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Monique Pereda Aug 2022
Matang may takip
Ang kabayong may suot na tapaojo
Makitid na daan ang tinatahak
Sa likod at gilid ay walang makita
Bulag sa maraming bagay
Magwalang-bahala sa buong tanawin
Bingi sa pagbabago
Nahuhuli sa ritmo

Basag na antipara
Ulong walang ulo
Nilalang na lusaw ang puso
Sambahin ang iyong katotohanan
At manatili sa ginhawa ng iyong kabulagan
Monique Pereda Aug 2022
Kahoy na inaanay
Barko na butas
Lumulubog ng marahan
Kinakain ng dagat

Sugat na nagnanaknak
Balat na inaagnas
Nauubos na dugo
Sinisipsip ng linta

Prutas na nabubulok
Nabubulok ang lamang loob
Malansang amoy na umaalingasaw
Uod na lumalamon sa laman
Tahimik na pumapatay
Ngumunguya ng palihim
Sinisira ang malusog na anyo
Ang anyo ng huwad na katotohanan

Nakasusuklam, nakasusuya
Nakasusuka, mapait na lasa sa labi
Ngunit walang luhang itatangis
Hindi maghihinagpis
Hahayaang mabulok
Hahayaang mamatay
Monique Pereda Jul 2018
I saw her
Tried my best not to feel
Not to move
Not to think
Numbing my heart

Then she sent a message
The heart felt pain and joy
Sorrow and gladness
Pleasure and pain

I hesitated
Then sent a message in reply
To show a bit of care
Hoping for a poison of pleasure

She replied with silence
Cold and loud silence
Monique Pereda Mar 2015
I miss him..
I miss him with all my heart.
I miss him with every walk back home.
I miss him with every hand touching mine.
I miss him with every song he shared.
I miss him with every image of the Eiffel Tower.
I miss him with every pizza, every movie, every painting, every korean food.
I miss him in every place we shared and every place we dreamed to visit.
I miss him in every...silence.
I miss him when my eyes open and when it rests.
I miss him...wondering what he does right now, what he thinks, who he is with, what he eats.
I miss him so much that my tears just fall.
Monique Pereda Jan 2015
If I fail
I will try yet again tomorrow
If I grew tired to love
I will look to Love
If I see no sun at day
I'll appreciate the moon by night
If I got disappointed with someone
I'll look for the good in that person
If my expectations are not met
I will reevaluate myself
If it's all-about-me
I will make room for others
If my heart aches
I will endure
If I want to be alone
I will surround myself with people
If the pain is too much
I'll give someone a hug
If my pillows gets wet with tears
I'll wet it even more
If I fail
I will try yet again tomorrow
Monique Pereda Jan 2015
Where once the moon
Was just a rock spinning in the sky
Where once the stars
Were only tiny points of light

Now the moon looks like
It's heaven's shining pearl
Now those stars -- they look like
Windows into another world

Look what Love has done to me
Look what Love has done
There's poetry in all I see
Look what Love has done
And my heart is dancing through each day
My soul is running free
Look what Love has done to me.

Where once each breath
Was just a sigh of aching emptiness
Where once I hardly felt
The beating in my chest

Now each breath feels like
A precious kiss of life
Now inside me beat the
Wings of a thousand butterflies

Look what Love has done to me
Look what Love has done
This must be how it's meant to be
Look what Love has done
And my heart is dancing through each day
My soul is running free
Look what Love has done to me

And I can't tell
Was that a violin, or did You say something
Was that lightning striking where I stand
Or did You just reach out and take my hand
Written by Stephanie Lewis
From out of the ashes of the old
A new year has arrived
Out of the many downs and lows
By grace we have survived

This day begins the start
Of a slate that is brand new
A chance to strive for what is right
A chance to renew

A time to let others know
That by you they are loved
A time to forgive a wrong
A new hope for peace and love

Out of the ashes of the old
We have been given another year
Go forth in faith and courage
Leave behind all doubt and fear .
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