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My niece

Hugging me tighter

Than usual;

Words spill

On my heart

Making a mess

My mind

Will not erase;

Kissing me sweet

Clenching my fists;

The big things

Rest on that microscopic grin

On the right corner

Of my lips --

That is where you lie,

In the space between

My lines.
Maria Etre Feb 7
I just
Star BG Jan 13
Poet opens eyes
to scribe many a senryu
Reader is so blessed

Scribe opens hearts
to write many a haiku
Reader is yes blessed.

Reader readies self
to read on and get insight
They as well are blessed.
Just playing in playground of words
The difference between a writer and a reader is that,
A writer plays with words,
Words play with a reader.
eriya Jan 2
I am a girl
Who hopes to have a happily ever after
In a world that has no forever

Loving romantic books
Not for the guy who have looks
But for their love that'll catch your heart with a hook

You cannot blame me for hoping
For I am unknown in loving
And know nothing
In the world I'm living
I really love romance stories. I envy their kind of love.
Aurora Soraya Dec 2018
I will never write a poetry about you.

Because what I wrote were my unsaid pains.

Uncried tears.

My broken self.

And I don't want you

To be one of them.

In this world,

Where letters are my warriors,

Words are my wounds,

Sentences are my scars,

And a poem is my pain,

I'll forever keep you

As my whisper of peace

Beyond cold wars.

As my tap of rest

Beyond tiredness.

As my click of happiness

Beyond grief.


You are way more than

Those unbearable pains.

You are way more than

Those uncurable wounds.

You are way more than

Every poetries I wrote, baby.
Lunar Dec 2018
i could never listen to your voice;
my ears could never hallucinate.
i could never look at you for so long;
my eyes could never hold your gaze.
i could never measure your big hands;
my fingers and yours could never lace.
i could never be in your solid arms;
my hands—liquid—could never encircle your waist.

but i think i could be on your mind
and i could be written in your heart:
if you read the words that i write
when you pick up this poem and start.
to lj, an avid reader.

from j.m.
Deniz Eilmore Dec 2018
This cast includes
a sad reader portrayed by you
a sad writer portrayed by me.
Star BG Nov 2018
I am a cat poet,
prowling streets of mind
for a mouse like phase
to play with.

Meow! I whisper
in wind of night,
that carries inspiration
below glowing stars.

Meow! I echo,
in moment where
at any turn a phase dipped
in catnip fills lungs.

Meow I sing,
as cat antenna raise
to collect visions
ready to scribed.

Meow! I scream,
walking cross
cobble stone like keypad
toward place
where writing paws can rest

The place, that brings me to purrrrrrr
in poetic song
as I’m petted by a readers praise.
for a split second I thought about what it would be like to be a cat poet. Hence this poem was born.
She realized she was like a novel
Born in a world that didn't care to read
So she started to hate herself
Like a truth amongst lies perceived
She was like the hard truth
Based on a grimm story
Living amongst fake lies
Shallow and sweet with a happy ending
Surrounded by people
Who only read summaries
Who couldn't dive deep enough
To read her full story
So she waits for a person
With a long enough attention span
A fated reader, with depth similar to her
Who can read as much as she can
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