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Diana Santiago Oct 2021
I’m missing how it used to be
How you’d seek me out like a little puppy
The sparks flying between us like fireworks
Anticipation building as we engaged in conversation

Then it finally happened on a steamy summer night
The curiosity we had about our bedroom manners
Discovered in an instant moment of gratification
Our bodies tangled as mouths and tongues tasted one another

But as expected things fall apart
We’ve slowly morphed into distant acquaintances
You pay me a visit only when you need to vent
As I listen in silence about the woman you love and hate

Laying wide awake in my bed
Thoughts of you take me over
Pleasing myself at the thought of your mouth
Gifting wet kisses to that sweet spot

You can’t deliver your message to my face
That this short lived connection was just that
Ceasing your exploration of me and my body
Our association has reached its final stop
Tink Feb 2020
I searched for reasons through all these years
and now it proves me all so wrong.
All of that hurt, so many tears,
and what was it for? It's all gone.
I thought you better,
I thought you changed,
I walked the extra mile, all for a lie.
Just to be fooled one more time.
You use people to get what you need,
you use them just as it suits.
And then you drop them as if they were used toys
To find new objects for your joys.
I thought you better,
I thought you changed,
and if the world would know me story
you would look very lame.
This is no goodbye
This is no farewell
This is simply you don't deserve me anymore
stephanie Jan 2020
remember that you were the one that wanted to be friends
You asked me,
Can we please,
Be friends?
but then something in you changed,
you went back to your old mean ways,
And it still hurts you know,
seeing you avoid me like I have ******* lepracy, when we dated,
Everyone told me to leave you;
He’s too short,
He’s ugly,
He’s a liar.
But I didn’t
I cared about you,
and I stayed because I loved you,
but apparently the feelings weren’t mutual,

someone sent you a picture of me,
and you said ew,
but once before you used to smile whenever you would see my face.
Lilly F Aug 2019
one day I'll be able to watch the ocean
wipe your name away from the sand
without writing it ever again

© L.F.
faeri Feb 2019
I'd like to say
Our love is like
Puzzle pieces.
Even if our pieces
Are worn
And hands don't
Fit anymore,
The picture we
Made together will always
Be beautiful
In our memories.
first official poem of 2019
MaKenzie Unser Dec 2018
my mom thinks it’s a hickey on my neck
and i’d rather her think that
than know it’s from your fingers
clamping my throat shut
with rage
October Dec 2018
Everyone is living their fairytale
While I’m living in hell
Come back to me already
Let's make this right
Mend this hole and close it tight
No one has to ever know
The deep cuts created
The harmful words spoke
Let’s go back to the way things were
Before you shattered my heart
Before everything between you and me fell apart
Sacred Johnson Nov 2018
One of these days
I will be on deck, put pedals on my boat
Low it down the deepest streams
And you will watch me as I slowly sail away
Towards the ocean, underneath a stormy sky
Floating ahead of the hightest tides
There I will dive in with everything that I am
Wash away your promises and love notes
Feed your rebukes and blames to the sharks
Then one day
I will return, not for you
'Cause I will not know a thing about you but I will notice you if you dare try to take advantage of my Amnesia
This is a note to self: I will never come back to you, despite your changes. I lost track of who you were before I even left, so let's be these strangers.
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