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Kyle Duran Feb 2020
We were young,
walking around
5th avenue

Two strung out
kids from the burbs

Sun glistening
off our glazed eyes

Driving around
in a *******
with one door
smashed in

I remember your t-shirt
It said "Send me forget-me-nots"

I always gave
you **** for it


What do you think?
habiba Feb 2019
I see it as from outside a window,
Myself walking fast, head bowed,
Life happening all around me without sound,
Distanced even then, not sure I know why
The paces of development grow hazy around that line.

My heart was soft,
My head curiously empty,
A balloon floating along,
Not certain where she might belong

It was the best of times,
I still go there in my head,

I don't remember the feel of the wind on my face,
But the feel of the wood I sat on in my classroom
The urgency every time the bell rang for lunch hour,
The acrid taste of isolation when I hadn't enough for the tack room

It was the best of times,
I still go there is my head,

My friend had a bag of coin in the desk nearby,
I saw her put it there and,
I took it, I don't know why,
They found me out, hung me dry,
From then on I tried not to pry,
Kids really know how to crucify.

It was the best of times,
I still go there in my head.

When my child's eye was pure,
Boys hard-wearing, still demure,
I used to think I would never be self-assured,
I'm still not,
Confrontation ties my insides in a knot,

But I live for those days,
When Saturday mornings meant cartoons,
Followed by hilariously misguided cooking attempts at noon,
That would get you later whooped past sense
All your friends watching from the fence.

It was the best of times,
I still go there in my head.
Taki Kumiko Feb 2016
The moments
we can never

The words
we've left

The places
we can't ever

The feelings
that have been long
Q Jan 2016
the worst is not knowing what was real
which "i love you"
which deep, longing gaze into my eyes
which last kiss with hopes of another
which caress that wasn't meant for another
i wish i could hold on to the good
but what was a lie
what was a dream
what was us

everything ok?
Amber Oct 2015
You got the face of an angel
Honey  nothing lasts forever
I´ll feed you the lies
It´s all the same
A pleasant  taste of  heartache
You taste like vanillin mixed  with bipolar
Nothing  ever  grows out of pity
I´ll  cherish the smell
of your decaying  past
in your everly growing collection of perfume
With hints of  dementia and white floral
Once  you fill every  space  with
your  true  love
whos name  you dont mention

— The End —