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Asominate Mar 2019
Once again
Here we go
We're playing the blame game
You can't seem
To let go
So it is all the same
But you don't know
Which path down where it came
So, ofcourse I am blamed
The outcome never change
I can never seem to be acknowledged, even when they're in the wrong
He stands and walks, and makes himself as hard as rock,
He smiles and waves, at beauties and babes,
Then whispers into a quiet boys ears, makes him excited and confused with fear,
Then screams and shouts on the worlds redoubt,
I do not engage in a sinful dance, while his hand holds the young boys stance,
Caressing it up and down, while the eyes set on the young boy and frown,
He rapes the young one through and through, Forgetting we are in the Twenty-first century too.
When they still be in the closet, but they gayer than your gay brother, more homosexual than your active lesbian lover, and more decietful than a profesional corporate lawyer.
ryn Aug 2016

our fing-                                 
ers to the                                 
nearest a-                                 
vailable s-                                 
uckers• to                                 
take respo-                                 
nsibility  a-                                 
nd be  acco-                                                         
one really bothers•we                  
do it so well unlike any other•al-
     most a skill that never gets duller•**** hits
the fan, we all look for someone to blame•it's a
hapless situation when we partake in such a ga-
  me•it's become a norm that simply never ends •
it's a nasty situation that makes enemies out of f-
riends•i look at myself and realise that i am no
   different•for i too, have my finger pointed si-
   lent•i too, have erred...warranting reproach
•milling over transgressions my words
dare not broach•sigh...why is it so
that such a habit we can never
sever•think no further...let's
just blame it on......................

*human nature•
Q Jul 2016
ode to the pain of
wisdom gained from broken chains
childhood blame game shame

Giraluna Gil May 2016
I made a loop with a running knot around my neck
A snare, a lasso
A hangman's hassle
I tightened it up
I pushed the chair
Only to blame the only person who actually cared
mhelows May 2016
From the start We know this would end right?
And yet, courageously, you told me you would fight.
Whose fault was it in the first place?
Why do we suffer now in this heartache?
The only game losers
Are good at,
Don't put yourself in that place,
Take responsibility and work things out,
Blaming others only wastes time and energy.
You brought me the sun
Illuminated my entire existence
set parts of my soul on* fire
That I never knew existed
And I let myself drown
Even though I fought against it-
Nothing left but darkness
*Not even a faint whisper of my heart beat
....Let it be known that I take the blame for this agony
soon you'll be a distant memory..

(C) Al'Nysa S. Goodwin

— The End —