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x Jun 2019
i wonder if you see the fear in my eyes
when you show me your love
in hopes that i will compromise,
but i know i am not enough.
so instead i shove your face between my thighs
in hopes that, that will be enough.
because you see my dear,
no love lives here
can you smell the fear?
can you taste it?
as i open my legs for you?
as i lie in a bed for you you?
as my body begs for you?
Q Apr 2017
I'm disgusted by my capacity to feel.
Steele Jun 2016
Where have you gone to?
Do you still speak
through your hazel eyes?
You're still the one I belong to.
After all this time
it's funny I still cry.
I don't know where to go
when I'm feeling somewhere
in between blue and yellow.
I don't know how to lie,
but it's funny how I still try.

Just so you know,
I miss you.
This is not a good poem,
I'm just speaking my mind.
Just so you know,
I love you.
It seems that I'll love you
until the day I die.

I hope you're happy.
I hope you still have your soul.
I can't escape you.
You're trapped deep
in my psyche,
you're like marrow to my bones.
I haven't seen you in years,
but my memory
won't ever fade.
I learnt the hard way
that sometimes the ones
you love most are the first to
get taken away.

Just so you know,
it's still you.
I know it's ridiculous.
Just so you know,
after all I've been through,
I still haven't broken
our teenage promises.
© 2016 Sebastian Glyn
Beinghonest Mar 2016
I want you,
what are you talkin 'bout?
I can't forget you,
you're all I think about.

You can feel it,
I know you do,
the chemistry,
it's undeniable -
the intense gaze,
our eyes locked
We're capable of fixing it -
we just need to rewind.

First it was talking,
then kissing,
and soon later ******* -
but now it's nothing.

Let's go back to square one,
you know we can:
Let's just go back to talking...

They say I should let go,
but I can't.
my heart is
dangling on a string,
attached to your angel wings.
So, my heart is
always with you,
- just being honest
Marhia Cruz Feb 2016
I still think of you. In my mind's eye and in my memory's grasp, you're closer than a scratch. You're simply there.
Impatiently pacing my memories and fantasies. My dreams are you and my thoughts are you. There is now nowhere I
haven't been touched by you. I've loved you and I've hated you. You enrage and you delight me.
My soul reaches out for you. Cries for you. It lives for you and dies for you. Everything.
Everything I have.
it's all you... You... yUo... YuO... YOU! It's all you! I'm left hopeless. But this only redundant rhythm gives me hope.
Where do you stand? (not with me) How do you feel? (not good) How would you feel if you knew this? (angry, disgusted)
Do you feel the same for me; always have me on my mind and never wavering from me? (impossible) But... you're not everything
to me. I can't allow that. You're simply... everything else. You're a thought. A memory. A good time.
You're a time I was elated. When I liked myself because you liked me. When I was something to someone.
You're what I could not see in myself. Confident and smart. Charming and cute. Loving and gentle. Someone important.
Someone who cares for me and about me. Some one who mattered. You're not everything, you see. But you're everything else.
In a way, this is personal. But it's just my thoughts and what I would like to spill into writing. Most of my poems are in this format, actually. I love spoken word poetry, and that's the rhythm and style I use my poetry as. It doesn't have to rhyme but it has meaning. it has rhythm, and it has life. That's what poetry is to me.
Carissa Sep 2015
I wanted it to be you so badly.
I wanted it to be you.
I wanted to touch your face
Feel your skin
Dry your tears.
I wanted it to be you.
I wanted it to be you so badly it hurt.
A slow ache that consumed me
That drowned me
That swallowed me whole.
I saw your smile
Made for her
Shown to me.
That smile that lit my world
That caused the flame
The flame that burned my soul
Burned my soul so badly it will take eternity to heal.
And even when I can stand to see the sun again,
I will still want it to be you.
Only you.
Alexis Ash Apr 2014
My dear,
Love ***** you up
I've seen it time and time again
And still, I fail to understand
Why we do this to ourselves

For days
We're in a constant craze
Nothing else is on our minds
But that one person

That one stupid boy-
Who walks all over you
Who lies and cheats and truly, doesn't meet your needs
He has you on your knees
He won't set you on your feet
But you won't leave

No respect, just a bunch of ******* you don't deserve
But still
Even though you see the dagger poised
You leave your heart in his hands
Because he has a beautiful tongue
And his apologies are gold spun

We lie to ourselves just as much as those good for nothing ******* lie to us
A lie to justify every deceitful thing that slips past his lips
Lies keep you company
On those dark and lonely nights
But a lie can never hide the truth forever
And sooner or later
We all have to admit
That we've been blindsided by love, once again.
For that one person we all know, that can't let go

— The End —