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aurora Aug 2020
the first time i broke a boy’s heart
i cried as i watched his love bleed for me
it poured out into my hands and still sticks to my hair this day
i smell its death in the wind

now, i break hearts with no pain, no remorse
i watch the light flee from their eyes and i no longer cry
what it’s like to be me?

feel nothing
create chaos
feel nothing
aurora Jul 2017
a sip of yesterday morning's coffee reminds me of you
cold and bitter and "what else would you expect"; you'd say
i keep drinking, knowing i could and should drink something better
but i don't, i can't, and i won't
this is life how i choose to make it;
an endless cycle of coffee I'll never drink when I'm supposed to, but will always finish
aurora Mar 2017
crooked teeth means crooked smiles
but perfect they are nonetheless
found a lover in a friend and that's more than okay
we don't have to promise each other anything
other than the night
aurora Nov 2016
it gets a lil lonely at the top
yeah i'm their number one to ****
but no one's number one to love

empty, i feel used
hurt me, not just sexually
break my heart one more time baby

tell me i'm ****
tell me i'm hot
but never beautiful or intriguing

i only fascinate your ****
i wanna be on your mind
aurora Mar 2016
tasting you takes me back
to times when I was younger
not for the worse
but for the better
and your smile shows me the future
light at the end of the tunnel
getting brighter
coming closer
aurora Feb 2016
familiarity is
knowing exactly where you are
just by looking at the tops of passing trees

familiarity is also
knowing every line and crack in his lips
even in the dark
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