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I looked up into the skies
A message blasted into my open eyes
"The World Needs A New Way"
"You Are Part of A Society"
"That needs a recharge of it's dream."
In order to live free...
to Live True...
To Become one with one another.....
We deserve a better Weather than this "Storm.."
One another - we need to remember.
This conflict is "never a norm"
Join in my strength
Fuse with me
We shall defeat this despair
Through strength.
"Respect Your Time"
Respect…the gift of “time.”

Ignoring such a warning and wasting such….

Moments that are measured and utilized with a purpose can help you climb…

Up life’s ladder to the brighter side…

Lower will you be struck down too

As those wishing to break you down..

You became to complacent.

Then, you fear that time will keep

you from wearing your legacy crown.

Be one step ahead.

Still living in today…

Completing the magic of hope…

You shall always be strong and bright enough

to evade Depression’s Rope.
I awaken , Alone.
Chills of emptiness freeze my soul
to the bone.
Emptiness without a substance
in which to fill this space..
See all of the effects mark a look
upon my face.
I awakened to a bright light
A feeling of energy and of Emotion
The likes of which
I have never conceived or even contemplated
My once closed mind has been broke open
A rare situation in a Fear-Filled Life
A Once Narcistic Soul
Now Humble and Glistening
With true sounds of wisdom
Then of sharing Ideals and Thoughts with others
There are , now, no more boundaries that keep me
From free falling into clear waters of cleansed thoughts
A pool of creative, heartfelt, and Spiritual Energies
Created by those other open and true minds
which fill the emptiness of this world
With these big, blue oceans of Bright Hearted Humanity
There once once was a time
When you still felt young and full of life
Until the world came to a stand still
This is all the same old rhyme..

Stuck without time moving with the Earth, "Forward."
You begin to stack up the Memories in Books of Journals
of your teenaged years
Cutting you open
With cold blades of "Future Fears."
You are young...Yet older.
Years whisk by you quite quickly..
Until stagnation and Lazy Wastes
of your Colander fill up all of the year's spaces...
Old and not young enough to be part of those "peppy and in Crowds"
However, your not old enough to be among the respected old timers...
Alone in the center - tears of regret fall down your cheeks...
Until Your Higher power's Voice
Get's sick of lending you tissues..
From his voice...….
"Keep on Going and Become" - his Booming and distinct voice speaks.
Waters frozen in time
A Stagnant waters
Holding the Debris of the Past
In wrappers, Lilly pads, and used masks
So sublime.
Limited Time
You never realize how much time you have lost
Until you are "frozen in time"
From Virus Conditions to World Government Unrest
Your youth starts to shake in fear
as well as your mature part
Will I drown in a Body of Water like this?
In the Future in which I am headed?
Maybe so if I fail to keep active and vigil
and allow my soul to be ****** in and sink in Feelings
Resulting in The Frozen Ices of "Dread."
See him grow older. See him laugh as he crawls...
No way out...
No one to answer his call...
Fear Consumes his soul...a bite it takes every day.
He feels lost..
Alone....Never needing to be..
Trying to signal those who he wishes to have near
Another unheard signal..
Will he die?
Wil he fall to evil?
Or shall he destroy himself doing ****** acts?
Stunts.. Just Like … Evil Cornea Val?
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