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2.6k · Nov 2014
To Exhaustion
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
I feel your weight on my body
But I cannot see you
I cannot know where to find you
You reside my shoulders
Weaken my arms
Limit my legs
Drown my chest
Pull down my head
Stiffen my bones
And you run in all my blood vessels
You are as a disease
Creeped in unnoticed
A surprise when I woke up
I want to know where you are
So I can tell you to
Leave me!
My back longs for the bed
Yet I know that the bed will not suffice
I told Brain to ignore you
But Brain will give in soon
And Heart will do the same too
Leave me!
Leave me now!
1.3k · Aug 2022
Monique Pereda Aug 2022
Kahoy na inaanay
Barko na butas
Lumulubog ng marahan
Kinakain ng dagat

Sugat na nagnanaknak
Balat na inaagnas
Nauubos na dugo
Sinisipsip ng linta

Prutas na nabubulok
Nabubulok ang lamang loob
Malansang amoy na umaalingasaw
Uod na lumalamon sa laman
Tahimik na pumapatay
Ngumunguya ng palihim
Sinisira ang malusog na anyo
Ang anyo ng huwad na katotohanan

Nakasusuklam, nakasusuya
Nakasusuka, mapait na lasa sa labi
Ngunit walang luhang itatangis
Hindi maghihinagpis
Hahayaang mabulok
Hahayaang mamatay
1.3k · Dec 2014
A Need Unspoken
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
To face life's challenges
With no one beside you

To struggle to maturity
With no one to give a pat on the back

To let go of people you loved
With no one to give you a hug

To feel so all alone
With no one who'll take time to listen

To shed tears by yourself
With no one to shed it with

To tell yourself "I'm fine"
With no one to say "are you sure?"

To try forgetting your sorrows
With a pain that lingers

To run from your fears
With no one to show care

To keep silent...
When all you wanted is to scream your heart out!
1.3k · Nov 2014
Him and he
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
"The dinner is off", I said to him
I felt a little pain gripped my heart
There was pain because I turned him down
The dinner won't happen
And might not happen

him...the thought of him gives me strength
Strength to be who I want to be
he is like Him
Him...the thought of Him gives me strength

I wanted to wait
To be invited by him to a dinner someday
And I will say Yes

I'll be at rest, with Him
As He carry me across the dance floor
Eyes only on me
Filled with passion and wildness

Him...whom finds me captivating
1.1k · Nov 2014
To Lust
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
To touch, to hug,
to feel, to kiss,
to share the heart
and fill the longings of it.

To sneak, to hide,
to fear, to lie,
to crush the heart
and steal the purity of it.

To cry, to die,
to hate, to break,
to **** the heart
and take all the life in it.

To you, to me,
to Him, to us,
to guard the heart,
and tame the beast in it.

To God, to Spirit,
to Jesus, to love,
to give the heart,
and take control of it.
947 · Dec 2014
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
Learning to let go
Of someone you long for
Is like an amputation
Of a part of your body
Or choosing little deaths
Every day

Learning to let go
Of someone you desire
Is as the loss of capability
Of your tastebuds
To taste food
Every day

Learning to let go
Of someone you want
Is the same as taking away
The Sun and Rain
To a growing flower
Every day

Learning to let go
Of someone you love
Is like the sight
Of a Rainbow after a storm
Bringing hope
Every day
865 · Dec 2014
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
To be able to breathe
After a long time of holding it


To fill your lungs with air
Letting it reach the farthest parts of your body

To laugh
And not suppress it even a bit

To desire
As a child does

To be in awe of nature
Like a blind who sees

To write a poem
Allowing words to drown your heart

To be given a lasting joy
By a crippled man with a big smile

To long for an adventure
Letting youthful vigor take over

To not be afraid of change
Knowing it is natural

To enjoy things
As simple as the cold wind that touches your face

To appreciate
Even the most common things

To share
And share..and share...and share

To love with all your heart
Without asking anything in return
819 · Nov 2014
To Courage
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
There are no hands willing to help
No voices that ask "how are you's?"
The only sound that I hear
Is the sound of my fearful heart
It beats faster
And my breathing grows harder
As if there is a weight so heavy
Upon my chest

Do I have choices?
No...the hurtful answer
Oh! There's one!
Said the voice inside me
To have no fear
Yes! Be strong and of good courage!

Add a little more patience
Endure a little more pain
You'll never know how much you can endure
Unless you try
The pain will be felt lesser
And you'll get used to it
Be not afraid
767 · Dec 2014
To Music and Singing
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
Never has melodies
And words been such a
Not until now.

They used to comfort me
Accompany me in my pains
My sighs
They were.

They hurt my ears now
And my hands
My throat
And I flee from them if I could.

No words
No melodies
Can offer any relief
In my sorrow.

I am..
And grasping for air
Never has it been like this.

How can I have forgotten
Something that I used to do
Night and Day
And with all my strength?

My heart has no song
It is but an empty sheet
It blabbers
Useless sounds.
726 · Dec 2014
To all Poets
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
I could stay here..forever
Reading all your poems
Digging deep into humanity
Knowing pieces of human heart
Of pain
I love to write
But I also love to read
Letting words fill the deep longings of my heart
Thanks to all poets who live real lives.
723 · Nov 2014
The Man from another world
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
I have found a Man whose heart burns with Love
He came from a world far from my world
He has the smell of a thousand flowers
His lips are made by a Smile of Happiness
He has soft skin, softer than silk
Yet he is made of the strongest gems inside

I fell for Him and gave him my heart
He gave me words, words I never thought existed
He was my ink, my pen and my melody
Once I had been an infidel, almost lost myself
Yet He Loved me, even gave me respect and honor when I've lost them 
And He Loved me even more...

I'll never be the same because of him

Then I've learned how he could be broken, broken because of Love
The Man also Loved another
Everything was lost
Then...suddenly, he came back to his world
And Distance has won 
Love has left me and I cannot Love anymore, not even myself
Yes, I've forgotten what Love is and cannot define it anymore

I have become a creature unknown of the greatest powers and wonders of Love
I am filled with passion and yearnings of life but without Love

The Man is a memory, a memory which marks
My history, my now and what will be
I wish for the Man a Love
I wish to come to him and offer him songs
Songs to make him asleep in tender tunes
Melodies to heal him
Let him rest, let him sleep
668 · Jan 2015
Monique Pereda Jan 2015
If I fail
I will try yet again tomorrow
If I grew tired to love
I will look to Love
If I see no sun at day
I'll appreciate the moon by night
If I got disappointed with someone
I'll look for the good in that person
If my expectations are not met
I will reevaluate myself
If it's all-about-me
I will make room for others
If my heart aches
I will endure
If I want to be alone
I will surround myself with people
If the pain is too much
I'll give someone a hug
If my pillows gets wet with tears
I'll wet it even more
If I fail
I will try yet again tomorrow
658 · Nov 2014
To Liberty
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
To be seen more than naked
To be vulnerable
To be exposed
It is what I fear the most

Should I hide?
Should I close my doors?
Should I "guard"?
It is what I fear the most

I want to laugh
I want to be known
I want to cry
It is what I dream the most

I can be still
I can rest
I can be me
It is what He wants the most

To allure
To give life
To be needed
It is what I am the most
628 · Dec 2014
The Wedding Day
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
I long to see You
Yes, I've been waiting for so long
To spend eternity with You
My Lover

Everyday my heart aches
For the thought of finally
Spending each second
Uttering words of Love

I desire a time
When I can only hear Your voice
Of great comfort
Of authentic wholeness

All the noise that this world has
Will fade
And Your serenade of Love
Will forever resound

On that day
Nothing will ever be more pleasurable
Than singing songs
For my Lover

And You will
Wipe the tears from my eyes
No more pain
No more heartaches

Or maybe I would cry a lot first
I'll cry for days
Because of total happiness
Caused by Your mere presence

You would tell me
That I am forever beautiful
And You would be forever
In deep Love for me

I will sing my heart out
Caring for nothing
Eyes only on You
My Lover

On that day
I will experience Your passion for me
And we will be united
I will be perfected by Your unending Love

You would ask me to dance
And I will be forever swept away off my feet
Your eyes only on me
Captivated by my beauty
585 · Dec 2014
My Love Story
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
I want to write
My own love story
But I know
That I will never be
A good writer
For I always fail
So, please, do the writing
And let me be the reader
565 · Mar 2015
To him.
Monique Pereda Mar 2015
I miss him..
I miss him with all my heart.
I miss him with every walk back home.
I miss him with every hand touching mine.
I miss him with every song he shared.
I miss him with every image of the Eiffel Tower.
I miss him with every pizza, every movie, every painting, every korean food.
I miss him in every place we shared and every place we dreamed to visit.
I miss him in every...silence.
I miss him when my eyes open and when it rests.
I miss him...wondering what he does right now, what he thinks, who he is with, what he eats.
I miss him so much that my tears just fall.
513 · Jan 2015
Look what Love has done
Monique Pereda Jan 2015
Where once the moon
Was just a rock spinning in the sky
Where once the stars
Were only tiny points of light

Now the moon looks like
It's heaven's shining pearl
Now those stars -- they look like
Windows into another world

Look what Love has done to me
Look what Love has done
There's poetry in all I see
Look what Love has done
And my heart is dancing through each day
My soul is running free
Look what Love has done to me.

Where once each breath
Was just a sigh of aching emptiness
Where once I hardly felt
The beating in my chest

Now each breath feels like
A precious kiss of life
Now inside me beat the
Wings of a thousand butterflies

Look what Love has done to me
Look what Love has done
This must be how it's meant to be
Look what Love has done
And my heart is dancing through each day
My soul is running free
Look what Love has done to me

And I can't tell
Was that a violin, or did You say something
Was that lightning striking where I stand
Or did You just reach out and take my hand
Written by Stephanie Lewis
479 · Nov 2014
Think of me
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
In the stillness of the night
I do think of you
As the nocturnal sound go loud
I do think of you

Forgive me, mon cheri
I do think of you
As the pain goes deeper
I do think of you

When the cold winds of the night comes
I do think of you
As the new sun appears
I do think if you

When all the lights were shut
I do think of you
When I sleep and when I dream
I do think of you

Do not fret, my love
I do think of you
As long as I can
I will think of you
449 · Dec 2014
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
You are words
Waiting to be read
You don't know
What mysteries you posses

You are a sound
Waiting to be heard
You have your own share
Of music to the world

You can put up a smile
And make an illusion that you are fine
You can show so much
And regret what you offered

You can give
And leave nothing left
You can keep
And let silence define you

You must breathe
Fill your lungs with beauty
You can cry
Till someone hears you

You can be you
Or can be she or him
You must fight
What this world dictates
436 · Nov 2014
To Peace
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
Why do you always leave me?
Why not linger?
I have searched for you everywhere
I've tried a thousand ways just to see even a glimpse of you
Nights came when my desire for you grows ever stronger
My pillow had been wet of tears in your absence
And I have failed to see you

I looked for you in different people
Wondering if they could give me a clue of where you are
Sometimes you are in a form of child
A child born in a manger
A man hanging on a cross
In total silence
When bullets cannot be heard anymore
When people of total difference could finally be friends
In a sleeping baby
In the knowledge that your family is complete and safe
In the very eye of a storm
In the sound of a lullaby
In the arms of the one you love
Or in ending a relationship
Or even after a last breath is given

Your memory is always in my mind
I have faint images of you
And I do miss you a lot
You are a thought 
A thought that ignites a yearning inside me
A yearning to find you
I believe that I will never stop to look for you
And my days will be spent in constant search for you

Come to me
Stay by my bedside
Warm me in the cold of the night
Comfort me and give me hope
Hope that you will come
And stay longer

So many people in this world looks for you
Some people even fight for you
Yes...the world needs you
Just like the world needs food

Come to us
Stay by our homes
Warm us in the cold of the night
Comfort us and give us hope
Hope that you will come
And stay longer
381 · Dec 2014
The Night Whispherer
Monique Pereda Dec 2014
Memories and thoughts
That bring about pain
About someone you cherished
And cherished you the same

A friend to talk to
Is much needed
But you know that
It would be but a momentary relief

It continues...
And makes the time go slow
The air goes colder
And all sounds go louder
368 · Aug 2022
Monique Pereda Aug 2022
Matang may takip
Ang kabayong may suot na tapaojo
Makitid na daan ang tinatahak
Sa likod at gilid ay walang makita
Bulag sa maraming bagay
Magwalang-bahala sa buong tanawin
Bingi sa pagbabago
Nahuhuli sa ritmo

Basag na antipara
Ulong walang ulo
Nilalang na lusaw ang puso
Sambahin ang iyong katotohanan
At manatili sa ginhawa ng iyong kabulagan
336 · Nov 2014
To Pain
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
Here you are again
My constant companion
Why do you have to be here?

Did you bring Fear with you?
I hope you did not
He is a terrible adviser

Stay a little longer
But do not linger
I am too busy for you

I expect you sometimes
And tried my best to keep distance from you
Yet you've been a good friend to me

You are intoxicating
And you weaken me
Yet you give me strength

Come today
But leave tomorrow
See you soon
283 · Nov 2014
To Love
Monique Pereda Nov 2014
When the gong resounds
and my Maker says to you,
"Awake, thy sleep is over."
Then thou will be free
and on God thou will rejoice.

When the gong be silent
forever hold its peace
and my Maker says to me,
"I am your husband."
then I will be free
and on God I will rejoice

I'll sing you a lullaby
I'll rock you to sleep
I'll wait in silence
I'll enjoy our Creator

My heart, my eyes,
my spirit, my mind,
is stayed on God,
my lover, my knight.

So sleep and rest,
that's what you
ought to do the best.
260 · Jul 2018
“seen” but not seen
Monique Pereda Jul 2018
I saw her
Tried my best not to feel
Not to move
Not to think
Numbing my heart

Then she sent a message
The heart felt pain and joy
Sorrow and gladness
Pleasure and pain

I hesitated
Then sent a message in reply
To show a bit of care
Hoping for a poison of pleasure

She replied with silence
Cold and loud silence

— The End —