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I jumped
into the car
On that
Summer day

When the
flashing sirens
The other way

The country side
Through my mind
The Sea green
How beautiful
That country line

Even though
There was some light
on the way.
Which way to turn
on this bright
Solstice day?

Do we turn right?
The tree shine
Do we turn left
To try
and find a sign

Old  rocky road
Of earths

There was nothing
I was told
But a wooded
That had
turned old

This will be
Our stop
We see
Not one  cop

I went inside
To wait out
The weather
But then came
a bang
On my wooden
Even though
I thought
I had some
I guess
I should of
never made
a left
When making choices
New York
New York
How I
would of
loved you

New York
New York
You've turned
So blue

New York
New York
I may never
see you

New York
New York
What else
can we do

New York
New York
You've seen
Too much

New York
New York
Chaos has
filled your

New York
New York
your future
in loom

New York
New York
Don't be
so gloom

New York
New York
I pray
that you

New York
New York
Those will
Your tomb
Sep 7 · 51
H A Vitatoe Sep 7
I can’t sleep
in my bed.
for the dead.

Get Out!
Get Out!
As they scream
for me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
& Join
the streets.

Get Out!
Get Out!
As I
come out
Too see.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Are those
at  me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
At me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
they scream
I eat.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Come & kneel
at our

Get Out!
Get Out!
Those people
on me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Death threats
too me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
As they scream

Get Out!
Get Out!
and me.

Get Out!
Get Out!
Too claim
bring  peace.

Get Out!
Get Out!
From History
we'll read.

Get Out!
Get Out!
the streets.
2 in 1 poem
Jul 10 · 89
The Good & The Bad
H A Vitatoe Jul 10
I held onto
the memories
that made me cry.
That made me enrage
That even
made me
hateful inside.
As I moved on.
To another memory.
I burned any good
that you made with me.
Up in flames.
Is where
the good ones went.
I forgot to hold on
to the ones that .
At one time.
I wish I had not
Jun 16 · 195
The Spelling Bee In 2030
H A Vitatoe Jun 16
Please spell Revolution & put into a sentence.
The Revolution ended the Democrat Party.
The end of the Democrat Party
May 13 · 471
H A Vitatoe May 13
Fauci  had signed  with his thumb
He thought that we were dumb
As he helped  gain his wealth
while stealing our health
The Patriots will not succumb
Apr 6 · 61
H A Vitatoe Apr 6
Even in the Freest land we've known

There is  no Freedom to  be found
My thoughts on Coronavirus
Feb 29 · 136
H A Vitatoe Feb 29
There he stood, as millions watched.
Taking each & every punch.
As he shook the world.
Not one, could pretend.
It was then.
A Great, Awakening!
Dec 2019 · 90
H A Vitatoe Dec 2019
There was a space
Between the vase
& the wall
Dec 2019 · 77
The House
H A Vitatoe Dec 2019
The crazy caucus
No doubt
Must've forgotten
Of their
Glass House
Dec 2019 · 158
All At Once
H A Vitatoe Dec 2019
I am dreaming of this moment, right now, in the past.
As I reminisce in the future, as we take our first dance.
Dec 2019 · 81
H A Vitatoe Dec 2019
Tomorrow has already come
Yesterday has now just begun
Today has left into the past

It is the uncertainty
Of the known and of the unknown
Nov 2019 · 109
H A Vitatoe Nov 2019
Cupped in my hand
Grasping to keep it whole
Not knowing it's impossible
You are
Nov 2019 · 115
~Just One Energy~
H A Vitatoe Nov 2019
As you lie there
On a beach
We are
Within your dome
Nov 2019 · 172
H A Vitatoe Nov 2019
I'm just another
That you pushed in a corner
Your weeping Monet
Nov 2019 · 241
H A Vitatoe Nov 2019
Connected are we
From the one we call father
Reflect into me
Nov 2019 · 109
Becoming One
H A Vitatoe Nov 2019
Combined as
Thoughts & Emotions
Meeting at the heart
Oct 2019 · 588
H A Vitatoe Oct 2019
My actions,
Were nothing more,
than kindness.

Nothing ,
In return.
Is what,
I expected.

So, please.
Do not come
to seek me.

I am kindness.
does not want,
to be searched.
Nor found.
Oct 2019 · 171
Within The Container
H A Vitatoe Oct 2019
Sides,that drift
***** walls.

This abode
Night time halls

Where some have
Their one last call

The holder
For one last fall
Where ever home may be.
Sep 2019 · 78
The Never Forgotten
H A Vitatoe Sep 2019
In a day
We would all know
An hour
From long ago
The seconds
That,, no longer beat
& those lives
No longer dream

The towers fell
Down,  to a  duet
It was then
We'd Never, Forget
Remembering 9/11
Aug 2019 · 142
Today's Gloom
H A Vitatoe Aug 2019
Hello you
Over there
so gloom

I see you have
left again
within, that room

It's been several
days for now
I  suppose
I'll, see you soon

I seen a glimpse
in today
of happiness
that came, from you

I pray
that of tomorrow
you'll remember
in which, of whom

that you will follow
sounds, of laughter
that lift, your mood

sadness, filled with sorrow
came & brought us
to, your tomb
Aug 2019 · 133
As The Trumpets Play
H A Vitatoe Aug 2019
Moving through
with no restraint
are the haters
& the saints

is a man
Gods hand

Not one
to out run
The truth
that is
to come

With cheers
far away
As the Trumpets
to Play
Aug 2019 · 344
H A Vitatoe Aug 2019
This is true
Being that
It can-not be
Nor co-pied
The imprint
That was
For me
Aug 2019 · 1.2k
The Beginning of The End
H A Vitatoe Aug 2019
Not knowing, where the universe begins
Or how far, the darkness extends
Can one know, where it actually ends
Jun 2019 · 161
Honey Eyes
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
You want to
know why
you calmed me

Did you know that
Honey cures
the body flows

Your eyes
had truly
helped me
From The Collection "A Work Of Art"
(still working on this)
Jun 2019 · 235
Things That Matter
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
You say
Do not hold on to
Material Things
That we take nothing
with us
When we die
Did you know our God
For have you not
heard from the heavens
Nor seen the sky
You and me
were nothing more
an idea
That came to life
When our Father
used his hand
Artistic mind
Forgive me
as I  hold onto
the simple things
in this
Material Life
The things
that matter
& I
Jun 2019 · 276
Time Traveling
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
I'm a
Time Traveler
I never go
Into the Future
I'm to busy
The past.
I am still working on this. I need to make it longer, (just a little) Do you think it sounds a little cliche"?
Jun 2019 · 343
From Me - To You
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
Even though
You may be
I never forget
I'll never let go
It's like
that one
Country Song
From The Collection "A Work Of Art"
Jun 2019 · 414
One Trillion Apologies
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
I still believe
You're the best
I wish
I was
Not so
So much
My actions
I regret

I hope you know
Not one

Nothing less
Five stars
From The Collection "A Work Of Art"
Jun 2019 · 97
In Mourning
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
I have let myself go
No more haircuts
No more make-up
Just all natural
Like a wild woman
Minus the fun
Still Mourning
over you
It seems like
It will
never end
From The Collection "A Work Of Art"
Jun 2019 · 466
Binding You & Me
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
The picture
that you drew
You said
give to him
I kept it
I'm the one
who seeked you
Not him
Binding us
My friend
From The Collection "A Work Of Art"
Jun 2019 · 227
Words That Don't Rhyme
H A Vitatoe Jun 2019
Remember when I told you
I could blend in
Another Lie.
You see,
I'm really not
the modern type.
I saw all your
nifty antiques.
I didn't think
you were modern either.
Guess I was wrong.
From the Collection
May 2019 · 149
H A Vitatoe May 2019
It's Not Original
If it can be
May 2019 · 57
H A Vitatoe May 2019
& Bro-ken.

May 2019 · 112
H A Vitatoe May 2019
I use to wonder
how we came
to be
Sitting there
a willow tree

When I was young
I learned of Jesus
When we die
If we're good
there would be
Endless days
within the sky

Not understanding
who God was
Would he come
as almighty
or be a human
of love

the darkened eyes
the biggest

Now knowing
who I am
Of human
where I stand
As God
shines through us
We are
his blood

Through each
of DNA
Shows us
that we are
the divine
his Holy Grace
Apr 2019 · 170
Missing Stars
H A Vitatoe Apr 2019
Where have all the stars gone
Have you hid them from me
Are they banished
from home

Have they left
To earth from sky
Is god  singing to them
his lullaby

Have they been tucked  away
to keep them  from harm
Has the moon  blocked them
their charm

Are they among  the horizon
or down at the bay
Are they in the country
just wishing

Will they even
come back
to stay

Where have all  the stars gone
will they come back to me
more brightly
more strong
Mar 2019 · 107
Tomorrows Yesterday
H A Vitatoe Mar 2019
I often think
of tomorrows yesterday.
Something that may never come.
I think of what it may hold,
when today, is finally done-

is a reminder
A new day
of hope

And yesterday
reminds us
of the seconds
we then cope

But today
The here and now
through the  minutes
Pass each stroke
Mar 2019 · 256
The Big Bang
H A Vitatoe Mar 2019
They say that we exist,
only because
of the big bang.

A small spark,
that created all.

That little spark,
how massive
it really was.

Before that,
There was nothing,
I suppose,
at all,
but darkness.

if the big bang created life
when we die,
Is that another big bang

The light we see
at the end.
Through a tunnel.
Which we descend.

Creating yet,
another world.
for you and me.

Another place,
that is yet,
to the living,
that is unseen.
Mar 2019 · 712
On Cave Walls
H A Vitatoe Mar 2019
Anything, I have written at all.
May never be seen
Will never, be shown.

My words, will go un-spoken,
from generations that are,

But my existence, will be, recorded,
through paintings, on
cave walls.
Mar 2019 · 244
Left Or Right
H A Vitatoe Mar 2019
I am neither
Left nor right.
Which way to turn
in the dar-kest
Do I choose
from the point
of sight?
Can I see
from a hint
of light?
The side to choose
when we all
must fight?
Will it be
left or right?

I was neither
left nor right.
The way I'd turn
in the dar-kest
He'd guide me
with, a hint
of light.
What side to choose
when I must fight.
Will then be
what is right.
May 2018 · 262
Secret Stream
H A Vitatoe May 2018
Floating down an open stream
lifeless as a piece of string

Passing by a river of sticks
suddenly, I feel a *****

Birds singing among the trees
leaves whispering through the breeze

The soothing caress within this place
nature's melody touching my face

I capture, in the corner of my mind
a pool of fish splashing my eye

Then instantly, there floats debris
passing by me like a swarm of bees

Unexpectedly, I feel a sting
of a branch that's poking me

Hoping to be seen by the light
on this clear summer night

I think I'll just lay here at bay
and cleanse all my cares away

As the fairy man passes me by
my guess is that I'm out of time

For no one may never find
this washed up body of mine
Feb 2018 · 479
On My Way Home
H A Vitatoe Feb 2018
Driving on their way home
Was a man and his child
who was on her phone

The young girl spotted
something on the way
she yelled for him
to stop right away

Her dad turned the radio off
and brought the car to a stop

noticed that it was a child as well
she looked to be about twelve

The young girl got into the car
She said, "I do not live that far"

The girl said,
I hope my mother
will not be mad
The dad said,
I bet she's  actually sad

They drove just a couple of miles
when the girl said,
"that's my house"

He pulled the car in the driveway
and just as he turned away

The girl quickly jumped out
and ran toward her house

There was a light at the door
and then he walked on the porch

He said,
You must be the childs mother
I had picked up your daughter.

she was walking
alone on the road
just a few miles up
from your home

The woman said,
My daughter was gone
for a long time
I have been going out of my mind
She went walking alone one day
I was coming home a little late

By the time I got home
she was already gone

I became so afraid
I began looking for her that day

I called out her name
and looked everyday
but I still could not find Jane

I was told she would not be back
someone had found her backpack
and there was a blood stain track

The track did not lead to her
but they found a piece of her skirt
that I made just for her

Thank you for bringing her home
cause her soul has been
wondering alone

for eight years now  
on that lonely
dark road
Feb 2018 · 200
Looking Through The Window
H A Vitatoe Feb 2018
She'd walk to the bus stop
and on her way
was an an antique shop

She'd stop there everyday
and looked through the window
at all the different  things

There were statues of angels
and odd things that dangled
with a gold olympic ring

What hung on the wall
appeared to be a painting of fall

Then a man grinned
and waved for her to come on in

She entertained the thought
and didn't continue her walk
She had gone into the shop
where her and the man had talked

He said I've seen you walk by
my shop so many times
but you never stopped
and came inside

and now we have talked
may we go for a walk
maybe to the bus stop

Then the alarm went off
it wasn't from any clock
but a bullet that came across
it hit and he had been shot!

A few days had passed
& their love did not last

she walked down the block
by the old antique shop

She stood for a moment
at  her favorite place
as she looked through the window
the tears fell from her face

As she looked at the man
who might have taken her hand

she remembered that
the day he was shot
it went through his arm
before hitting her heart
Jan 2018 · 379
H A Vitatoe Jan 2018
When you heard the ocean
let out a scream
while the moon casted
throughout the streams
as the earth shook
& all had to fall
That was my heart
letting out it's call!
Jan 2018 · 435
The Winter Sheet
H A Vitatoe Jan 2018
Butterflies have left the North
they've gone South for the warmth

No more sweet melodies
from the birds in the trees

On the snow is the winters prey,
and green hills have faded away

Now silence falls
and nothing makes a beat

as crickets lay underneath
a white sheet
Jan 2018 · 402
H A Vitatoe Jan 2018
The clock ticks faster everyday,
seconds that beat rapidly away

As minutes pass,
I glimpse into the past
My mind gets stuck,
in a time capsule cast

Remembering when time
had moved much slower,
but  it speeded up
as I grew  older

Once hoping it wold
hurry up its tock
Now wishing that
it would come to a stop

Forward it moves in eternity
quickly it is reminding me
of the direction that it goes
and I cannot tell it to slow

A speed of illusion
that continues to turn,
a motion that keeps going
and does not return

For when I'm gone
will there still be a ticking clock,
or would it be a memory
that cannot be forgot
Jan 2018 · 211
Dementia Road
H A Vitatoe Jan 2018
I am an immigrant in my home,
stranger to those to whom I have known

Something is standing in the doorway,
so I scream, Just Go Away

As I stare straight ahead,
it seems as though my mind has fled

People come and then they go,
wondering if their a friend or foe

Suddenly I am alone,
in a place not one can go

As I lay here in my head,
Amongst the living, I am dead
Jan 2018 · 728
The Ride
H A Vitatoe Jan 2018
Pouring down, on top of me,
specks of dirt in harmony

Crawling through these eyes,
are the black winged flies

Slithering out of my nose,
are of worms that do not glow

What taste comes from my mouth, it's rot that pours on out

Sounds that call my way,
are crying skies of grey

For I took a ride,
that had changed my life

Beaten & strangled,
I was left mangled

Thrown in a shallow hole,
is where now lies my soul
Jan 2018 · 189
H A Vitatoe Jan 2018
Waking up, I heard a sound
of someone walking around

For years I have lived alone
in this house thats made of stone

As I got out of my bed
something flew by my head

I quickly run down the stairs,
then something pulled at my hair

Now I begin to let out a scream,
Realizing , it was all but a dream
Jan 2018 · 191
It's Just Hair
H A Vitatoe Jan 2018
She sat there on the stairs
Fiddling around with her hair

Blonde, curly, every strand
Felt the warmth of her hand

She would sit there in a daze

Twirling her hair throughout the day,  never went outside to play

She did not care to dance nor prance

The swirly princess on the step
Holding her breath with each prep
I wrote this a couple years ago and entered it in a contest. This was inspired by my youngest who at the age of three was diangnosed with Leukemia. She lost her hair twice and she wore a wig briefly. The first time she lost her hair she didn't really care, she agreed it's just hair and it will grow back, but the second time devastated her. Her hair has grown back since then. She has been cancer free for four years.
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