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After I was knocked out and bloodied in the ring
I arose with all of my remaining strength
I stood my ground and made a final, fatal blow
I then heard the victory Bell Sing.
I might have been down
I never stay "out."
I fight for freedom, individuality, and respect.
I have had many challengers and I have always brought each
one down.
My strength from my heart is legendary.
Until I am a soul drifting from this body
I shall wear my Victor's crown.
The clock sounds lost moments with a snickering tick-tock.

As the pages of the still and empty calendar gather dust and wilted pages.

So much time, however, no one to **** such with…

Insanity is the money paid for life’s burdens as wages.

The mind drifts back to memories of loves that have have come and that have gone.

The empty rooms echo with old songs that you play to relive such cherished moments

To keep the feeling alive

Until your heart forgets how to receive or find love and it is worn out to the bone.

Beating so hard for that missed someone.

Beating in excitement for that fresh look from someone you adorre

Quickly, you must catch her, before she disappears out the moment’s doors.

Love seems so hard to find.

Women you feel are interested in

Failing to see you there…holding open a kind door

To open your soul to them

Even if the relationship never lasts past one tick of the clock

At least you stood tall and showed a rainbow of warm colors

As she disappears on the arm of another

A tear fills the eye for one short second

Then you disappear within the moment and you cheer on your victorious and beloved brother.
I grab hold of a life line.
A dangling "vine" to witch my soul
clings to life by a strand.
I scream out the pain of nights whipped down by hearts in which you look up too
You also give your everything out of your poor rash-ins  hands.
Do my tears quench your thirst?
For salty oceans where my cuts blood with the cutting of the salts?
Shall you jest as I get damaged in front of your eyes...that are too blind to see...
My past is treated as humorous tales of foolery
Leaving the victories in my life, unspoken.
Locked away by the Jester in his Vaults.
I cry a tear

The other scolds a feeling

Nights go by and you feel emotionally bankrupt.

No one to turn to too

You start feeling like the “catch 22” staring at a ceiling.

You hold back your anger and your fear

The other still smells such and uses their own sadness

“the doggy didn’t greet me the right way. You don’t

deserve or appreciate anything!”

The cycle continues until you have reached the limit and melt into madness .

Once  the other snaps out of their “toxic trance”

their apologies flow as well do the promises

“I only wish for my friend not to become “Mr. Hyde  out of Dr. Jekyll .”

You are the strength of the household without investment to regain

Energy and funds to “stop spinning the wheels”

and move out of the warpath

“The Harm of the Heckles. “

You learn to wait for the opportunity to “catch them in their sleep walk”

The “thief caught stealing from the cookie jar”

Don’t the sick “understand the demands and power of their emotions which erode”

a once peaceful soul and sand….?

You have a little way left, in which to back up your talks.

Going forward in life…..

If the other would or could break out of their “spell”

People in conflict and turmoil

Truly caring for one another but afraid to show their “weakness.

To get well.”

When the day comes and they value the relations and finally admit to

the portion of chemical waste that has nearly killed two bonded hearts

The person in the daze never understands this “war’s toll”

Two in a team, can empower one another

to build one another up.

Instead of shooting flames that burn one another’s souls.

Melted from hurtful heat, instead.

A nuclear storm is building up..

“Chernobyl” devastating the lands that were made

from spirits connected to friendship so kindred..

Saving a once thriving force, that is your friendship…

From being placed in a grave

That this “Chemical war” had taken it’s toll

No time for liquidation of the aftermath

The time needed to heal is enough to purify

The feelings of both…The neglect of this


are bright hearts who shall die, instead.
Ohh how I long to be touched

Sensuality is a beautiful gift

Hunger for such

Signals yearning to find someone who

With you is crushed.

Humans need humans

Age doesn’t define worthiness

Looks fail to be merely a reflection

Years without the sensual release

Starts personality’s infection

The energy is just

This man longs for  intimate encounters

He is no pervert but a romantic

Pieces to his puzzle are missing

Could you be the mate to please and company

A soul that yearns for deeper things than just kissing
What you want

Seems to be the thing you cannot need.

Emotions are just wasted energy

Strength comes from passion

Isn’t that the blood mixture in which we bleed?

Do you need my touch?

Do you need my heart?

Do you need my soul?

Wants are also needs to balance

The human life force energy toll

That takes away strength if one element

Is neglected

Or another is over consumed

Throwing off nature’s balance

The Human spirit falls to the tip

Of unbalanced scales

Of what is valued and what is undervalued

A crazy debate that rips out psychic

Down to blown up pieces and chips.
Another anniversary

Of my coming into this world.

Thoughts of the road I’ve traveled

Where I have yet to roam

Fill my heart with a song unfurled.

Sounding not just the cheers of my survival of life

However, the need to conquer the emptiness of lacking others you need

Successes you seek

And needed support to be given there.

It’s a weight in which we carry but warnings we never heed

To the usage of time

Past and present

I celebrate not just this anniversary of my coming into this world..

I celebrate those who stuck with me

Those we just stood and wished to be part of

The road with me that is life






Hands held strongly onto your comrades

It’s a blessing of a needed mixture

To share

Until growing older

Holding our glasses to cheer our union

When the future brings a wife


Unseen unless youth

Survival of the harshest of burdens

Relief of the pains of judgement

And growing with life….

Such is a never challenged

Or forgotten truth.
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