind
All we know, feel and see
These connections
Span time
To make us all we are
What is knitted in our past
Is woven in our present
To create the cloth
We unfold
Kyle Howard Aug 2015
I know
Im just a fool
But honestly
I didn't mind
Being a fool
For you
Kyle Howard Aug 2015
Feeling broken and hallow
Has me left
Questioning what I've done
For the reasons, we failed
I know I am to blame
At least in my own mind
Unable to forgive myself
I too, am
Aware you can not forgive me
You'll never love me again
Which is why
I'll never love myself
Now read it from the bottom up.
Kyle Howard Jul 2015
Watch me tarnish
watch my luster fade away
The degradation
of being used,
and misused
watch me rust away
watch me turn to dust
I'll just blow away
in which ever way
the wind will go
just a memory of something
that used to shine
Kyle Howard Jul 2015
As she lay there
On the couch
One million miles away
I wondered
As I watched her sleep
Does she still
Dream of me,
Or do I exist
Only in the agony
Of her reality?
Am I a nightmare
All too real?
Kyle Howard Jul 2015
Can I really live in a house of ghosts
the ghosts of my own past
their images are haunting
the pain and memories will last
they will not fade away now
for the beauty of what they once were
their true intentions, now obvious
but they are frighteningly obscure
they constantly float around me
disfigured by their demise
an evil reminder of their existence
their images burned into my eyes
can I bare to dwell amongst them
or must I leave it all behind
The truth is
these specters do not haunt my home
they haunt my weary mind
My memories haunt me still.
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