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The hummingbird that doesn't hum,
For he knows the words to the song,
Is singing it over the steel drums.
But at the end of the night
He got me humming it on my way home,
And snapping my fingers
To the beat of the drums.
Somehow, I'm no longer upset, I'm alone.
June 15, 2019
Inspired by a joke;
"Why does the hummingbird hum?"
"Because It doesn't know the words."
Humming to myself in the shower
In the shower i hum to myself
For there is no one else
In this shower
Its my happiest safest place as well

Each drip drop drip drop drip drop
In the shower
Is my only comfort in my days

Each drip drop drip drop drip drop
In my shower
It sings with me and gives me praise

And we hum and we hum and we hum
For fun and fun and fun
And we drum and we drum and drum
Singing singing singing is never dumb

In our shower, your shower, my shower
We dance and feel, empowered

In my shower, your shower, their shower
It costs alot of money, but we still spend an hour.

June 9 2019
I like my showers
Arianna Jun 3
Sea foam fizzles away,
feels like stars:

wild, tidal chord progressions.

Why so melancholy,
why so grey?
Noize MC - "Моё Море":
Angelica May 17
soft long wisps of light honey brown hair
caught in the wind, dance on the clouds
her soft closed lips, velvet-like sounds
the rain caught in summer air
and her legs sway to-and-fro
and her mind soars with the birds
and fence she sits on purrs
as the fuzzy melody flows
the flowers sway along to the tune
the grass; torn between emeralds and gold
May cries to her lovely sister June
the pond shakes when her foot brushes its mold
everything is whispering in tune
and though everything is new, it all feels old
hee hee :)
PrernaK Mar 10
In the light, we laugh
under the moon, we gleam.

lying on the dry grass
of an unknown field.
we talk about how
on a cold mountain
one day,
we'll wrap our arms
around each other
humming the songs
of our summery dreams.

How I write thinking of my lover's face.
sushii Jan 28
On a day such as this,
I return from my tiring work.
On a day such as this,
I return to this dull world.

I hear it once more--
The droning, and the grayness it explores.

I feel it coming--
The humming, and the slight drumming...

The thinning beats are composed of children's pitter-patter,
And sullen ***** dish clatter.
The tuneless melody speaks of pointless meanings,
And empty greetings.

I hear it once more--
The droning, and the grayness it explores.

I feel it coming--
The humming, and the slight drumming...

I hear it one more time--
Or so I think,
For the part of me that understands
Has already died.
I’m humming so that I can’t hear them
But they can hear me
And hate my humming
But how else do I cope?
Deb Jones Jan 7
I surround myself with music
My tastes are very eclectic
Alexa playing all night long
Downstairs, volume five
Wind chimes in the back and front
Hanging from the eaves
Also several in the trees
The rustling leaves that hang over my home
The birds singing
The coyotes howling
All this pleases my ears
Pleases me so much

I dance alone on my hardwood floors
I dance with partners too
Playing music that are hip rockers
Teary-eyed as I sway to the blues

A few years ago I went out
With four male friends
On my Birthday
To a favored local band
I took turns dancing with each
A woman approached our table
And I thought good.
She will ask one to dance
But she asked me

I play foreign music
When I need to concentrate
Most I can’t understand
But the music makes me
Almost lean toward the melody
Japanese, French, Slavic folk music, Indian reeds, Operas, Mariachi, Rap too
I don’t have to “sing along”
Its just so viscerally haunting
It’s like falling in love

And my toes still tingle
With the need to dance

My phonograph is part of my furniture
The slight crackle before the melody starts
The sound is still unique to me

I hum so much and for so many hours
My throat hurts
I have to make myself stop
Which is harder than you think

My friends “tune” me like a radio
Usually when we are playing Crib
If I am humming one song
They will hum another
I will follow their lead.
Then another takes over
Within a minute I change again
I only catch on when it’s a song
I wouldn’t normally hum.
They did this for years
Before they pointed it out to me.

When I was a little girl
My family and friends
Called me the Hummingbird

Music is where I find myself
And leave parts of me

I will admit this.
When I am heart hurt
I can’t bear to listen to music
Everything I love about music
Becomes the things
That scratches my heart
Over and over again

Once I went almost two years,
A lifetime, without music
I know I am recovering when I don’t
Reach out to turn it off
If I hear it unexpectedly
I know I am healing,
When I embrace music again
And start humming once more
This segued more than I planned. But it’s complete. :)
Edited to add this for Lori Jones McCaffery.
My 2 go to songs to get any song out of my head
Is The Rolling Stones “Beast of Burden”
And the other is laughably the theme song
To the “Beverly Hillbillys”
Latifah Dec 2018
I hear your voice
Humming in my ears
Saying all the words
That once made my heart beat.
CGW Oct 2018
Through all this unborn silence is a legion of angels humming.
When I my fairy fantasy self arrive back home the strings that are bathed in golden light and that connects us will be revealed.
I'll think back to when I was a child and made of pieces.
How I would look up at sky blue like nothing really mattered.
Those drifting clouds muttering hallow English words at each other.
This galaxy in my grasp, vibrating with such mass that purple dust pours from the cracks of my clenched fists.
These dust particles are the size of planets.
Like sad dandelions spores they drift lethargic and unbalanced into higher dimensions.
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