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Sophia Aug 30
You like stars?
Those are the little holes poked in the container so we can breathe.
H A Vitatoe Oct 2019
Sides,that drift
***** walls.

This abode
Night time halls

Where some have
Their one last call

The holder
For one last fall
Where ever home may be.
Ylzm Jun 2019
I'm a 40% aqueous solution of earth
Water from below and
Water from above the firmament
Contained and compartmentalised
In self similar structures at various scales
From the unseen to the one you see as me.
I am like water:
I am tender, yet bold
Your thought is my container
How much of me can it hold?
Do not underestimate me;
enlarge the container
For I am a mystery yet untold.

I am like water:
I take the shape of your container
Your thought is that container
I am to you as you think of me
Look into me; I am a reflection of yourself.

I am like water:
I go to where I flow
And I flow to where I go
And I'll always find a path to follow.

I am like water:
I cannot be understood
For I am beyond your horizon
Shapen the container as you like,
it will never form the true shape of me
My true self is free — it cannot be contained.

How you see or think of me, reflects  how you behaviour or act towards me. Which in turn, I reciprocate.
Umang K Jan 2015
You can literally manufacture it in a chemistry lab;
There are formulae and measurements of hormones that add up
To this supposedly tangible entity

A nicely brewed test tube
Of elaborately named chemicals

The very thing that makes you tremble in your skin,
That has caused wars and set ships assail
Confined to a liquid in a glass container

— The End —