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Michael Solc Jul 2014
I can feel
her absence,
like swallowing
a cold

The blade 
slices slowly,
with each
like copper. 

A cold
steel shard
that rests
my heart. 

But will it cut?
Can you still bleed?
Do you love?
it feels like i'm stuck in
a never ending
night terror.

it's on loop and
won't stop
going and
going and
going and
going and
going and

this is my cry for someone-
anyone to help me escape.
i can't handle it anymore...
Should I bring a résumé  of my dreams
to the publishing company on West 38th?

An abstraction of when my teeth
crumble like pastels, or summaries of my
vocal cords seeking air through a taut fabric.
I’ve achieved piercing silence in a room of white noise.

I have an impressive inventory of witnessing infidelity.
once, we were both in between romantic partners.
I was awakened by the taste of copper
from biting the inside of my cheek.
It looked worthy of an aged Merlot.

My most admirable skill is prediction.
I can sense a mass shooting or the expiring heart of a loved one.
but I usually float like an island over the scene
because my biggest weakness is lacking density.
Sienna Dec 2018
Adrenaline pumping into my heart
False hallucinations in the dark
Dread and haunt fills the air
What is that over there?
Half asleep, I can't stay awake
My eyes should've for my sake
My dreams take me by the hand
And throw me into a horrific land
The fear built on possibilities
And instilled in realities
Sleep paralysis joins in too
I'd rather be sleep deprived completely, wouldn't you?
Kayla Sep 2018
The night terrors have returned to haunt me
Not able to sleep alone in my own bed
The monsters in my dreams look like you
The look of being used and hurt by you
When I am asleep with my eyes still open
Scared that they might come alive
And eat my sleeping body
colzzmacdonald Apr 2017
All your friends are demons, I think I know
The past won’t let you settle as you grow
You don’t feel you can make life-changing moves
Half your life to fighting terrors you lose
There’s little you can do to take control
Put your smile hidden in a pigeonhole
Your emotions decline into freefall
Let’s give your heart and soul an overhaul
I can give you all the tools you will need
The hunger that dwells inside I will feed

I can give you love and trust hereafter
I can turn the pain and tears to laughter
I’ll help reach in to find the real you
Harmonizing with congenial you
We will fight, we’ll curse, we’ll scream, we will cry
In this war it’s only the past will die
Now and then, when they rear their **** head
I’ll be there to put those demons to bed
When you say maybe I don’t understand
I will simply be there to hold your hand
~ You are not alone ~
Grand Piano Jan 2017
Mind scattering panic
The confusion
The fear
Throat clenching fear
The glazed eyes
The tears
The drenched sheets
The constant shivers
The dark
The shadows come to life
The hand clenching your chest
The heart trying to escape its cage
The clawing at invisible bindings
The suffocating
The weight on your chest
The gasping for air
The amnesia
What has you so scared
This is just my experience with night terrors. I never remember the actual dream but my body seems to.
LeV3e Jan 2017
Evil strung across her face, flaring
Yellow eyes glaring with
Hunger in her sparkling smile
Fangs protruding waiting
Ever so patiently...

Im in terror.
She promises the end of me
As I turn to flee, helplessly
Weightless as gravity fails
I flail fighting the sky, but
To no avail...

I am alone now.
Left in the scaffolding
Its baffling, what was she?!
I can still hear her laughing?!
Why not just **** me?
Was I not prey? More of just a play thing?
Maybe...but still
Way up here, alone...
Im as good as dead.
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