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Jan 20
i sit on my solace
my sunshine—the boldest
covered in dirt, but listen
my soul CHOSE this
and this time,
i know it

so i translate the chimes
and it tickles my spine
can you feel it unwind
as i take back the clock
and use my teardrops
for time?

every. moment. is. Divine.

i will climb
up your spine
::into your limbic system::
plant seeds of loving kindness
in the spaces others left behind
dust off that matrix from your .eye.

the stars are setting in your sighs
your tears illuminate what i can’t face
hope is hidden in those waves
of loss that lingers. . .

and i long for it all

couldn’t you taste the sunshine
in the love that we made?

didn’t you feel the whole
solar system shake?

when you looked at me that way?
Written by
   TSPoetry and FraisDeLaFerme
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