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Every so often we fall.
Sometimes our souls break.
Never to allow ourselves to " stay Knocked out and down."
Recover the pieces and complete this puzzle.
A lot in our time to come - some extremely intense ways, the future of Humanity remains at stake...

At one time, sorrow and doubt force us to wear a frown.
Taking in breaths created by positive energies.
Allowing a strong well enhaloed blow...

Inventing Powerful forces
Pushing out the negative poisons...

Like Rocky Balboa
Never to shift our eyes of the light.

Performing all of our hearts

We get back up.
Standing stronger,taller,and rising back up.

To pursue life's more noble fight.

Merely giving the relaunch of the positive and bright...Personal intentions
Human endeavors...

Like rare instruments
Tuning the emotional brain.
Like struggling musicians in this " Grand Symphony."
Our full Orchestra portraying a meaningful and cheerful "musical drama."
A musical composition that shall make them proud...

Our forefathers, fellow men, children, and women...

Also, our family.

Like our own Father's, Sisters, Brothers and Most Importantly, Our mammas...

For the words "can" and "Will" are fused within our psychic.

Staying in the deeper stages to remain defeated?

The ring of life is contacting our spirits.

Inevitably arise and spit contemptuously in overwhelming challenge's ghastly faces.
Not to become severely weakened by dreadful doubt
Or Insecurities
Obtaining Triumph's Championship Belt...
Experience the wind of opportunities.
Penetrating the soul!

Bettering Mankind, the self, personal life and the surrounding communities...

We constitute all parts of a bigger, quite powerful and defined attractive energy.

A force that has a light much Brighter, a wind indeed brisker...

lighter,,,, and more stronger,much proudly profound army of Boxers.
In this critical time that Goodness shall "Draft"

Into the " Ring of shattered life."

Nothing can stand in the way...
As we are in contrast, together, from within tragic destiny

We overwhelming lead here...

Only defined and merely written into "Future's Defenders of Justice"

Brutal war books

Tragic chapters meaningfully written throughout false messages and within truer Reasons,

More heroic narratives

Used ink scratched within these brittle pages

Tragic stories we conquered in Celebration.

Where our own Human egos

Weakiness within them which could ever imagine...

Nor can living minds scarcely comprehend...

" United as one. "
"Divided we inevitably fall..."
As we merely form, together, as one all-powerful and united force...
The Continuing and Progressing Children of the Earth and Spirits of Humanity
Tireless energies unwittingly unleashed in personal unity..."

We are an obscure legend Called "Evolution's Dragon"
Sometimes I fall
Sometimes I break
I never allow myself to stay down
I pick up my pieces and complete this puzzle
A lot in my future - bright ways, for me are at stake..

I might once wear a frown
I take in positive energies
I blow out the negative poisons...

Like Rocky Balboa
I never take my eyes of the light

I get back up
I stand back up, tall, and continue to fight

I give the relaunch of my positive and bright
future Human  endeavors

I tune my brain
Like musicians in the Grand Symphony
Orchestras playing a meaningful and cheerful musical drama
I make them proud
Both my father and mamma

For the words "can"and "Will" are fused within my psychic

I never stay at stages that are lower...Never!
In the ring of life
I arise and spit in challenge's faces
Not weakened by doubt
Or my Insecurities
I win Triumph's belt
I feel the wind of opportunities.
Fill my soul.

To better Mankind, Myself, my life, and the surrounding communities...

I am a part of a bigger and more beautiful
Brighter, lighter, and more profound army of Boxers..
In the ring of life
Nothing can stand in our way....
As we are here for reasons bigger than our egos could ever imagine...
United we are one..
Divided we fall..
As we form, together, as one all powerful and united force...
The Continuing and Progressing Earth and Spirit
Called "Evolution's Dragon."
It seems I try and speak. No one hears as to the silence no response.
Hardly anyone notices my presence
As very few react in emotions or welcoming actions
My work and my lonely beating heart
Seem to be invisible and the beat of questioned empty rhythm is never heard
I’m here although a ghost
If I disappeared should it make a mark?
If I stay would I make a difference?
Or am I in another dimension?
As I am Alice
Trapped in Wonderland
Shouting through the tiny door’s key hole
At myself
Shouting “wake need to wake up!”
As the waking hours become the quiet pergatory and my dreams are a horror rated
Movie played in loop while in wonderland.
Can I wake up to be seen?
Hold those close to you, tightly.
Moments can define when or if they shall be taken from you
Or if they shall be allowed to remain by your side
Distraction  and Misunderstanding are parts of ego and it's  pride
Tragedy and Victory marks the outcome
What person will fill the once occupied spaces
of those who stood by your side
Through time and space
The wheel of fate spins once again
Either taking one with it
Or passing by another
To leave it dwelling in the lives that it has been connected to
or what homes where it has lived and where it  has been
One moment from another
Such can bring new things
The moment can also leave, bring, within the still of tragedy or at the miracle of brilliance, it can even  take a sister and or a brother.
A blink of the flirtatious energy of a storm's eye
Such an energy can be a blessed of the tones in which it sings.

Also, a sad tone can, at its cold will
The siren Can take even you up past the skies.

Away from your kindred folk
and friends
To another life
A song never sung until life's bitter and tragic end.
Out with the old and in with the new.
People are once fresh and exciting
Many are forgotten of
Legends are few
Before they age and become antiques
Groups remain  fresh while the newest of faces speak
Ideas are inspiring when fresh fires rage
Until their pages of their book
The story of their life
Written in worn pages
Are left unfinished
Readers browse and find another tail to start
However, the following of these stories are never continued
As the most amazing portions are left unknown
as the journey to this long "point" in their life's story
Become less amazing and start to devolve
Fresh excitement wears apart
Since most books are not read all the way through
People are never quite well known
As within their pathways to the written end of their lives
Fail to entertain the young and the restless
The story tellers are often replaced with those
Less than in experience
or patience
this tree of knowledge fails to become fully grown.
Sickness passed through the land of souls.
Razor strikes of blades cutting the once flourishing artistic minds down to a skeleton
An unfair ritual flashed to action by the Reaper as he was demanding payment for such beings to cross his bridge.
A hefty toll.
Such prices were paid as the best fell and the rising were starving as they sank in despairs quicksands.
However weakened by this nasty storm
Many more artistic, brave, and caring souls rose up and challenged this "troll" on his bridge..
Clashing swords and knocking down the sentry
These, us, brave warriors won passage and to the brighter and more flourishing of futures and days
Over and through this bridge
We earned our entry
We are an army
Bound together in common grounds
Fused together by our hot welds of heart
Open eyes to the other and more hopeful grasses with a sun blasting on the other side
Of this blackened grounds of current despair and grounds of thorns of hopelessness
We waged a fight, onward, and creating an energy that created a force to carry all through to a land of true self and Thankfulness.
Grabbing the hands as those who were sinking
Dying due to letting go to doubt
We lifted them up
Through the lights that warmed them through our hot and kind vibrant glowing souls of truth and hope...
We are now on such grounds of bright futures and well earned peaceful and relaxing areas
as we watched the Grim Reaper Sink in his own words of vile disease and hateful *****
As he grabbed for leverage to pull himself free to finish what he had started
However, due to the evil that he stands for, no one bothered to through him a survival rope
A storm was brewing
Lightning Bolts  of Anger
Droplets   of Blue scolding hot Rain Drops of  Lightning
Pouring out the Rain Drops of heavy tears
Flowing down.

Contempt and bitterness created a meaner self
A witch's brew...
I began cooking up a broth.

Hurt Flames start stewing
Up a mixture of misunderstandings and deadly bitter  chemicals
A toxic food in which it fueled the Devil's Soul.
Closing my eyes as I wiped away the heavy tears
I blanked out my mind...
I closed my eyes.
I heard the voices calling from the Teacher
Who showed me the future and the past full of golden and beautiful Years.
Through self-doubt's blinders
I became  a horse only wishing to run in one direction.
Off the deep end I was hurtling toward

My soul started an astral journey
That lead me to the "Museum of Light"
Nothing is edited out or failing to be displayed
stamped  as "non-valuable"
or "Censored" by unfounded feeling
Pieces that were actions of truth and moments of success in the smaller moments of a larger life
Discarded due to my loathing
Clearer tours, of my heart, show  A mighty  "Fort Knox"
The fortress of  my true inner worth....
A treasure trove like the great pyramids - this structure
was built up by one thousand golden blocks.
The inside was bright
The halls were lined  full of bright and intelligent pieces
Art that was well conceived of
by my soul
A force that I can  now clearly see
was worth this journey's toll.
I have strength within myself
When I take the Blinders of Doubt off.
I returned to my body
Flying like an Eagle on the Wing
Opening my eyes
Drying my tears
Smiling wider than I had
Before I started the rain in my soul's once bright and sunny skies.
My soul was now lighter and I  could start hearing  the harmony of happiness sing.
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