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Arianna Jun 15
"Sea of sky,
raging sovereign;
smoky clouds rolling
sun-dappled grey:
thundering here and away,
like the last wild mustang..."

Imagining back
someplace I've never been;
the only question I have:
How many stars adorn the Vastness?

Dreaming these days of open land
and empty space to be;
the silver scent of riverbeds,
and aimless footprints treading the scriptless plains
stretching quietly out before me.
Al Petteway - "Sligo Creek":
Trishna Jun 4
For all my life, all I had ever wanted was for someone to tell me I am beautiful, I'm enough.
That they loved me and thought me perfect, completely unflawed.
But you know what, recently I had an epiphany.
I was flawed and my flaws merely added to or maybe were my entire beauty.
I don't live to be perfect, I live to be me.
And me is a flawed beautiful fierce thing that now I want you to see.
Because I don't want to be seen anything less than,
The wild raging mess of a storm I am.
alexis Mar 8
long hair
blue eyes
the smile has to stay alive
the following of the mans
u look like a man
I like cheese
just some random thoughts that popped up and had to make something of them
Baby..Let's get away
Pretend that todays a holiday..
Your the perfect get away..
Each moment spent with you..
Baby..Let's get away
Baby..Let's get excited.
Spend all our time away..
Forget all about our privacy
Make today a holiday..
Baby.. let's get away
Make today a Holiday.
The weekend still days away..
Your the perfect get away..
Our weekly get away.. down charcoal gray
Baby..Let's get away.
Pretend todays a holiday..
Bombay & Lemonade.
the perfect get away..
The sun melts into your skin
and I the horizon that melts into you..
Your the perfect get away..
Baby..Let's get away
Don't waste your life barking at the moon,
You're better off home in bed
With someone who loves your body and
Who shines with a light of their own.

This is a temporary madness.

The Werewolves upstairs are howling.

The devil's in the detail, your dinner's in the freezer -
The note said.

Death came to us when we were young, my brother and I,
But changed his mind and took our mother instead.
It was an accident, of course.

Life is... just waiting for the war to be over.
Though in a very real sense, it never is... over.
And when we die we will be, no doubt,
At war somewhere else... for eternity.

It is the strangest thing to see water on a screen.
Water, flowing and liquid, in such a real way.
Beer never looks real... not even for real!

"Destiny, Destiny," she cried, "Where are you going, Destiny."
As a girl child of 4 or so ran into the bar-room laughing, gleefully.

Sunset on The Isle of Scalpay.
Bamburgh Castle and the view across to Lindisfarne.
Dawn light and the Seal on the rocks below Ravenscar.
I have been coasting for some time now...

This winter we had a family wedding and then a funeral in the same week.
We hired the same local bus for the mourners and I asked them
Not to change the ribbons, please.
The Werewolves were vocal about that too, of course.

I have arranged my Pension be paid weekly, on a Thursday,
Like a proper wage.

My brother, Ten Bellies, says he's Pieabetic!
I told him he's having a mid-Wife Crisis.
We were in the bar and Feng Stewy laughed -
He's the guy who arranges the tables on Bingo Night
To keep the Werewolves happy.

'Casu consulto' is a Latin phrase literally translated as "accidentally on purpose."
I have been trying for some time to use it in a poem
But it always looks deliberate.

I have known a thing to be true All my life...
When something is exactly 5 inches long,
It will turn out to be, equally exactly, 1 inch too short.

A man wears a hat to hide something about himself.
A woman wears a hat so that she is not not wearing a hat when all the others are.

The truth about Werewolves is not that they were wolves.

My proposed 4th Law of Poetry is -
For every Poet they are an equal and exactly opposite Poet.
The other three laws don't add nothing much.

I asked my brother how long we had to wait for the pub to open.
He said, an hour and ninety five minutes.
When I asked him, why not two and half hours or so, he said, that seemed like a long time.

I don't spend my time writing poems anymore about getting home before dawn
****** and torn from some false encounter,  some lost cause I set my heart upon.
Seek wisdom not to be wise but for wisdom to see you and to be recognised.

Sorry, got to go... the Werewolves...
Casey Mar 1
I had those random thoughts again.
Such as; how people pick you last for the first game of the semester played in a gym class, even though they don't know how good or bad you are.

It's off of appearance alone, which is *******.
"Oh they look thin, they're probably not good at (sport)."
What the **** does that have to do with anything?

When we played soccer, I showed up everyone else,
even though I was picked last.
They had the nerve to say to me, "Wow, good job!"
As if the notion that I was good at a sport was some sort of miracle.

Not like I played soccer for eleven ******* years.
Not like they knew that since sixth grade.

The way they say, "Wow, good job!", makes me sick.
They say it to me as if I'm unable to be good, just because they perceive me to be horrible at sports.
They sound so surprised.

Another thing's been stuck in my head ever since I've read Paper Towns.
John Green mentions people seeing mirrors of others as who they believe the person to be.
I find this true.
People love to think that they know someone very well, when they only know the version that they've created.
Green says we need to see through the window to see who the person actually is.

Which seems ******* impossible.
But it's not.
Just talk to them instead of assuming.

They've already built a mirror of who I am.
Of course, it's completely wrong.

I'm not some boring skinny twig that can't talk right.
I'm not smart, and I'm not rude.
I have emotions, and I really care about others, much more than myself, even.

That's not who I am to anyone else, though.
I have these journal entries on my phone that I'm posting here.
Frost Feb 19
What if parallel timelines are real

Different earth

Different people

Different you

But what if in that timeline

Everyone was there

Everyone in your timeline was there

Same earth

Same family

Same friends

Same events

Except for one...

You were never born

You weren't there

You never existed

But the thing is everything was fine

God it hurts to even think about that

To think that if you disappeared

Nothing significant will happen

Your actions, achievements meant nothing

It's like you never really mattered

Huh. Guess I'm useless after all

Puberty ***** y'know?
Prathi Sekar Dec 2018
Pants down and legs apart,
I sit in the toilet seat.
My fat white thighs reminding
Yet again of the gym membership.
While I pour out the yellow liquid,
I break into two songs
Loving my voice
Bouncing off the walls.
I ponder the logic behind
Muffled voices of my home and
Resonating voices of the neighbour's
As I wait for that reluctant drop
To accept its fate.
There it comes
Spreading pleasure up my body,
Reeling me from meditative state.
I stroll out the door to life.
Frost Dec 2018
What if life is a dream
And dying is the only way to wake up?

Will you get reincarnated?
Will you lose all of your memories of your life before you died?

Will you forget all of your loved ones?
Will they forget you as well?

If you do "wake up" and you did get reincarnated
Will you get stuck in another dream as well?

What if life is a dream,
Does that mean that life is a lie?

Everything you had
Everyone you loved

Never existed
YOU never existed


The thought scares me
A poem full of my "What ifs" thoughts
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