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Tanya Louise Apr 2018

the questionable truth
will always hunt you down
fill my lungs
in pressured parts

note the love
oh ****** parts
ponder the affection
creeping up on me

foolish lungs
they fail me
the touch to fear
too much my dear

my scream will be heard
drowned in silence
we will be feared
not knowing the tear

i laugh and laugh
wishing in your parts
we'll delve in the stars
my lover, my wonder
hello fellow wanderers of HP...
Tell me, can you still break a heart once it stops beating?
Food for thought.
Teana Miller Oct 2015
The crow will come for me, fear not, I am not afraid. I kindly greet the beast, not hesitating  to get on his back. Confused is he, for he didn't even have to ask. As I slip into thy slumber the beast of the night whisks me away. On his back we fly into eternal darkness. He knows I won't be back, yet he assures my loved ones lies. He comes back time to time. Teasing and taunting the ones I hold so dear. "Will she ever come back ,and mend our broken hearts?" Do they not get it? Do they not see? Once along the crows back they're is no returning to the place I felt safe. Yet the lies come tumbling out of the fowl, "perhaps someday when the sun sets high, greeting the moon not just passing her by" The hope that flutters through there hearts rips me apart. Alas if I was not dead, it would break my cold heart. They will never see me again, not even when their time is at it's end. When the crow ushers them on his back, even then I will not see them. I am too far gone, smothered in darkness. This happened years ago when my heart turned cold, and my world began to snow. So as the raven greeted me offering his warmth, of course I'd climb aboard. Anything to escape the winter in my bones. For I am selfish and needed relief, I ended the blizzard, and set myself free.
...Is not one with a dead end,
...Is one led by someone else.
...Is one where you can't express yourself.
...Is one where you're used by someone else
To express themselves.

*You may as well be dead.
Set your own path to get what you want, and not follow someone for their own purpose.

Back after so long! Should get back into this haha
Express yourself.*
Beyond the boundaries of language,
Everyday conversation, literal meanings,
That those who become blown away and
Those who can attune themselves
To your performance, can understand
Your inner thoughts and feelings,
Your desire to cry out to the world
That you belong.
That you exist.
That you are human too.
Poetry, music, dance; one of the many things to express yourself. Find something that makes you you! :D
Savor moments that have happened,
Than moments that never will.
Enjoy what you have and had instead of expecting something, they'll definitely come soon!

— The End —