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Staying strong

Providing a listening ear

Even when fear is reinforced

Strength shines sunlight down on me

dries the tears.

Hope is  there.

The light at the end of my journey’s tunnel.

Through thick and thin

I never give up.

For, in life, we never stop trying…

Until death’s stalker’s follow

It is easier to look up at a high mountain

Deciding it is too tall to climb.

Things are easier when one refuses to walk through tough times

riding in a wheel chair

Rather than baring the load walking on their own two feet.

Nothing is impossible

Unless one gives up - that is simply a choice.

So , get your life’s gear, climb that mountain

Even if you need some help making it to the top

You had the strength to try.

Instead of staying at the bottom

and deciding to “give up.”
One beautiful sunset

Snow sugar dusted streets and homes

Chilled winds that refresh the soul…

As one’s day starts and the alarm clock rings the start of a bet

To enjoy more than “what meets the eye.”

Inventive explorations and Creation of new mapped way-points

Mark the daring explorer as he never settles for the “lesser roll”

A gamble number landed on the tops of “life’s” challenged dice

To win a new way of life

rewriting history…

Not just for the journey man….

However, for the world…….A newer fashion added to an old passion..

A sweet and exciting mixed up “spice.”
One more moment
Is all it takes
Eyes met eyes
And the souls fuse
such as quick drying cement.
both hearts beating as one
A beautiful rhythm
A song speaks
singing the words of our love
Together, we need not say a word.
As we feel peaceful.
As our souls take flight
LIke the White-winged Dove.
I am learning to coexist
A refreshed and a new and reborn soul
Meets new faces
His confidence is the sweet toll
On which he pays to run down the roads of greeting and meeting new friends
Souls to enjoy the fun and fresh times
As life's clock measures the moments
Of intertwined souls
Employing new ways to share their existence
a feeling, oh so sublime.
Energies that spark a new power of life's forces
Charging the once drained batteries
of the HUman heart.
One can meet a potential life chain linked soul, anywhere.
Keep your eyes open.
Or you shall miss another fused chain link and intertwined and enjoyable fused soul in which a relations
of the heart and soul
shall make their start.
The sun peered out
Rays through my window pain
Warms my soul
Brings me back to life....a song cried out.
An artistic meaning  to enlighten my mind
A sweet melody to start my day off
Feeling warm and kind
A smile broke through a once dark frown
I felt alive and full of life
As whimsical as a clown.
Whimsical Clown, Kevin Michael Kappler, Sunlight and being Alive, Sonnet,, Midwest Poets, Rising Writers, Inspiration
Climbing to Fall
You wish to fly.

But you have broken wings.

You must nurse yourself and mend the wings to fly.

A scavenger hunt for life’s tools.

Sure , you might own some tools.

Toolboxes to fix things hold many more tools than you can afford

During the days you are in a cage.

A doggy in their kennel to wag his tail and do their tricks.

They fail to see your true talent or value.

As their own needs come first and fights irrupt if they are questioned.

What you find hope and healing from and need anything to finish such tasks

are undermined by the needs of the other who demands and brings pity light to what his toolbox needs.

You remain without mending supplies to fly away

On broken wings

So many years have past

where communication to others are garbled

Selflessly you toil onward

up the mountains of challenge

without safety ropes or nets.

If you should fall

It appears if there is no one below the steep cliffs that you climb

to catch you.

You fight to climb to the top to the bright hope filled future

and your success for family, career, and self care.

Those who treat you like “batman’s sidekick”

Do everything to make sure that they are further ahead

As they look back and ask, “aren’t you coming?”
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