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chichee Nov 2018
Oh my petite,
You're a five-course dinner with the works
and a lovesick tantrum.
Your affection
like a hummingbird,
with how it pecks and pecks and
Lips faster than one-sixtieth of a second
when you say
You don't love me anymore

But darling, I've got a
letterbox heart
Iron locks and
Silver casts
Filled with postcards
to no address.
Open me up and find
your name scrawled inside
over and
(Oh Love, I still do.)
Nadia Jun 28
Book Review Poetry - The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

Feminist queer historical romance
How could I not give it a chance
Science and art plus love as needed
This daring book sweetly succeeded
This ebook just became available at the library. Refreshing, fun read.

Anyone else have a #RhymingReview?
Addison Sep 2018
I bought a colouring book!
It's small
and clean
and new
and all the lines are already in!

I'll just colour
     here        and            there and here   and        here     and there and
he         re    and            there          and   here a       nd     there
here  and    here           and t         here   and her  e an     d there and
he         re    and there  and h          ere   and    there a     nd he
re         an    d there a   nd here and th   ere       and h     ere and there.
I wish she was here to colour with me.
Jasmine Reid Aug 2018
No matter how dark of a light you see yourself in,
Just know that I can never see you that way.
Let them know how you see their smile.
Blanca Enigma Aug 2017
I'm not a poet, never claimed to be. I hold my feelings in, but that's a dangerous thing. Expressing myself through words is a healing step. Expressing myself to you is a baby step. Short and a sweet, that's how its always been.
Shannon Jul 2017
Broken piece pierce the atmosphere.
Rocket ships  to the floor beneath.
Shards of shimmering fragments form
Sharp edges rocking
Swaying to the music of momentum.
Just enough so one might see,
That beautiful whole that once was me.

Sahn 7.17
Joshua Haines Jan 2017
I have taken
her shimmering body
and have made her
believe it's dull
Thomas Hatchett Dec 2016
The only line
I've ever heard that worked...

"Hey girl...
            Bring your fine *** over here and let me tell you some lies"

Honesty is always the best policy I guess.
True story
Rhianecdote Oct 2016
I see a lot of Take

                        So I no longer Give

Zero ***** also works as a title but London lingo man
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