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I watch as a ****** of crows fly over
Cawing loudly
Deafening in their wake
Landing upon a barren tree
Giving the illusion of life
I stare pointedly at this ******
Then, they quiet
A fog of silence
Loud and unrelenting
No cars to be heard
Insects hushed
The only sound is the beating of my heart
They move as one
Heads turning simultaneously
Eyes staring back
Only one opens its maw
A screech of terror comes out
They are warning me
Of what, I do not know
In the screech I do understand
A trial is set before me
One I must withstand
  Dec 2016 RW Dennen
Watch out for the lady beside him,
she is a black widow cobwebbed
as a ****** but passing for a lady

Watch her carefully as her silicon melts
to the bottomless rifts of his heart
where fools lay their sinless dues

Watch out for her reptilian hands
the rod of priesthood that she nurses
as she shift-shapes in various forms

Watch out for the witch of Babylon
as she mixes her towers falls down
to shattered remnants of marble

Watch out as her cruel claws rule
in a quarry of absolute distraction
where she drowns in her excrements
RW Dennen Dec 2016
Now the quiet settles upon the plains
Whereas the saddened heart no longer remains
You fought your ancestors fight for freedom rights
inundated in baptismal water in freezing nights
Even braved the growling hounds
Feared not the shielded men of so-called law
You danced your chants and danced so ever tall
and saved the water for us all
for Came the Ancestors To The Call...

For all warriors at standing rock...
I need a mental escape,
a mind freeing vacation,
a journey I can lose myself in.
to a far, far away location.

My soul needs
to go on an adventure,
to get lost
for a little while,
to let my spirit free,
to be rid of routine - to live freestyle!

I need to release some steam,
I care not the destination,
my wings are ready for flight,
I want out of reality's prison - 
 I'm thirsty for some divine inspiration.

My mind can no longer process,
or calculate, the endless mathematical equations,
I'm at my wit's-end,
my voice is muted - it's unwilling to project to accommodate the needs of selfish expectations.

I need a mental escape,
to find myself whilst getting lost,
the only thing that I have to lose,
is my anxieties - this,
being this journey's total cost!

Off to the woods I go,
to fill my lungs with salvation,
I'll be back when I can breathe,
when I find my inspiration!

By Lady R.F ©2016
  Nov 2016 RW Dennen
Under the eaves of rippling pinstriped shades
laughter rides rowdy gusts of briny breezes.
Beady-eyed gulls peer at checkered paper offerings
while sunlight glaring, beams, and time that old cliche, freezes.
I still and cast an imploring gaze, to capture nostalgia before it fades.

Mingled, mangled scents surround me like sultry words
wide smiles ablaze despite looming threats to food and fingers.
As the sunset dives behind willowy waves and looming greys,
dulcet tones from a carousel twinkling lingers.
Someone in the peripheral teases,"This place is for the birds."

Clawing toes scuttle along the weathered wooden planks.
I wonder, were they always such a greedy lot?
Then my musings drifting, steep and fly away.
Scoring the horizon with hungry eyes, instinctively I plot
to savor sun-kissed ocean memories with no by-your-leave or thanks.
A seagull for a day
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