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A tumultous storm is passing the valley
and I am stuck in the midst
nowhere to hide and nowhere to go.
I try to walk towards home with my rainbow coloured umbrella.
My abode on the hill nearby,
and an uphill task to go,
the gale is growing stronger
i just can't slow.
The heaven has been unfriendly
not answering to my prayers
I slipped a million times as He wanted me to scare.
The strong roots of the trees have held my hand firmly
not gushing me down
as a true friend in poverty.
The rain spoilt my umbrella, the seven colours faded
I faced the heavy drops as my parasol betrayed.
Toiling to crawl up
the rain was failing to stop me from going upstream,
the nimbus this time is ghastly than ever
but i will have to return to my dear ones
albeit bruised from head to toe,
none to hear my scream .
Both rain and me are bleary and had to pause now,
the firmament is clearing up with the sun, peeping through the clouds
and I am nearly near my hilltop house.
The sky was happy to see me alive and
gifted me my rainbow umbrella as return gift from above,
I tasted glory in the rainbow from the hilltop
and my abode.

Bina Mukherjee
How does a rainbow tastes like?

My heart is
empty again
without you
for you abode
therein my  
heart. Your
voice only,
craves I my
boredom to
cure. You're my happiness,
joy and all
source of
glee. My love
for you is
soft as silk
fresh as lilly,
bright as rose.
It's like
the sunrise
πŸŒ… even when
it sets it
always come
a new everyday
all day.
I'd love you
forever, as
long as  
you love me.
a word hasn’t been spoken since,
humble abode, you ever seem?
exchanging praises and jolly sins,
with a mouth full of lies
what does that mean?
-elixir- Jun 2020
Ring my bells,
When the cells
Of the heavenly abode
Dispels the ode
Of the dark.
I remain embedded
In this tarnished red,
As I tear down the grey walls
And paint it a violet haul.
Like this mind that's hidden,
For thy made it forbidden,
For this aura bewilders you,
And you cowardly view
The new as a symbol
Of destruction of all.
Ellis Reyes Feb 2020
Home is where your dog sleeps on the couch
Or on your bed
Or wherever he wants

Home is the smell of familiar foods
On predictable days
And the sounds of familiar snores
At predictable times

Home is where you can have pizza and a cookie
For breakfast
Popcorn for lunch,
and pancakes for dinner.

Home is where you know where everything is
Tape is here,
A ladle is there,
And rain boots are in the hall closet

Home is where you hear
Familiar creaks in the floor
Slams of the door

Home is your
Jayantee Khare Dec 2019
the way
towards the abode in your heart
not alwaysΒ Β 
a clear...well lit
quick highway,

at times it's a
long subway,

you've fortified your all
behind the tall
hard walls

and the main gate is out of bound
windows, hard to be found
i wander around

too hopeful to return
at the secret entrance i wait for my turn
someday you will show the concern
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
He wanted her
to understand his silence.
She was also fighting her battles -
her wounds yearning
to hear good words.
Both talked
and remained silent;
a little.
A little he walked.
A little she did.

Little by little
they fought against all odds.
Little by little
they crossed it all.
Crossed it all
to reach each other.
In each other, once
they had spotted their homes.
In these homes now
they had found their abode
for forever!
H A Vitatoe Oct 2019
Sides,that drift
***** walls.

This abode
Night time halls

Where some have
Their one last call

The holder
For one last fall
Where ever home may be.
Bryce Nov 2018
Two hooded figures
Talking and laughing afar
I seethe in my car.
Vexren4000 Jul 2018
Cork boards in school halls,
Pinned with this and that,
Chalkboards out of date, covered by a map,
Whiteboards smudged and in use,
Boards of wood used,
To build a home for friends and family,
An abode,
Composed of hope.

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