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Q Dec 2019
there is no answer
no statement recorded
no such truth
that answers the souls yearning
other than
what is found within
we too often feel lost
stranded, abandoned
by the cosmic whole
without direction

but we were given everything
we need to find peace
within the being we animate

stop being a victim to life


thoughts from vipassana meditation and mom conversations

nawke Jul 2018
She hears beyond ten,
the sound of one hand clapping.
Nothing comes to mind

Business of being
is busybodying self,
needs no false witness

Mental o' pedal
tormenter love to meddle
what a nomenclature  

Left behind, acres
of forest writings. None
the wiser on walls

This life's an empty
breath.  A garden ain't here to
impress or placate.

Dumpty the great fall,
silent while branches grew tall.  
Come hear, creator
To scramble mother's nature is human nature.
Kurt LaVacque Apr 2015
By the creek we sit dormant
Filling the empty spaces with sensational ornaments
Like a Christmas tree
We can be turned from plain
To extraordinary
All it takes is for you to sit and be still
So that one day
You can be the ruler of your world as well
Kenshō Mar 2015
The incessant untrained mind
Is like a dripping faucet with an open drain;
Never full of contentment, never empty of thought.

The stable training mind
Is like a dripping faucet with a closed drain;
On the way to fullness, every drop of mindful practice adds up.

The overflowing master's mind
Is like an overflowing tub with a constant faucet and closed drain.
Full of bliss, he stands as a totem of overflowing wisdom and insight.

— The End —