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Luke Jul 2017
Madness, repeating expecting different results,
Ever hungry, never full my mind it catapults
Pull yourself together, another person you’re creating
****’s the only option, and you know the devils waiting
Euphoria is top shelf but I know I’ll pay the price
Draining all my quirky traits like water into rice
Rescue isn’t optional my best hope is to pray, that
One day I’ll be gone for good, my soul faded away
Never underestimate the power of yesterday
Endorphin's cruise my vessels now but how long will they stay?
This poem is acrostic; reading the left hand side will give some a hint as to what on earth I'm talking about
Head down inside the sink you tried
Sick as a dog you wish you died
Pick up yourself, no time for suicide
Rest your health, no need to do it twice

I think it's time for a new tattoo
Make it mine, The man you wish you knew
Make your statement that your love is true
No need to wait then for tomorrow to prove

Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria
Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria

Give me more of them endorphins
Happy chemicals keep me happy again
Fly away from zombie world and depression
Electro shock, lobotomy, dysfunction

Give me more of that legal stimuli
To enhance me to the feeling of being high
Step away from the world its all a bunch of lies
Tried to see it their way, can't say I didn't try

Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria
Sweet Euphoria
Complete Euphoria
Q Jun 2016
endorphins, sweat, forgetting to breathe
losing your mind while exploding with chi

energy spilt in a myriad of glimmering hues
lost in doubtful eyes, huge from ******* ooh's


Paint the black hole blacker. -The Strangers

Nigel Finn Jun 2016
Endorphins need to be released
In the quest for happiness and peace,
So if you love it let it go
And feel the joy it can bestow
In reply to Ryan - SparKticas's "Single Cell Organism"

Cheerfulness is never more than a thought away, although I appreciate that can seem like quite a distance away sometimes.
JayceeJellies Oct 2015
You released a mechanical type of chemical inside of my brain it drove me insane but *you did it anyways.
Nina Campos Feb 2015
Releasing endorphins
Not because of you.
Ironatmosphere Jun 2014
I danced
And I jumped
I let the music take over my body
Like the alcohol had taken over theirs
I let the endorphins make me high
And I danced
Not caring if anybody was watching
I danced
As if music was a drug
And I was an addict
amanda martinez Apr 2014
I look up and
suddenly I am at the top
of a mountain.
Nothing but clouds that surround
to hold my hand,
so there I stand…
attempting to scream
as loud as I can.
But nothing comes out, so I dream.
My smile is the sun warming
bleak souls with vibrant beams,
creating peace below…or so it seems.

Abruptly my laughter pours
out, so on a rain cloud I lean.
But it is irrepressible - I'm on all fours.
Endorphins seeping, trickling down.
So I open up the door
and paint with colors from my core,
replacing the worlds gray with vivid tones.
Sunshine and rainbows to ensure
that the blissful truth is shown
and shared, but never compared.
And slowly I realize I was never alone.
I blink and find your eyes…I'm home.
January 30, 2014

— The End —