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Ellesora Rue Jan 2022
Is that how you feel?

That man walking by
The girl who says hi
Your best friend
You close relative
What do you know—
Just maybe
They're like you:
A perfectly

If you stare
Right into their ever beating hearts
Into their silent soul
Maybe you'll find
A chip
A crack
Or maybe all you find are pieces
Of shattered self
They are like you
perfectly ruined things

You aren't so different
You are surrounded by yourself, over and over
Tiny little perfectly ruined things ignoring the pain
Building walls
Until you have forgotten
How you were before you became

Day 4 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: perfectly ruined thing
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
We are perfectly imperfect
Delightfully wrong
Dysfunctional relationship
Yet it is where I belong

I am the angel on your shoulder
You are the demon on mine
Taste sweeter than ambrosia
Burn stomach like strychnine

You affect my vision
Around you I can't see clear
In your absence aware of illusions
But rendered blind the moment you're near

Your charming wickedness
And my naivete
Balance out our scales
With equal harmony

Love me in shades of grey and black
And I'll bring color to your universe
This cloak of loyalty I wear
Is both a blessing and a curse

You tell me what I want to hear
I say what is true
Sometimes I long to be free of the worry
But too much is at stake to lose
Couldn't. Come up with a better ending so there you have it rotfl
Krizel Grace Nov 2020
She's written with crimson red blood,
Unceasingly flowing
From her invisible cuts.

Dressed with carefully picked enthralling wordsー
Seemingly fitting, seemingly perfect
But as you read between the lines,
You'll be wrapped with her gloomy wilting vines.

She could either be a riddle
And leave you bewildered,
Or she could be an answer
And shed light upon you.

For she's a sad poem
But beautifully written.

Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I sit in the dark in solitude
How did I get here?
Know how to get out
Paralyzed by fear

Bleed good intentions
I'm running out of red
See all my weakness
Instability in my head

So pretty appear to be
I perfectly play the part
I'll feel how I look one day
Til then inhale myself apart
I am a hot mess
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
Roses are perfectly red
Violets are perfectly blue
Swear that I'm perfect also
I know that's not true
I tried being her
Girl your eyes see
I can't change
Still the same me
Roses will always be red
Violets will always be blue
Know I will never
Be enough for you
A valentine's poem in january..
False Poets May 2019
when you understand my poems perfectly then,

their utility is inutile,
their usefulness is, will. always be, in the


reinterpretation, a million and still counting,
as long as you must guess at its labyrinth inner wired construct,
be pleasured by the roiled and rolled curves upon your tongue,
two lives (yours, mine), a paired wine tasting, we together,
believing in the greatness of joyous frustration

some say, as I do, the world is better for the
utility of thine own struggled understanding,
the truest combination of two way communication,
surpassed only by our at last armed embrace,

when at last we understand our mutuality of need and salve...
mel Mar 2019
but maybe
it’s a beautiful thing
that we can never be perfect
maybe in fact, there is bliss found
in the idea that there is no limit to
being more of something we want
or less of something we don’t

maybe humans arrived
with the purpose to be
perfectly imperfect

so that as we grow our awareness
to the expansiveness of our souls
we quietly choose qualities
we want to be more or less of
throughout all of our lives

to be more compassionate
to be less ******* ourselves

i mean look at us
already carrying so much
so much worthiness and beauty
but still always wanting to be more

and i don’t think it will ever stop
i don’t think there is a limit
to what we can ever be

so in a sense,
in our current now state
we may feel imperfect
as we think of all we hope to be
and know we aren’t quite there yet

but isn’t knowing
there is more to see
more to grow
more to know

isn’t that
what we came here for?
Colm Nov 2018
In the clutches of envy, or judgement, or denial
With eyes turned outward at another life
Don’t hide when the inkwell turns up dry
But accept the death which comes to life
And lets you pass by this windowed world

Fly into the perfectly natural
You should look up E.E. Cummings on how Dying Is Fine
Marie Lozada Aug 2018
One day you come across a guy so amazing--
So amazing you think he's the one
and you create this image in your head
of how perfectly his arms would wrap around you,
how his kisses will always be cherished,
how his eyes and his husky voice
will always leave you
wanting for more

then, suddenly, you realise
at twelve-thirty-eight a.m.,
that if he wanted you;
he would have his arms wrapped around you,
he would always cherish your kisses,
your eyes and angelic voice
will always leave him
wanting for more

but it doesn't happen.
and you finally realise to yourself--
that if he wanted you,
I mean, if he really wanted you
you'll both have your arms wrapped around each other
you'll both cherish each other's kisses like no other
you'll both get drowned in each others eyes
but you don't.

And it hits you.
Maybe, it was your imagination all along.
It was only you imagining all along.
After all, maybe he isn't the one for you.
pio son pie Aug 2018
you may hate the truth about this life.
you may hate the fact about the path that you had already thrown.
you may hate the feelings about the feels that you had already expressed.

this world literally has nothing.
has nothing nonetheless you.
you just can’t accept what had already occurred.
you just can’t take it sincerely.

this world changes every millisecond.
you just can't beat it.
the world literally ignores you.
you are the failure for a particular person.

you are the only one who can fill your voidness.
you are the one who can bring influentialness to another person.
before another person did it to you, worse and shameful.
humans are exactly imperfect.

but again, depends on what you did to your life, take yours wisely.
humans deserve to be happy in their own ways,
their life might be not happy to face the "ways" they take.
time does matter to use it perfectly.
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