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Days become more like
Sunny-cloudy days.
You come to a sense of awareness
Of everything around.
The way you feel
The way you think
You have finally reach your own headspace.
Sitting in silence allowing your mind to run
Across the field of where you truly want to be
Focusing on what things are instead of for what
Things could be... not everything is what is seems.
Happiness isn’t a destination it’s a journey.
When you learn to let go of things that do not serve
you, you create space for abundance. Allowing
Everything to flow in it’s most natural state.
Still going through a couple of
Obstacles that will cause interference,
we must learn to overcome these
challenges, to let go of the U
You Used to be and become stronger
as we grow.  
Sit back and relax let peace
Wash over your back
Feel the presence of this moment
And let it just be that.
Q Jun 25
I thought I'd find me
When I touched your soul; sadly
I became obscure


"I'm glad it's you I'm giving my energy to"
روبرت Nov 2018
My heart pounding on the door of my chest like a bailiff demanding the rent to be paid
No, I say I just can’t
Acknowledge me please, says my love drunk heart
No, I say just can’t
But to ignore me is to ignore yourself, says my grief stricken heart
No, I say I just can’t
Nothing is stronger than my relentless beating, says my powerful heart; I’m waiting when you’re ready
No, I say I just can’t
Love my dear it can and it will
Losing vision on the mountain, sun begins to set
Find us standing at the summit, shaped by silhouette
Search for answers in the wild, or find inner peace
Let what you know begin to flow, spiritual release
As worries numb, answers will come, time is only now
Succumb to senses, drop defenses, find oneself somehow
melanie Jul 2018
I stand split between here and there
watching the world as it spins around me.

I once made decisions solely based on you:
On your needs
and wants
and dreams.

Now I no longer move in any direction.
Not because my voice can't echo off tall ceilings,
But because I truly don't care if you can hear me anymore.

Sometimes the stagnant quiet is louder than anything I ever could have said
Vivek Jul 2018
I live in this own world that I created!
I created my own rules!
Away from the world that I hated!
Living with these narrow minded fools!
There isn't a bed time nor a time to wake up!
It's just things that I make up!
You are who you are here!
No worries no fear!
This world is small but has one open mind!
Place where you find!
Find yourself, Find who you really are!
These place is wierd, but pain is far!
No animal to live, no birds to fly!
No one to say Hi, No one to say bye!

Megan Feb 2018
I looked up at the stars not to seek out life.
There's life here.
I looked up at the stars not to see the beauty.
There's beauty here.

I looked up at the stars not to lose myself.

I looked up to find myself.
it's 5.08am
Miriam Whisenant Jan 2018
When did I become such a liar?

I lie to myself in the morning.

“This is how you are,

Who you want to be.”

Walk with swag,

Never staggering.

Talk with boldness,

Never stuttering.

But is how I act a true representation

Of who my soul really is?

Going in circles

I try to find myself.

I lie to myself in the night.

“You never needed anyone,

You’re free when alone.”

Dance by yourself,

Never clinging.

Talk to yourself,

Never needing.

But why then does my heart hurt when you are not at my side?

Jumping at shadows

I am caught lonely.

Empty masks to cover my flaws.

Fake smiles to hide my need for love.

Why do I hide behind the facade,

Pretending to have found myself

in the dark?
luci Dec 2017
a river without direction
water is warm,
yet sends me shivers

they call out his name,
yet he’s nameless now
holding rebellion
between his teeth
rules escape him
just as the smoke
from his mouth

he smirks at me
faking pride
however, his eyes are lost
on his own reflection

he sees himself
in the blue

he’s a river
with no direction
he's warm,
yet sends me shivers
a boy i know
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