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Mar 2019
it’s not about
trying to seed out the bad
in your garden of overlooked good

it’s about shifting your energy towards
the never ending faucet of goodness
over-flowing within you
and allowing what seems bad
to just become background noise

until eventually it ceases to exist
within your perceived reality

because your soul will be so full
off of the sugar dripping from
the cracks in your heart
so high off of the sunshine
glowing from the knowing
that you are built from
broken parts

that what once was bad
becomes the catalyst
to all things good

and life will begin to unfold
without a single condition
for how loud you can love
or how deeply the stars listen

relish in this
let the bliss
let the magic
of this incredible
gifted experience
consume you

until no separation exists
between where your soul ends
and the rest of existence begins
Written by
ohellobeautiful  m e l i s s a
(m e l i s s a)   
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