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Pupils dilate
Heart palpitates
As my skin grazes yours
Stomach flutters
With every word you utter
As you come walking through my door
Intentions pure
Both of us floored
Your eyes sincere
With a body so revered
Thoughts so adulterated
Lustful and Saturated
Lips quivering
Goosebumps shivering
As I meticulously trace the lines
Of your collar bone, so divine
Devotion to this desire
Impatient indulgence feeding the fire
Framework consumed
By the pull of the moon
Madly muttering
High pitched stuttering
Hymns of fervor
Neighbors confuse with ****** ******
Raising my hand to your mouth
As I progress further down south
Learning your secrets
You tell me no lies
Never want to leave this
Echo of space and time
Pouring every ounce of my soul
Into watching you unfold
Blossoming effortlessly
Before my very eyes
I become hypnotized
Intoxicated by your scent
Following through with every intent
Injecting your body with no need to repent
Yielding to my advances
Here’s to second chances
This is our moment
So we might as well own it
Bet the bank on each other
Discovering my soulmate
My best friend
My lover
All it takes is a moment
A split second decision
To totally lose control
The whole trip there
Convincing yourself
That this is only temporary
It’s just a day
And it’s harmless if it isn’t permanent
If you aren’t taking it to the next level
I’m drowning in reassurances
While no part of me
Talks me off the cliff
It’s dangerous here
In the in between
Where an honest mistake
Can cost me
My progress and sanity
The electric hum
In my bloodstream
The fond sting
Of the light in my eyes
Everything is brighter here
Even though life was never dim
I start to think the grass is greener
And that maybe
there are improvements to be made
By walking the tightrope of sin
“I can do it successfully”
I say
But what kind of success can you gain
Leading a life of lies?

I day-dreamt today,
For the first time in a while
Of holding you in my hands
And taking you in
That feeling of comfort
Of letting you win
My heart vibrating ominously
With every breath
My mind reeling perilously
With every step
But I am shaken
By the reality
That we could never be
That the life I lived with you
Was a former version of me
Buried in past years
Simply suffering silently
Burned with no regrets
A ghost of who I used to be
Forging forward with thicker armor
A steadfast heart
And a brighter mind
Falling victim to the endless cycle
Of just trying it one more time
Madelynn Nieves Dec 2018
Electricity penetrates the air
Skin against Skin
I worship at her altar
Modern day religion
She is my goddess
And I am fully devoted
Breaking new boundaries
Tearing down walls
Bringing pleasure to the table
And stealing the oxygen from her lungs
Unwittingly releasing deep sighs
And nonsensical words
But they make sense to me
She makes sense to me
Every wish and desire
Clear to me like a story
I’d penned with my very own hand
I create her and destroy her
She brings balance and composure
Taking me by surprise
I am lost in the moment
But feel her immediately
Turning the tables
And turning my world upside down
I am rocked and my knees are unstable
Water at herr feet
She moves me
Like the pull of the moon
On the ocean tides
Madelynn Nieves Dec 2018
She Came Around the Corner

with calf high boots
And a million dollar smile

And floored me, INSTANTLY

“From the Cold”
I said

When in reality
I knew the truth

I was SHAKEN to my core
At the thought that she could stroll into my life

She kissed me
before a
As if we’d been waiting
Our whole lives for this moment

No sense in a Drum Roll
When the SOLO was where it was at

And we captured that instant
Finding the rhythm in each other’s lips
And discovering a home there

Unable to separate
For long enough to walk to the car

We Finally Made It

stalling to settle on a destination
Knowing we had already found it
In the eyes and lips
That stood before us

EAGER to continue the night  
She set her sights on a familiar place


I was dying to learn more

Her childhood

Her life

Her story

The words she uses

How she talks with her hands

The way she can discuss anything

And know at least SOMETHING about it

It’s like she’s the authority on the universe
Based on life experience
In Spades

I sat across the booth from her
While she put creamer in her coffee
And I IMMEDIATELY fell in love

Nothing could have stopped me

As I learned what she was about
The intricacies that make up her soul
I found myself seeing us
Than just these minutes that pass
The ones that flew by SO rapidly
Until we were back in the car
Begging for ANY excuse
Not to go home

We never wanted that night to end

The kind you put away in a box
To show your children what love should always be

Our own PERSONAL Happily Ever After
Madelynn Nieves Nov 2018
Standing of the precipice of what was
And what could be
I am terrified
Tongue tied
Visibly shaken
And somewhat uptight
I am lost in translation
The channel between the stations
All static and no feed
The words between the lines
That no one ever reads
All black and white
Total absence of color
I’ve given up the fight
Remembering my mother
And her always wise words
That I consistently wrote off
And outright called absurd
While in the corner she cried
Over the disaster that was me
While on the road
I was off calling myself free
Trapped in the self imposed cage
The scorching depths that I called my rage
Unexpressed and explosive
Waiting for a steady target
The one that it could get the most of
And you just so happened to be it
Ready aim fire
The missiles of preaching to the choir.
Madelynn Nieves Nov 2018
Aching to walk around inside your mind
Read your thoughts by candlelight
Accidentally set fire to be the cause
Of sparking your deepest passions
In hopes that you’d find their root in me
That somewhere in the background
I would be the reason behind your words
The underlying theme
The inspiration for your greatest novel
The autobiography of you
Madelynn Nieves Nov 2018
In the comfort of your lips
I find Shelter in the storm
In the earth shattering cold
When my muscles ache
And my stomach trembles
I seek solace in you
I am both terrified and intrigued
By how we arrived here so rapidly
But I throw my hands up in the air
Because I know there is no point
In trying to return to a time before you
Now that I know of your existence
You are the only thing I see
Guided by your light
Blinded at the same time
To all of the negativity the world is hurling
In our direction
attempting to block our path
We walk forward steadfast
Hand in hand
Ready to face the day
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