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Oct 2019
the depths of my losses
lives a flicker of fate
where a fire once burned
and it spells out your name
when i squint though the haze
i see you dance in flames
and i think how my cold hands
could use you these days

i reach out to find
the warmth in your blaze
but suddenly it shrinks
and the flames start to fade
still i keep trying
using all of my strength
but the Light
and You
are completely erased

now darkness is growing
at astounding new rates
and i am left alone
filled with unfulfilling fate
so i build myself up
using mantras of praise
for an abundance of Love
in me always stays

i open my eyes up
to peek at the bleak
darkness around me
and finally i see
through the cracks
you left throughout me
a warm Light is glowing
and i feel my heart beat
with the magic i bleed
it shines with a force
that the sun hasn’t seen
it dances to rhythms
my soul sings on key

soon my cold hands
are warmed by the heat
of all those old flames
that first flickered in me
the ones i had tamed
just to spell out
your name

but i am the warmth
i am all of the flames
what burns inside me
will forever remain

as does the truth
one that i misconstrued
about that great glow
i thought started in you
but you just reflected
the Light that i bloomed
for i am the Sun
and you were a phase
of my moon

for no thing i see
exists outside of me
the fire is burning
always at my seams
glowing to guide me
and help me to see
alone on these paths
that lead me back to me
an old poem i made new <3
Written by
ohellobeautiful  m e l i s s a
(m e l i s s a)   
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