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Jeremy Betts Apr 15
I have become the sum of all my fears and failures
The accumulation through the years,
To some degree,
Is on another level then most others
Uninstalled the self installed blinders
Hoping to stumble across some left behind life perks
I didn't know this is how finders keepers works
Nothing found has kept me off the ground,
Barley kept me out the ground,
And every moment hurts
For what it's worth,
I don't know what I'm worth
Starting to wonder,
Just internally first,
But maybe this whole thing is cursed
Or worse
There was never a purpose of falling prey to thirst

Jeremy Betts Feb 3
I don't have any answers
I can't recall the right questions
Even with makeshift blinders
I find myself open to suggestions
I've had enough with these reminders
I catch a glimpse of the problem in reflections
Dark and light are missing critical dividers
Please help, can't tell angels from demons?
We three share the same voice as Pinocchio nose liers
What road is it they say is paved with the best intentions?
Something about a destination of eternal fires...
Eh, it's a moot point now,
I fly by the stairway, going 107 on the highway, it's one way, no need for directions

Monique Pereda Aug 2022
Matang may takip
Ang kabayong may suot na tapaojo
Makitid na daan ang tinatahak
Sa likod at gilid ay walang makita
Bulag sa maraming bagay
Magwalang-bahala sa buong tanawin
Bingi sa pagbabago
Nahuhuli sa ritmo

Basag na antipara
Ulong walang ulo
Nilalang na lusaw ang puso
Sambahin ang iyong katotohanan
At manatili sa ginhawa ng iyong kabulagan

— The End —