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Megha Thakur Jul 12
क्या कहें क्या दिल को चाहिए,
क्या इसको मिलता हैं।
कहाँ सुबह होती हैं,
कहाँ दिन ढलता हैं।
बिना उसकी मर्जी के,
क्या एक भी पत्ता हिलता हैं।
किस्मत पर कहाँ जनाब,
किसका ज़ोर चलता हैं।
- मेघा ठाकुर
Megha Thakur Jul 12
ऐ जिन्दगी मुझे इतना ना आजमा,
की मैं तुझसे हार जाउँ।
मैं मिट जाउँ तेरी असहमत में,
और तुझसे दूर हो जाउँ।
- मेघा ठाकुर
Megha Thakur Jul 9
थोड़ी अलग सी हैं मेरी कहानी,
कुछ सुनाई हैं तुम्हें,
कुछ बाकी हैं सुनानी।
माना इसका कोई अन्त नहीं फिर भी मुकम्मल हैं मेरी कहानी,
जो जी रहीं हूँ वो मेरी हैं,
और जो भूला दी वो थीं अंजानी।
ना कोई मकसद हैं इसका ना कोई सीख हैं मेरी कहानी,
बस इतना जानती हूँ के कभी बेपरवाह,
तों कभी हैं ये रूहानी।
- मेघा ठाकुर
I was born with ADD
I got it from my father
I suppose he got it from his father.

ADD is about acting on impulse
One has to learn to
How to not fall to impulse

I find it’s hard
To pay attention
To the worl… Ooo a penny!

I have heard
People with ADD
Do crazy things like jump off trees

I always seem to shake my leg
For no apparent reason
Maybe it’s my nerves…or my unwillingness to sit still

The internet
Is one of the best ways
To lose track of time

My reflexes are amazing
And yet I still find myself

When I was 5
I played with fire
My mother didn’t like that much.

When I have something important to say
The thought runs away, leading me to forget.

Is the mysterious soul

The television
In my mind
Is always on…
This is one of my UA poems. Written 12-7-2010.
Deep Apr 1
01-04-2020   23:30

It is said that "the greatest discovery that humans
made was Language."
It was really a shocking thing to read that quote,
because at first, it sounds trifle.
But giving it a second thought one feels the gravity.
How will you express you are hungry?
by rubbing tummy? gesturing to mouth?
but there are the infinite meaning of every gesture.

No new thoughts to offer today,
My mind is drying up living in this room.
I go out to buy milk for five minutes,
and again back to the room.
How senile life has become.

But analysing this stop that Nature has forced upon us,
It is making up for another thirty or forty years,
We were reckless before, now confined in a room realizing
the little things that we didn't appreciate and checked on,
The spendthrift hand devouring the limited resources,
is now caged in-home hands tied.

Still, some will never change. As soon as this will be over
We will again repeat the same old mistakes.
We are slave to our habits.

Yesterday I wrote a paragraph on "dying of Poetry"
Now I see it as a paradox.
I am here, which is meant for poetry,
Writing a rant.
Sometimes we are wholly unable to see the both sides
of a coin.

Pretty late,
Good Night!
Sophia L Mar 14
There are always two voices in my heart
the right way and the wrong way
Which way?
I find an excuse to persuade
young and naive?
the ocean goes with wave
imparo Jan 29
You didn't know how you should ask,
I didn't know how I should tell
And so, things didn't work out well.
imparo Jan 29
I badly want to make you
understand how I feel
I'm holding a pen and a paper,
ready to spill the ink
But as soon as the words
land on the sheet
The letters slowly fade
and I'm back
with a blank paper once again.
pnam Dec 2019
In this new world so connected digitally
Online with your smartphone or desktop continuously
Every touch or click with your fingers sublimely
Connecting messaging chatting seductively
Rush of dopamine brain lives ecstatically
Bits and bytes that rise and fall emotionally
Waiting for physical touch earnestly
LDR love seem to be extraordinarily
Yet to see LDR grows into LTR eventually
LDR = Long Distance Relationship
LTR = Long Term Relationship
Dated Dec 2019
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