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Apr 2020 · 197
Q Apr 2020
Strands of glowing hues
Tearing the infinite trance
That no longer serves


Life is more than enduring hardships
Dec 2019 · 536
thank you {haiku}
Q Dec 2019
ecstasy freed from
the ******* of mind and space
through your giving lips


~I was caught up in the moment of staring into your eyes.~

Dec 2019 · 173
seek no further
Q Dec 2019
there is no answer
no statement recorded
no such truth
that answers the souls yearning
other than
what is found within
we too often feel lost
stranded, abandoned
by the cosmic whole
without direction

but we were given everything
we need to find peace
within the being we animate

stop being a victim to life


thoughts from vipassana meditation and mom conversations

Sep 2019 · 187
Harness It {haiku}
Q Sep 2019
what holds most stake in
the cosmic whole, is the soul,
where our power rests


You're an enigma.
Sep 2019 · 246
Q Sep 2019
how strangers
fill our lives with
endless, heaping love

then walk away


gratitude for those moments of rejoicing and the cycling of event

Sep 2019 · 370
together {haiku}
Q Sep 2019
i will try for us
with all my broken edges
to complete a whole


"I will always be in your corner"
Q Jun 2019
I thought I'd find me
When I touched your soul; sadly
I became obscure


"I'm glad it's you I'm giving my energy to"
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
nothing real ever dies
Q Apr 2019
if love was recognized
for it's true, transcendental nature

if love was felt
in its deep, radiant vibrations

if love was seen
as its pure true self

if love was manifested
with all of ones righteous intentions


then we could say we were enlightened
no longer of this scattered, dysfunctional frequency
but of a higher vibration
grounded to the truth


"If love was real, this
blue light would have two shadows
colliding to one "

#oldhaiku #inspiration
Mar 2019 · 371
corrupted {haiku}
Q Mar 2019
the distorted view
of your true nature has left
my soul untrusting


"I don't want to deal with the pendulum that are your emotions anymore."
Feb 2019 · 151
Q Feb 2019
i feel the energy of moments when they are tucked away in my memory

Jan 2019 · 234
light on earth
Q Jan 2019
there's some sunshine left on the grass
i pick it up and hope it lasts

keep it in my pocket, tight
look at it late in the night

it never loses a glimmer of shine
never stops being divine

reminds me of a child's laughs
the innocence we continue to lose in shafts

we, ourselves are meant to be
a heaping mound of ecstasy

experiencing the world through observing eyes
helping the weak, growing so wise

yet we let the darkness come
and take us over in dooming hums

still i hold onto this shimmer
in hopes one day i'll add the glimmer

and let the light escape to earth
to a spiritual age, i hope we give birth


child-like reflection
Jul 2018 · 1.5k
infatuation [haiku]
Q Jul 2018
where i belong is
somewhere, submerged in your depths
lost with you, in you


"I want to show you I'm a man.  I want to be your man."
Oct 2017 · 799
Q Oct 2017
please let me love you
let me taste your lips
get between your legs
**** the juice in sips

September 18, 2015
Apr 2017 · 592
Oceans Deep
Q Apr 2017
I'm disgusted by my capacity to feel.
Jan 2017 · 1.2k
virtue [haiku]
Q Jan 2017
it's how we deal with
everyday life that makes us
who we really are

Dec 2016 · 749
Q Dec 2016
it was never you
it was my understanding
of this life we live


"Anarchy in an apocalyptic world."
Oct 2016 · 1.4k
freedom haiku
Q Oct 2016
the pain of your name
no longer sits on my brain
i now freely reign

we can't be friends
Oct 2016 · 1.0k
pain in a haiku
Q Oct 2016
these words give my soul
no refuge, no rest, from the
inflictions within


waiting to be free from the hurt of your actions
Oct 2016 · 744
the things you gave me
Q Oct 2016
vacant stares
apathetic touch
forced ******
empty lust


I've never been less loved.
Sep 2016 · 662
i love you
Q Sep 2016
i can't believe
for a moment in time
you were mine

the aftershock of loss has waves of unrest
Sep 2016 · 726
I still want you
Q Sep 2016
"Did you ever love me?"

I really hope the answer is no
If this is how you treat the one you love
I'd rather stay solo

Sep 2016 · 903
haiku of misery
Q Sep 2016
but when i cry it
is not tears falling, instead,
tis drops of defeat


Sep 2016 · 452
night terrors
Q Sep 2016
the fantastic phantasm
of a troubled mind
can haunt away
the delightful shine
emanating from
your glowing chi
until you're numb
'til it's hard to breathe


sometimes I’m so happy, confident, full of purpose.  sometimes i’m so lost; i let the despair just suffocate me.  I don’t know what to do with myself.
Sep 2016 · 388
be great
Q Sep 2016
yeah it hurts
but so does birth
and look, you're here
that's not a first

moms and dads
work hard to make
people who help
make this world great


pain passes
Sep 2016 · 310
Q Sep 2016
to want
is to allow sorrow
to enter


scatter life's goals and aims to the wind
Aug 2016 · 309
you make me
Q Aug 2016
it's not something in my power
a force all its own
i look you in the eyes
and i'm no longer grown

a child, it feels, has awoken within
only one thing it needs
only one end to win
if need be i'll plead
give me your love, love

Aug 2016 · 336
said and done
Q Aug 2016
and when his compelling compunction took him over
he no longer saw the ones that loved him
lost were the days of affectionate splendor
all because he couldn't dare to spare a limb

now a pressure greater than gravity seems to hover
holding back floods of emotional struggle
why can't we redo the past once lessons are learned
breaking bad from all the memories churned

keep a place for me
Jul 2016 · 585
Q Jul 2016
ode to the pain of
wisdom gained from broken chains
childhood blame game shame

Jun 2016 · 1.8k
Q Jun 2016
endorphins, sweat, forgetting to breathe
losing your mind while exploding with chi

energy spilt in a myriad of glimmering hues
lost in doubtful eyes, huge from ******* ooh's


Paint the black hole blacker. -The Strangers

Jun 2016 · 836
Q Jun 2016
you're my demon
the angel in me

ignite the flames in which i burn
blow the air to float my wings


Jun 2016 · 475
Q Jun 2016
i'm thankful for the
boy who befriended me first
and loved me second

Apr 2016 · 503
Q Apr 2016
I wish our past was
better than these memories
of spite, lust, and shame

Apr 2016 · 304
Q Apr 2016
But for what do we suffer?

Feb 2016 · 764
haiku [pūv]
Q Feb 2016
how you calm your tongue
blows my hasty mind away
i'll sway to your sway

Jan 2016 · 772
asthmatic pothead [haiku]
Q Jan 2016
wish i never smoked
my lungs into the color
of my shadow soul

i guess i turned to find you in our world but we both got lost alone
Jan 2016 · 637
Q Jan 2016
the worst is not knowing what was real
which "i love you"
which deep, longing gaze into my eyes
which last kiss with hopes of another
which caress that wasn't meant for another
i wish i could hold on to the good
but what was a lie
what was a dream
what was us

everything ok?
Nov 2015 · 523
Some Hazes
Q Nov 2015
I keep waiting for that moment
That full gasp of fresh air
Where I'm no longer dancing
With the noose of your despair

Remember me when you smile.
Jul 2015 · 661
Q Jul 2015
though the past may live
in me, I can clearly see
what's now meant to be


"Yo how do I fix this"
May 2015 · 746
Our Haven
Q May 2015
If love was real, this
blue light would have two shadows
colliding to one


"I don't care how hard it may be to get to a stable ground with us, but if we don't work toward that goal, all other achievements have next to no importance anymore. "
May 2015 · 4.6k
Q May 2015
aur jab  haath pakar ke tum bhole
"Jungali, muje patha hai tum kya **"
sab samaj  mein aai
tumhe tub bhi, aab bhi,
matlab hi nahi koi
kabhibi saai aiya

ab kya se kya ker dala
waqt, demaq, aur pyaar sab kala
pyaar kiya tha mere se, hennah?
per tumne humko such, much ker dala fanaa


"You're my white buffalo"
May 2015 · 701
Q May 2015
sometimes it *****
what life turns out to be
he was the perfect him
i was the perfect me
those hushed moments
in the world we found
no goodbyes were needed around
awoke with the ****** of the pelvis
sleeping the same
synergistic in this plague
what vanity we famed

Apr 2015 · 597
Q Apr 2015
each spectrum of space
each moment, each page
nothing seems to complete a being
nothing will but infinite introspection

to learn we must question
understanding is key
knowledge comes after effort
so continue to be
Apr 2015 · 364
Q Apr 2015
what's happening
to me with every inhale
my lungs embrace the subtle
expansion and absorption of
earth, grown with delicate love
nourished to life with the ever
flowing fountain of the basic
element that connects and
creates all things that
this universe holds
big and small


The tides are in our veins. ~Robinson Jeffers

Apr 2015 · 312
Q Apr 2015
Gee, what kind of tea
Tickles your fancy like me?
Black tea? White tea? Red?

Apr 2015 · 1.7k
Q Apr 2015
How stiff curls undo
In waterfalls, so does my
Solitude free me


"I have forgotten you."
Apr 2015 · 456
Q Apr 2015
Skip, forward, chapter anew
So many wonders to go undo
Live tomorrows with sorrows forgotten
No yesterday's fruits, spoiled and rotten
Splendors to stumble and tumble upon
No longer  living in the futures once dawned

Mar 2015 · 640
Q Mar 2015
Don't fret unhappy
Endings my dear, there may be
More left tomorrow

"You're my Jungali in life. We are animals."
Feb 2015 · 909
cant stop, must stop
Q Feb 2015
a step back from your eyes
and I'm finally recovering
no more blinded view
no reenactment of animals at the zoo
tamed moments fill my days
must admit, most times I'm lost in a haze
self-induced withdrawal, disconnect
still your haunting face has full effect
swoon, I would, if you came to see
what your Jungali has hollowed to be
sweep me up, but you'll just throw me down
how many times must we relive it to understand we'll drown
Are you happy where you are?
"No. I'm coming to you."
Feb 2015 · 299
Q Feb 2015
I don't get it
I just don't know
Why people chase trouble
Why they have no soul
Seek and you shall find
A missing piece of you
But lost it will stay
If you don't love it too
Feb 2015 · 2.5k
Shadow Game
Q Feb 2015
Jab jawab mein koi qami
Aur sawal hamesha galaat
Tab sumaj bhi aur ankhon ki nami
Tumse hamesha ke liye palaat
---When the answers are lacking
And the questions are all wrong
That's when I understand, and my tears arrive
Turning away from you forever---

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