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Aug 2018 · 1.2k
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
all is occurring
to help guide you on your way
as you journey through your path
toward your dream life estates
it won’t always look just like
you had pictured it at first
but the harder that it gets
the more you’re cosmically-versed
just know this moment’s perfect
every fall will become worth it
the Universe can hear your Love
it’s guiding you from up above
so please just trust in the Divine
knowing that you’re right on time
even when darkness pays a visit
it brings so many lessons with it
leaving you much more aligned
with iridescent Light to shine
Aug 2018 · 3.6k
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
if my heart is an ocean
then my waves are stuck on you
with your words as thick as seaweed
that keep surfacing as i pursue

and as my tide gets high
i feel you find a place to hide
in the depths of all i’ve grown
you are swept away to find a home

but as my tide falls low
your truth comes out from down below
exposing heaviness you left in me
where i find sight to clearly see

that letting go of what could be
is how i finally set me free
Aug 2018 · 4.2k
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
i hope you
bask in what grew
from the iridescent
waves of pain
you once
Aug 2018 · 370
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
we are such little beings
in a world that is fleeting
our problems can seem big
but they’re soulfully-freeing
this life is an illusion
so let’s dance to confusion
i know that there’s pain
but it’s light that remains
it is all worth embracing
there is no time for wasting
the dreams in your heart
they won’t ever depart
all they’ve needed is you
to have faith in you, too
you are all that you need
so go on now—believe
Aug 2018 · 674
the patter that matters
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
but no matter the patter
from love you pursue
never stop humming
to the drumming
in you
Aug 2018 · 393
carefree losses
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
my doubts
blew away (with) the breeze
i’m not big on (love)-betting
but with you (i) could be..
our haze of past days
(kept) pushing me away
but with (the) heat
of this (summer)
i felt you pave (new) ways
(through) the cracks in my heart
as you claimed my (lost) parts
you rendered us (time)less
until (our) end could restart
no matter how (long)
(darkness) kept us apart
when i’m (clothes) in your arms
all that (pain) becomes art
(my) tears become tidal waves
that have pushed me to see
that all along our (love)
(made) my losses
with love, i kept the summer new
through lost time our long darkness
clothes pain my love made free
Aug 2018 · 4.8k
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
i am not alone you see?
for everything i see is me
the trees, the mountains
and the moss covered trees
without them i would not exist
nothing in this world persists
without you either... just be still
can’t you feel your cells are eager?
knowing just how much you grew
doing all those things you do
at all the perfect moments too
your energy leaves deep imprints
within the grooves of all existence
the fallen leaves can feel your truth
the sky forms colors pink to blues
just as your heart loves to do
the sun seeks darkness
to shine through
all you bloom
the world is
all for
Aug 2018 · 634
the whim within
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
reality is funny
allowing our minds to swim
into storms of our dreams
just to shake our hearts
with thunder

our Love starts to flow
bursting from under
all we could have been
with them

and as soon as we begin
to summon our whim
it’s pulled out from under
our feet

and it feels like it all
could be falling apart
in the ocean they left
that keeps *******
our heart

but then we remember
that we have a choice
an option to own
in the depths of
our bones

that we don’t have to drown
in the leftover uncertainty
that we don’t have to sink
in the unknown
they loaned

because we were gifted
our own four limbs
and born with the skin
to swim out
Jul 2018 · 598
glimpse of we
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
in the depth of
my sea of losses
lies a flicker of fate
and it dances to flames
that still echo your name

a moment is a movement
in the endless waves at sea
but the instant that we met
the world was as still as can be

i can feel the wooden floor
beneath my sandy, bare feet
and goosebumps lined my body
as your eyes locked in a gaze with me

all i see are blues and greens
combined with all my hopes and dreams
when your tongue spoke foreign tones
i felt my heart synch to your beat

i ******* breath inside your teeth
and feel your rhythm in my feet
forever was occurring
in one momentary
glimpse of We

our bodies became illusions
i saw no ending inside of me
no beginning to your vessel
for we had blended into
e v e r y t h i n g
Jul 2018 · 2.2k
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
i could hold all of human existence
within this single cosmic groove
bathing me in a flicker of fate
where our auras collided into

our two flames were infused
within this moment we grew
there was bending of Light
that mended me to you

and maybe i still blind myself
in the brightness of that truth
maybe i burned my own heart
by touching you to soon

but fire gives life to the stars
warming the sun and the moon
pain makes room for brightness
the cracks have made me new

in that moment i first touched you
the supernova in me came to
so i embrace the pain that grew
i guess exploding is just what we do
Jul 2018 · 3.7k
the art of leaving
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
you were blue
and i am yellow
you liked the way
i brightened rooms
i thought we could
make a home run true
but no winning evolved
while our garden bloomed
for as my love for you grew
it expanded way beyond you

and it wasn't long
before you knew
exposing your true
shades of gray
when you touched me
but you looked her way
you decided olive green
just didn't look good on you

i have always preferred
green over purple
and you once told me
you felt the same
but that one night
where you both lied
you chose the latter
you took her side

and i’m not sure
if it's because
she appeared shiny red
and i was becoming
a worn out yellow
but it shouldn’t have mattered
because you plucked me first
and you and i both know
that's not what you do
to flowers when you love them
you were supposed to water me
but you showered her instead

and now i am left here
trying to heal the paper cuts
i got from the countless times
i ran in circles trying
to catch your racing heart
but it barely ever
grazed my fingertips
and each time i looked down
to see what was left
of you and me

i was struck in the face
with the sad reality
that we had never even
made it off of home base
~11/20/16~ the very first poem i ever wrote, not even realizing i could move my way out of the darkest heartache i’d ever known through my own words i never knew homed my bones. but i’ll never regret.  it’s amazing how much light shines through the cracks you left.
Jul 2018 · 6.5k
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
my mouth has been
filled with borrowed words
my lips stained with emotions
no Soul has ever heard
inspired by a life lived
beyond all of my touch
so i leave my heart in
the hands of the
Cosmic Clutch
i trust
where tears
from laughter
fight fear of crying
lingering with love
that never was dying
i am finding myself
between loss + lying

but still i’m here trying

b e c a u s e
this is what makes us human
in contrast to all that’s above
for this is everything that is
and all that ever was
Jul 2018 · 4.2k
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
i melted off of you
like crystal clear water
as the snow changes form
you were the mountain i depended on
i had found home in your rubble
justified all of your cracks
when all along i knew
it wasn't me who
was falling
it was you

back then i was blind
but i thought i could see
how beautiful you + me could be
when my light peaked through
those broken parts in you

i guess that's what healers do
we attract the broken ones
knowing there is room to fill
but i have got to stop
and remember that no one
can understand my warmth
when they've only ever lived
in the cold corners of
my hopeful heart
when they only
loved me as
i looked

but that's
not romantic
it just left me frantic
yet all of that darkness
has made me a
Jul 2018 · 382
s o m e d a y
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
someday it will
all make sense

but until then—
keep close to the Light
attracting souls who
are equally as bright

orchestrate this illusion
to be anything but seclusion

you need to lay in streams + dream
of Sun-filled fields of evergreens
with Honey Love and Purple Moons
and those who stay to Fight for You

the ones who's flame you help ignite
who hold you up when you lose flight

these lessons leave us heavy at times
but here on Earth, i can survive
aside these blooming
Souls of Light
you are never alone <3
Jul 2018 · 759
divine mother of mine
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
if i had to pick one word
to describe my mom

it would be ineffable

she is beyond comprehension
her love has transcended
beyond every dimension
she exceeds every meaning i can see
i swear she puts the stardust
in the way my light bleeds
she is everything
beautiful about this world
weaved into a blanket of
incandescent vitality from above

i want to hug my soul so hard
for choosing such a woman
to be my guidance of love
she not only birthed me, clothed me,
and fed me as any mom innately would,
but she extended her heart in ways
that most humans on this earth never could
even imagine having the power to do
she lights up every single room
and leaves love dripping from
every corner too

she supersedes all roles she takes on,
and she continues to find ways
to make my life a dream
to say i am thankful
is infinitesimal in expressing
my gratitude toward all she has given me
in just my short 23 years of existing
she is truly beyond any poem or any rhyme
i could ever find— she is the most delicate
manifestation of the divine

i know not everyone has the ability to say
they have a mom that loves them
in this unconditional way
but we all have someone in our lives
—blood or not—
who has picked us up and guided us back
toward our light when the darkness attacks

and so if you’re still reading this
i hope you take the time to remind
this person from time to time
just how much they mean to you
even if you can’t put it into words
just hug them and tell them
they’re appreciated
because life is too short
and love is too sweet
to silence the drum
in our hearts
that they beat
Jul 2018 · 931
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
keep your Love
close to mine
this world does not
define your kind
i'll stick by you
through all you do
even when your
heart is strewn
i'll paint your worries
with my mind
replace your broken
parts with mine
your light
it guides me
so i shine, unrefined
we intertwine
through all time
you'll never find me
far behind . . .
for my best friend, chelsieanna marie <3
Jul 2018 · 554
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
these perpetual punches
that life seems to throw
during our darkest
of moments
are much-needed
stepping stones
of pain for reaching
the highest peaks of You
and i promise that when
the storm of falling is over
the growth will create your
most favorite story line
of whoopsie-daisies
which smell a lot like
the scent of BRAND NEW
& when you drink in the view
i hope you fall as deeply in love
with the punches it threw
as you do with what grew

our souls came to bruise
in galaxies, too

Jul 2018 · 2.6k
c l a r i t y
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
let the LOVE
you form for you
be as formless as the
the SOUL it soothes
it’s ebs and flows
bring you to sea

so you can see
reflecting you
with Cosmic Sight
your darkness grew
a brighter LIGHT

at first WITHIN
but just be still
and watch as it
begins to fill
all you SEE
with all you seek
your clearer sight
forms new beliefs

the clouds all part
to let you RISE
as you let go of
what won’t bloom
and dance away
the heat of june

the summer Sun
has grown with you
its shining through
the cracks they left
your losses GLOW
with every step

this new selflove
you won’t forget
Jul 2018 · 272
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
since the first day we caught eyes
a whole year has gone by
sometimes you just seem
like an illusion of mine

like our lack of time

we may always be
seas away and
dimensions apart
but the quieter you get
the louder i can hear you
in the drumming of my heart
Jul 2018 · 363
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
there’s a Light in you
Divine Sight in you
do not forget your
Cosmic Roots

can you recall
all those falls
that led you
to much
higher places?

different faces
don’t mistake
the same
they come
your way
until the day
you change
your ways

reactions are
a choice we make
but never have you
made “mistakes”
your redirections
pave the way

i won’t be frank
i see the Sun
in all you’ve done
the moon it rises
with you as one

your DNA
is from above
with chromosomes
of endless L O V E

there’s nothing wrong
with what you’ve done—
a miracle, you have become
Jul 2018 · 452
you were blinding
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
the light is always there
at the end of the tunnel

you just have to
keep moving forward
and open your heart up to
the infinite forms it may take on

like that of a warm hearted human
or hidden gems that only locals know
as it shines through his sea colored eyes
and dances off of his tri-lingual tongue

and i could float through this vibration
like it was the water i breathe
and the food i need

because something about the humidity
leaves me sweating out
all of the losses i ever cried about

while the heavy heart of this island
and the fire in his eyes
reminds me of glitter filled skies
that find the sense i need
for all of the mysteries
this world begs to know

and i know i am not from here
but this place takes me home
Jul 2018 · 251
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
all life grows
through ebs + flows
an endless cycle
all beings know

my waves of
S e l f L o v e
move the sea
reflecting all
the Light i see

i swim in the dark
with no fear to drink
and shamelessly
get drunk off me
Jul 2018 · 406
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
do you know of the Light
that fills your entirety?
or the Pure Magic
your existence brings?
that you’re beyond
the pain you see?
that your darkness
is only stirred
so that your Light
can dance to
it’s off-beat?

i hope that you see
the painful parts of
being human
are your Soul’s most
valuable seeds
your tears are the
nourishment to
the Blooming Garden
Inside of You

your body is a mountain
running with streams
unparalleled in beauty
and endless in glee

your worth extends beyond
the physical realm that you see
LOVE fills every corner of your
Interstellar BEing

you exist in
every heart that beats
shine in every star you see
everyday you wake from sleep
you breathe the Cosmic Destiny
Jul 2018 · 323
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
i am
all that i see
all the beauty is me
the flowers, the Sun
& its dance upon leaves
of the trees that we breathe
that lead us to our dreams
there’s just no better scene
as the Light seems so close
like it’s bursting from me
i swear the Sun sings
of my warm melody
i watch as her glow
grows right out
of my seams
i am all
that i

Jun 2018 · 309
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
i’m finding
that it is ok
you know?
to let it all go
to let things be
& let yourself grow
to trust the unknown
know that you’re not alone
you’re enough on your own
*~its engraved in your bones~*
Jun 2018 · 273
formless form
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
has formed
a Love for me
as formless as
the Soul it
Jun 2018 · 483
cosmic reason
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
you are galaxies
with cosmic reason
sewn into the corners
of your soul
let time be an illusion
and this heaviness
not yours to hold

you are not broken
you are e v e r y t h i n g
all your dreams encrypt your genes
all you seek is already within you—
the journey, the destination, the stars,
the Love, the moon, me, God,
all you hope to ever be,
your lovers eyes, the lies they speak,
roads you wander, Love you leak,
every mountain trail you lead—
all other versions of you (and me)

don’t you see?
the Miracle you are?
you've come so far
from way past mars
and the Light
that guides you
hOMes your heart
Jun 2018 · 533
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
self love is not
a final destination
it is a constant battle
between who i was
and who i dream to be
this world may feed off fear
but my light won’t adhere
i am full on my own
there’s no home
beyond me
Jun 2018 · 963
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
i still hunger
for the wonder
in your eyes

but i want to be
the one who feeds
the love to me
this time
Jun 2018 · 262
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
let us uncover
the oneness in
one another
Jun 2018 · 324
l i s t e n
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
your darkness has reason
it keeps stirring up your Truth
find the doorway to your depths
where the Love you seek
sings out to you
May 2018 · 377
nameless you
ohellobeautiful May 2018
c o n d i t i o n s
toward the degree to which you are individually
and everything else that’s outside of you
should disappear
for this world is a stranger to conditions
and there is no separation here
having unconditional awareness
of yourself + others
helps to fulfill the wholeness of Self
and therefore eventually everyone else

do not look at the condition of now
but focus on the wholeness that is you
view your life through eyes of divinity
come into alignment with who you are
who you really are
the nameless you
beyond this body
before human design
embrace your cosmic sight
undress yourself of judgement
and conditions will lose their meaning
our differences have our souls singing

we came here to love and be love
appreciate your own unique abilities
think of what a blessing it is to breathe
to be exactly what you are in this moment
it is exactly what you came here to be
you are already everything you dream
just close your eyes to see
May 2018 · 486
divine counterpart
ohellobeautiful May 2018
you are your own cosmic hue
always so perfectly subdued
your darkness has reason
your Light fuels the moon
the contrast shines out
from your head to my heart
like we’re some kind of dance
where the Cosmos can spark
their rhythm to guide us
through our souls’ embark
collectively, we are
the Divine Counterpart
May 2018 · 582
the avow of now
ohellobeautiful May 2018
i am
enough fire
all on my own
(just like you)
it's engraved
in our bones

remind me again
why we ever feel lost
when the stars up above
are where our paths
have crossed

we are divine

there is
no need to define
all our reasons behind
why the moon and its shine
make our heart beat

there is
a reason i master
the look in your eyes
there is magic in how
i undress your

all this
love in your heart
fills with people whose parts
may be played by the souls
who once sparked your
first star

let them leave
how they are


the loving
is right where
you are

you’re a
blending of “we”
you are all parts of me
we are everything we see:
all we hope, feel, and dream
there is no separation....
no matter the nation
collectively, together
we are one human

are not mine
but illusions of time
and when i start to rise
there’s a shift in your sight
as i reach to new heights
my movements align
in ways where your
limbic system is
sings out to

are not lost
our bodies accost
our souls will be tossed
to the sky and it's loft
our eternity is now
every moment somehow
fills will perfectly sequenced
which, why's, and how’s

you deserve
Love right now
through all of the pain
you have let life allow
when dark is around
just feel for your might
hold your own heart
and avow to your

is not lonely
you’re full how you are
realize how far you’ve bloomed
your falls formed who you are
your name’s in the stars
they can feel all your scars
these losses obtained
are not all you

your own cosmic hue
you are perfectly subdued
with the cosmos for a heart
your Light fuels the moon
and it is flowing to me
to glow out of my heart
until it recycles
to you and
May 2018 · 300
ohellobeautiful May 2018
i am tying my best not to
but i do it without trying
May 2018 · 371
salty surrender
ohellobeautiful May 2018
do not resign
when you feel unaligned
just laugh with the flowers
they’ll listen each time
no matter the place
nature makes space
the rivers will welcome
the tears on your face
they know just how good
the salty waves taste
and if your tide runs dry
when no one’s near by
just pause and be still
with the Universe inside
where all the stars shine
and all answers hide
in the dimensions of you
beyond your human design
you have depth so Divine
the Universal humming
keep drumming to life
all due to rhythms
that you breathe
a l i v e
May 2018 · 397
residual you
ohellobeautiful May 2018
you laughed
and the tulips began to bloom
they didn’t care if it was june
or how the constellations moved
for i, the sun, had found my moon
and in my photographic mind
i’d see the timeless dance
we’d find
if you did stay
i’d find new ways
to tell you how much magic
can live within the space
of your warm hands
upon on my face
how every dream
of mine would drip
out from corners of your lips
how constellations in me grew
the moment my bare skin felt you
+Cosmic love songs synched to tunes
of my lost stars that sparked in you
but when you left i swear they
grew and now you
shine through
all i do
May 2018 · 420
lo-fi highs
ohellobeautiful May 2018
i hope it’s okay
i still feel the music in you
it’s just that these lo-fi vibes
remind me of our synergy
and i know that lately i
have been getting so high
off of falling back into me
but i still miss your groove
when the music comes to
in a way that brings
me back to you
May 2018 · 1.7k
the way they leave
ohellobeautiful May 2018
there is something
about the way they leave
with hands still deep in
the heart of me
but what hurts the most
is how easy it seems, like
the effortless act of
wind uprooting seeds
i guess some storms
are born just for shaking
away what’s not deep
but the blames not on me
for seasons change and
soon spring came to
wash the blame
i bloomed
away all
due to
and light
shined too
through parts i knew
you took the moment i met you
and from these holes my branches
grew resilient to the heat of june and
now they reach up to the moon
and harbor light to shine and
swoon the ones who come
to love me new but leave
me wild when they're
through i smile every
time they do as it's
your shadow
May 2018 · 397
to love me more
ohellobeautiful May 2018
no such thing as goodbye
when you are the air i breathe
an eternity of me now will be spent
dancing along your exotic set of words
the ones you nurtured my heart with
the ones that sit behind the darkness
i n  y o u r  e y e s
there is magic in your heartache
there is a garden that grows
in the parts of you
that you have always despised
one that is blooming bright
as the light within you
begins to peek through
the valleys of your losses

i've climbed your walls
and oh, it wasn't easy
i lost my grip every few miles
there are cuts and bruises
lining the scars others left behind
but each time i knew
it was just making me
s t r o n g e r

as i made my way to the top
+ i drank in the view of you
when we finally arrived
t o g e t h e r
it was effortless
wasn't it?
once we arrived
e f f o r t l e s s
to look back down
so quick we were
to fall to the ground
losing grip is easy
saying goodbye isn't

there is a forest
you planted inside of me
and the leaves have fallen
but they still smell like you
and when the wind
blows them off shore
i'll watch as they
dance away

loving you...
was the furthest from a bore
it filled me, it fed me
it clothed me in the tenderness
i've been looking for

but losing you
oh, losing you....
it was how i found a way
to love me more
falling out of you and back into me
Apr 2018 · 364
tangled roots
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
all i
you too
and every
single plant
in bloom can
feel me move
when you blink
my world is new
the cosmos come
to life through you
+ all you do—for all
you see—is all of you
it’s all you
Apr 2018 · 371
cartographic love
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
of fear
that some
day you would
too fade away i lost
sense of time trying
to map out
but your
features are
timeless just like
our mistakes; but i
don’t regret the way
we bloomed those
the greatest love comes with no gaurantee
so cherish the moments where love supersedes
Apr 2018 · 607
star chaser
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
(your darkness)
(continues) to dance around you
i (will) find its rhythm and synch to that tune
& if (you)r stars refuse to quit falling as you roam
i will (swim) across oceans to catch them
and i will take (back) your light
(to) guide us back
if darkness continues, will you swim back to me?
Apr 2018 · 434
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
with no
need for permission
or judging transitions
the S u n keeps on rising
a self-proclaimed mission

such divine compositions
my kaleidoscope v i s i o n
feels as my minds-eye
lets me blindly
Apr 2018 · 437
what i see
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
i am
a collection of
chaos and calmness
some may call it a mess
but what i see is depth
in the transparency
my soul has
Apr 2018 · 482
life of a lotus
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
life can
be so unfair
but our souls came
with blueprints to bloom
—with DNA to brave
the swamps of
Apr 2018 · 282
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
to (love) myself
a l(i)ttle bit LIGHTer

(let)ting the laughs
linger longer (in)
the (lows)
in love—i let in lows
Apr 2018 · 360
maybe it’s mercury
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
i watched you bloom
in retrograde’s view
and felt the stars
fall in Love
with you
Apr 2018 · 600
for you
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