Aching to walk around inside your mind
Read your thoughts by candlelight
Accidentally set fire to be the cause
Of sparking your deepest passions
In hopes that you’d find their root in me
That somewhere in the background
I would be the reason behind your words
The underlying theme
The inspiration for your greatest novel
The autobiography of you
In the comfort of your lips
I find Shelter in the storm
In the earth shattering cold
When my muscles ache
And my stomach trembles
I seek solace in you
I am both terrified and intrigued
By how we arrived here so rapidly
But I throw my hands up in the air
Because I know there is no point
In trying to return to a time before you
Now that I know of your existence
You are the only thing I see
Guided by your light
Blinded at the same time
To all of the negativity the world is hurling
In our direction
attempting to block our path
We walk forward steadfast
Hand in hand
Ready to face the day
Curiosity has gotten me
Tongue tied
Over the mystery of you
Wanting to know
Every facet of your character
Your mannerisms
And what makes you laugh
So I can strive to be that person
Every moment of the day
I am lost and swimming
In possibilities
There is no forbidden fruit
Sweeter than your lips
No passion greater
Than the energy
That surges between us
You linger
Close to me
To feel the electricity
But only long enough
To walk away unscathed
No matter how many times I tell you
You will never know
All of your blinders up
Walls built
So you can’t hear my heart stop
The second I see your face
And you give me advice
The kind a best friend shares
When trying to break your slump
But it’s you
Who causes my slump every time
Ignoring the signs
Running in circles for years
But meeting in the middle
When the timing somehow suits you
And I live along those moments
Walking the tightrope
Between wanting to love you
And telling you to simply *******
All of your one word answers
Fall on deaf ears
I’ve fallen apart
And I’m back at the start
When we would talk for hours
And laugh at all the same parts
Quarter till midnight
And there’s no one around
But the loudness of my thoughts
How did I end up here?
and without a soul who cares
Insomnia bordering on insanity
You seem to think
You’re the only one hurting
But guess again
The voices are louder now
And you aren’t here to stop me
From wreaking havoc on myself
And destroying every inch
Until there is nothing left
No remnants of the soul who broke you
No pieces to repair of the shattered mind
Nothing but ash
Praying devoutly that someday I will return
The Phoenix risen and renewed
The flames filled with rebirth
The flight guided by hope
That was once believed to be extinct
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