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Some Person Nov 2018
Do you ever just feel like a depressed pile of **** but you can't tell anyone because you have to maintain your image but you'd really be okay with just dying because then you wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore including both what you feel like **** about and also your image
Some Person Apr 2018
The longing for things that will never be
The knowledge that we'll be taken before we're done
Disappointment in ourselves
Resignation to sadness
Belief in pointlessness
The lack of energy to be angry at things that are wrong
Inability and/or unwillingness to change

Writing down depressing things and never turning them into a cohesive piece

Self-fulfilling prophecy
Some Person Mar 2018
He wrapped his arms around the cat sitting in his lap
Existential anxiety had become an underlying constant,
But his love for the creature provided momentary connection;
A temporary check against the loneliness

The same feeling, the state of being, will return
But, brushing it aside for a moment,
He had a somber taste of what it might be like
if the world wasn't broken
Some Person Feb 2018
I stare at her picture
On a backlit screen
I look for something there
Something so deep it could quench
But I don't know **** about her
And, thankfully,
She doesn't know **** about me
Some Person Feb 2018
Alexa, turn off the light
Alexa, it's cold in here
Alexa, tell me a story
Alexa, sing me a lullaby
Alexa, I miss my girl
Alexa, pull up my favorite ****
Alexa, are you real?
Alexa, I'm bored
Alexa, stop
I'm sad
Some Person Jan 2018
I've walked away from feeling certain feelings for a long time
Allowing myself to emotionally need anyone
There's a good chance I'll be alone when I die
if I continue to let other desires get in the way of truly loving someone
Some Person Aug 2017
I stay awake until 5 every morning
It's an escape
If I go to bed, I have to think
And I've given up on living

My ex weighs on my mind
And then my other exes join
No one will satisfy me
And my vision is going bad

Art won't be my living
I'll have to go back to productive work
I have no plan, no discipline
And I'm about to **** up some relationships

Everyone is sour, I believe
It's the most obvious quality of mine
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