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Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
It's getting colder.
darker days are brewing and my mind is about to explode.
Everyday I try to fight this monster.
Something...nay, someone I never wanter to become.

It's getting darker. Im furious.
Not at you, nor her. But myself.
Everyone is a monster to someone.
But you're not convinced I am that monster.

How? Look at what I destroyed.
This isn't fair on you.
This isn't what I wanted.
Im sorry for the trouble.

Im sorry I am burning bridges I built.
I have become death. The destroyer of worlds.
You should hate me for what Im doing.
I know I would.

We are all monsters to someone.
But by refusing to be yours, I have to become my own.
I am my own monster.
I lost myself in this war.

A war I never thought I would fight.
It was never about winning or losing.
As there is still no answer.
But this is about the outcome.

Who we are after this fight.
Can I live with it?
Can I go on with what I did?
I am able to move past this.

But I've hurt you. Ive destroyed you.
Im not pure. Im sorry.
All I can do is apologise.
I have become what I have been fighting this past year.

I am my own monster.
I don't have fangs,
I don't have claws.
I just don't feel the way you do.
A destroyer of hopes and dreams - even her own.
She set out to ruin everyone (and everything) she was jealous of.
Her mission accomplished, she soon found there was no one and nothing left but herself.
Mark Wanless Jan 2019
there is no hope yet
from the destroyer of worlds -
Isaac Aug 2018
death is mean
as mean as it gets
snaring precious souls
in hateful nets
pulling them down
to the realm of the dead
not caring what was
or was not unsaid
destroying human flesh
vicious and cruel
choking all hope
of any renewal
while death feasts on
the flesh of those around you
live now to the fullest
before it pulls you to the ground too.
Written 15 August 2018
Umi Jul 2018
A delicate sillhouette, agile and elegant, sweet and unique.
Almost playful, she slides over the water so majestically,
Even if the whole world were to drown in the deep blue sea, all her hope would gather into the motivation to move forward, burst forth.
Oh wind, carry me out of this sea of tears, of bottomless sadness.
Sail towards the coming future, sealed doors can be broken open,
What hope does the future hold for one who survived but couldn't protect her friends, going down alike the sun, slowly slipping away,
Even the azure beauty beyond us is filled with danger and misery,
But I will stay positive, for it is you my little breeze who is gently holding me, letting me sail with you through thick and thin.
Leave the waves behind you, swiftly like a shooting star but proud like an eagle in flight, but warm alike the ray of sunlight.
As the sun rises, the clouds have drawn a picture in the sky over us,
Quietly, serenely, you live with determination in your heart, when all freedom and light, ego and deception have become lost in this world.
Trailing over and over, with irrigular gaps I caught a smile in this clear water for the first time of our long journey.
It is for you, my dear Shimakaze.

~ Umi
saranade Mar 2018
I painted the pollution in the sky with my own blood
I was proud
So I sat below it, as it dripped back down
Puddle by puddle
I can see what it was that pain passed on
The pollution of my own wreckage
Thick, it choked my breath
I stress over my own twisted toxins
Carrying the weight of me
On my back

Back home.
Pollution of my thoughts. I'm my own interference.
night shade Sep 2017
Forever broken,
Never to be fixed,
Love is the destroyer of man,
Man is the destroyer of love,
Created by accident,
Destroyed on purpose,
My heart,
Never to be repaired.
I dont think it's very good.
Tell me what you think about it.
None of it was real, was it?
You told me you would never intentionally hurt me....
You told me a lot of things..
You could have made things so much easier for me,
I would have preferred you to beat me until I couldn't walk,
I would have preferred for you to just leave me,
I would have preferred for you to be honest for once,
I would have preferred for you to **** me with your bare hands,
Because even the times you forced yourself on me,
Didn't hurt this bad,
Because at least then I could tell myself it was because you loved me,
You said you did this because you wanted to hurt somebody,
Well, you did,
He broke me again
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Our future would be nicer
If he wasn't such a liar
At least could play the role
And be less politician
And less a bad magician
If he only had a soul.

He’s drunk with his power
Which is growing by the hour
He’s really on a roll.
He believes he is king
And we don’t mean a thing
Because he has no soul.

He has voters he can step on
Now we’ve given him a weapon
It was obvious in the polls
So many to ****
Destroying them at will
Like a creature with no soul.

Now his approval is sagging
His supporters are gagging
As they try swallowing him whole.
He’s sure none can top him
And no one can stop him
Because he has no soul.

He won’t be satisfied
’Till all Democrats have died
Or get by shoveling coal.
We’d appeal to his heart
If he had one at the start
And if he only had a soul.
Sing along, folks. You know the tune, you just never knew the words until I re-wrote them. Modernized, as it were.
Stanley Wilkin Oct 2016
The raven strutted into view-
Dissembling crows
Peered from the tangled grass lashed
Into solemn silence.
The raven assumed a coal-black authority
Driven by its coal-black soul.
Its beak stabbed out automatically
Bleakness of past; spectral futures
Like echoes. Its eyes were cruel drops
Of impenetrable night.
The raven possessed everything in
The imperious manner of a cut-throat-
Killing without fear, without conscience.
It ruled like the destroyer.
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