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Cory Ellis Nov 2016
Life has swung by
I'm no carpenter
My lesabre can't handle the miles
The slow decline of love once raw
Interference from past lovers
Dooming our future
Rotting away
The promises we've perched
No more nicotine
No more soothing combustion
Busting bare inside you
Flare gone but addiction swelling
Seeing and smelling
Kissing and telling
Ignoring and yelling
I'm no carpenter
Cory Ellis Sep 2014
We've all got that feeling
that something has got to change
and nothing worth stealing
is within our reach anyway
So we push every limit
and squander to make our gains
and if you haven't noticed our generations here to stay

Freedom, there's got to be a better way
Freedom, push that limit baby
Freedom, there's got to be a better way
Freedom, and if you haven't noticed our generation's here to stay

So, what do they say about truth?
It's just a lie, lie, lie and its keep em' standing
the devils lurks among our youth
testing and teasing, w/ pleasure and treason
while blood runs off the roof
people die, die, die but the jets keep landing
Seems to be a little obtuse, honey
We don't need a reason to sway with the seasons babe

Freedom, there's got to be a better way
Freedom, push that limit baby
Freedom, there's got to be a better way
Freedom, and if you haven't noticed our generation's here to stay
Cory Ellis Sep 2014
Runnin' through space and time
Just to make a dime
only one thing on her mind
the endless visions

for some, a cool smooth spell
for her, elusive hell
It's getting hard to tell
is it a threat?
is she addicted yet?

Silver and crystal
Illuminate the room
She wrote a letter to her mother
says I'm going soon, to the

Union moon
Going there soon, so soon
soaring to bloom and zoom
from on far, our favorite star

The waves, they come in echoes
Theres shadows on the wall
Alone she sleeps, sweet sadness
and makes a call

She's sitting at the truckstop
She's got her lipstick on
All that's on her mind
A distant song

I'm going to the Union Moon
Where visions loom, in bloom
Silver spoons, Cartoons
Childhood distant
Mad, Sad, Glad, Bad

Union moon
going there soon, so soon
to get in tune and croon
from on far, our favorite star
Cory Ellis Sep 2014
Big gulp of gluttony
of pride, of jealousy
I relish to see
the perimeter

the perimeter of intrigue and obscene
cleanly baited and fated by the hook of curiosity
fumbling lawlessly

Though then I see the awesome power
of the great creator at work
it's berserk!
manifesting perfection as I tumble through the murk
Cory Ellis Sep 2014
Wild, warm and wet
have you folded yet?
long distance, setting sun
and then the morning finally comes

Tired of hospitals
Something about the smell

images reborn
of troubled times past
unmerciful flay
you can almost hear
the accumulated frequency
of scalpels slicing skin
bubbled into your brain
like chalk board white noise
electric nervous systems
and symptom of frequent infection
or needy addiction to a readily available dose
of ****** charity...a doctor rarity
Cory Ellis Sep 2014
When the blood runs ice cold
and the skin rots away the bold
and fires flare and burn the old
the newness grows like mold

The antigens begin again
and corrode away the day
parading their posse, awfully
in real time

Picture perfect

The pioneers rest again
lasted and casted
forces and spells
friction and contradiction, expelled
and we then drink water from the old dried well
Cory Ellis Sep 2014
Twisted tensions, polarize
and sometimes heal w/ pretty eyes
Though the stars make up their minds
Peace w/ you, in briefest time

Oh Mars is cruel, w/ war and womb
and gestation in Neptunes tomb
you helped me speed, relieve the moon
though Pluto is cold and I'm leaving soon

Live in times where whispers win
and cartels carry forgotten sin
When the end is near I will wish for respiration
Death may be too boring for one born to run

Run w/ warlords and Gods, the light
until the ethers rise and spike
the people then begin to fight
and man and woman are alike
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