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"a single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."
Cecelia Francis
24/Non-binary    A growing list of useless information.
Hashim ZK
Secunderabad, India   
My words may not always be eloquent, but they are true. Writing to purge my soul rather than to please another is cathartic. Enjoy my ...
Planet (unknown)    Confess.
Somewhere in space.    [Fever Dream]
all over   
Kayla Bellinger
Tasmania    21. Aspiring novelist/poet. I am enchanted by enchanting things.
Miranda Renea
25/F    I'm a minimalist inspired by nature and the vastness of the universe. I try to spread positivity and evoke thought.
Duplicate Virus
Michigan    Just like Icarus, I fly too close to the sun.

— The End —