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Nothing Much Dec 2015
The day the sweat bee stung my ankle
Was the day your mother died
We didn't know this until years later
When we reached back in time before we met
You said you never loved her anyway
Told me it didn't even hurt
But as your fingers brushed against my skin
I swear I could still feel the sting
Nothing Much Dec 2015
I know how this feels
I remember the ache in my throat
the sting in my legs, my wrists
I remember swallowing rocks until I sunk dancing on a frozen lake
searching for the thinnest ice
and yet I'm crawling back to the darkness
the heaviness, the cold
frozen fingers and shaky hands
reaching for something silver
precious metals releasing rubies
that fall, one by one by one
Here we go again
Nothing Much Dec 2015
Shoot the moon down with your double barrel gun
it will look divine mounted above your fireplace
you want the light to yourself so badly
that you'd steal the tides from the sea
you try to catch each falling star
no matter what craters they leave
Nothing Much Dec 2015
There are ghosts in the kitchen cabinets
and Ophelia swims in the sink
you lean against the counter tapping nails against the cold granite
like nails on a chalkboard
like nails running up and down my spine
we are not even hungry, we can't be
not for this
but I'll still bite your lip in the fluorescent light flickering above us
the moths that crept in under the doorway knock against the lamp
the sound of wings against glass
they're so in love with the light that they'll set themselves on fire
and I see your hand on the stove but you don't even flinch
you've always been so warm
there are cracks in the linoleum under our bare feet
we know better than to trip
but no one can stop a grease fire so we find ourselves falling
I'm pretty happy with this one
Nothing Much Dec 2015
The spirit of Mulan lives inside these girls
she who transforms to go to war
she who chops her hair and binds her chest loose clothing, low voice
she marches to the battlefield
made of asphalt and alleyways
she hides in hoodies, armed with keys
to combat hidden enemies
these battles are fought in the night
far from pools of streetlight
she masquerades to avoid an invasion
she fights to protect her only home
This goes out to the girls who have to dress up like guys to avoid creepy ******* in the night
Nothing Much Dec 2015
When I get nervous my tongue and palms itch like ants in my mouth and handfuls of spiders anxiety crawls up and down my spine
as my heart and mind race against each other
I shake as I freeze from the inside out
and ice feverishly pumps through my veins
it's not black inside my head but a putrid yellow
Gelatinous and pulsing and clouding my vision all I can see is a spiraling blur
and I don't realize how I'm clawing at my palms
Scraping my tongue against my teeth until I taste blood
I try to exhale the hornets nest in my chest and spit out the stingers one by one
there are so many voices, none of them mine and I want to scream over the chaos
but it gets stuck in my throat
with all the other words that won't come out
I stare down at my trembling hands, and realize how much panic it's under my fingernails
Nothing Much Sep 2015
You cast out your net
Woven from fibers interlocking like our fingers
And disturb the calm of the surface I understand
Speech bubbles rise in my throat and pop with the sound of your name
There are plenty of fish in the sea
But I'm too tangled up in you to look
This isn't love, it's subterfuge
Yet somehow you still lure me in
And I fall, hook, line, and sinker
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